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High-Mass, SunTerra EnergyBlockTM Construction


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High-Mass, SunTerra EnergyBlockTM Construction

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High-Mass, SunTerra EnergyBlockTM Construction

  1. 1. SUNTERRAENERGYBLOCK™The Smart Way to Build
  2. 2. THERMAL MASSThermal mass is a term used to describe the ability of buildingmaterials to store heat, or thermal storage capacity. The basiccharacteristic of materials with thermal mass is their ability toabsorb heat, store it, and at a later time, release it. WinterIn winter, thermal mass can store the heat from the sun orheaters to release it at night, helping the home stay warm.
  3. 3. THERMAL MASSAppropriate use of thermal mass throughout your home can makea big difference to comfort and heating and cooling bills. SummerThermal mass acts as a “thermal battery”. During summer itabsorbs heat, keeping the house comfortable.
  4. 4. HIGH THERMAL MASSBuilding materials that are heavyweight store a lot of heat soare said to have high thermal mass. Materials that arelightweight do not store much heat and have low thermalmass. Most residential construction today is built using light-weight materials. Light Construction Heavy Construction 2 x 6 Wood Wall 5 lbs 8” Block Wall 80 lbs 2 x 10 Wood Floor 7 lbs 6” Concrete Slab 50 lbs 12 lbs/sf 130 lbs/sf
  5. 5. Ener g y RequirementsThe use of heavyweight construction materials with highthermal mass, i.e., concrete slab floor and EnergyBlockwalls, can reduce total heating and cooling energyrequirements by up to 35% compared to a home built oflightweight construction materials with a low thermal mass.
  6. 6. Exter nal InsulationFor maximum effectiveness, thermal mass should be leftexposed internally allowing it to interact with the building’sinterior. For this reason, Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF)offer little thermal mass benefit.Insulation must be on the exterior surface only.
  7. 7. Ener g yBlock™Sunterra EnergyBlock™ is apatented new system poised totake advantage of high thermalmass with exterior insulation.This new system is made up of aspecially designed concreteblock with dovetail grooves, amasonry-insulation connectorstrip retaining rigid foaminsulation, ready to attach choiceof siding.
  8. 8. Higher Standar dsSunterra EnergyBlock™ exceeds the International EnergyConservation Code (IECC) insulation requirements for woodand ICF walls with comparable insulation R–value in allclimate zones. Zone 5 Example Zone 4 Example 35% better than wood walls 62% better than wood walls 24% better than ICF walls 50% better than ICF walls
  9. 9. DesignSunterra EnergyBlock™ allows architects, builders andhomeowners to design and construct a home with a versatilelook that can either feature the aesthetic masonry surfaces orconceal them for a traditional plaster wall appearance.EnergyBlock comes in multiple colors and finishes.
  10. 10. Masonry value, strength, and beauty
  11. 11. Wood Fr aming ComparisonA typical 2,000 SF home in climate Zone 5 with an averageUS electric rate of $.12 KWH $314 Cost Savings Per Year $14,353 Additional Home Value
  12. 12. Insulating Concr eteFor m (ICF) ComparisonSunTerra EnergyBlock™ Has a higher insulation R-value Costs less to build Thermal mass is in the correct location Stores more heat energy Interior surface is a finished, masonry decorative feature Construction industry trained and in place nationwide
  13. 13. Functional DesignOpens opportunities to apply true, green building
  14. 14. Optimize Passive Solar Homes Winter Store Heat Release HeatImprove home comfort – reduce temperature swingStore multiple days of solar energy for multiple days of cloudy daysThe primary heating system in many climates
  15. 15. A N e w Pa r a d i g m i n H e at i n g and Cooling Design Eliminate the need for complicated, expensive forced- air heating and cooling systems Improve heat pump efficiency Apply ductless heat pumps effectively Reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical air conditioning Enhance interior comfort with wood burning appliances Effectively utilize off-peak utility rate benefit
  16. 16. SustainabilityBuilding with high thermal mass EnergyBlock™ can be used toproduce a building that goes beyond a Net Zero EnergyBuilding (NZEB). A NZEB is a building that, on an annualbasis, produces as much energy as it uses. This means that atcertain times of the year it may produce more energy than itneeds, while at other times it produces less. The balance istraded back and forth between the building and utility companyin the form of electricity. NET ZERO+
  17. 17. Summar y:Affordable, highly energy efficient constructionreducing heating and cooling costsA very green product that is exceptionally eco-friendlyOptimize passive solar and heating equipment designNo restriction on exterior siding styleWalls of concrete and steel provide good soundinsulation for a strong quiet homeSustainable materials that will last throughgenerationsThe most cost-effective construction to achieve a net-zero building
  18. 18. SUNTERRA ENERGYBLOCK™ The Smart Way to Build SunTerra Homes, Inc., PO Box 5278 Bend OR 97708 3520 N HWY 97, Suite B Jim Chauncey Office 541-389-4733 Fax