How to find targeted keywords for optimising your online business listings


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An article to help you to find keywords for optimizing your online business listings and business website.

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How to find targeted keywords for optimising your online business listings

  1. 1. How to find targeted keywords for optimising your online local business listings<br />When someone is searching online to find some information or data, they usually go to search engines and type in terms that describe what they are searching for. These search terms or phrases that people used can be called keywords. In accordance with these keywords, search engines render the results. These results are positioned depending on relevance and authority. Search engines have inbuilt algorithm which determines these factors and trigger the results.<br />Why keywords are important?<br />Keywords in your website or business listings are signals for search engines to include your webpage or listings as a relevant one while presenting the results. Optimising your WebPages and business listings for major keywords related to your business is an imperative step in online marketing. It is the vital aspect of on-page and off-page SEO. Keywords are power words which can drive traffic to your online web listings or webpages and ultimately to your local establishment. Keywords are so important that they can make or break your online marketing campaign.<br />How to find keywords that people really search for?<br />Imagining yourself to be customer, think what terms you might search, in order to find your business. Make a list so that you can refer to it later. Include terms which describe your business, product or service. There are many online tools which will help you in finding keywords. But the most efficient is the free keyword suggestion tool from Google. It is part of the Google AdWords program.<br />You can get thousands of keyword variations that people really search for. There are several search parameters which you can set. <br />You can modify the search according to location, language and the type of device (Laptop, PC or Mobile) you are targeting.<br />This tool also provides an insight on competition level, global and local monthly search volumes. Keywords can be sorted according to the above mentioned factors. <br />You can refine the search with different related phrases and get more keyword suggestions. Narrow your search to keywords that has significant search volume but has low or medium competition. Pages optimised for these keywords can easily rank high with little off-page SEO work. High competition keywords take time to come up in search results. You can download the selected keywords directly from the tool interface. <br />Keyword research should be the first step in your online promotion. Search engine bots takes into consideration of how and where you have incorporated the keywords in your webpage and business listings. For high search engine ranking, you should have SEO friendly content or keyword rich content. But be cautious as stuffing keywords is often frowned upon by search engines.<br />Sponsored By<br />This free short report is brought to you by List of Companies, a top online business directory. Visit the website to claim your free business listing.<br />