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Social Media 201, Next Step Engagement


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Presented Wednesday, May 22nd 2013 for Michiana SCORE in Niles, Michigan.

Published in: Technology
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Social Media 201, Next Step Engagement

  1. 1. +Social Media 201Next Step Engagement@NikkiSunstrumState of MichiganSocial Engagement CoordinatorMay 22, 2013
  2. 2. +Who I am…Nicole Sunstrum• B.S. in Political Science & M.A. inEducation• Skilled in making dull things interesting &teaching complicated stuff in wayseveryone can understand• Master manipulator of content & smallchildren• Throws parades for fun
  3. 3. +How I got here… 2008 ~ Listening and Learning 2009 ~ Participating in theconversation 2010 ~ Strategy and development 2011 ~ Policy, procedure and bestpractices 2012 ~ The Year of Collaborationand Social Good 2013 ~ Visualization and Innovation• 140 active social mediaaccounts• Operating across threeprimary and five secondaryplatforms• Engaging almost 5 millionconstituents each day
  4. 4. +
  5. 5. stop shop for all things social in Michigan government• Inventory• Policy• Procedures• Style Guide• Resources• Campaigns• Accomplishments
  6. 6. +Internet-based applications that build on theideological and technological foundations, whichallow the creation and exchange of
  7. 7. +History
  8. 8. +Straight from the cats Meouth
  9. 9. +Why do I care about yourcat, bacon, & breakfast? Outreach Information Clarification Resources Customers
  10. 10. +Know before you go…• Why do I want to engage in social media• What do I hope to accomplish?• Who is my target audience?• Where do I belong?
  11. 11. +We don’t just tweet press releases. Justification Strategy Goal Development Content Administration Response EngagementMaking government personable
  12. 12. +I’m here…now what?• Assessing sentiment• Identifying influencers• Studying success• Comparing like minds
  13. 13. +It’s not just what you say,but how you say it• Visual• Engage• Show personality• Provide exclusivity• Build an expectation• Analyze
  14. 14. +Becoming a part of the moment…
  15. 15. +Entering the realm ofsocial good.
  16. 16. + Calling attention to existing practice,recognizing service in new ways, becomingan influencer of the conversation
  17. 17. +Leveraging connections… Live Chats Video Streams Shared stories Recommendations AdvocatesBecoming friends with the media, 80-20 rule
  18. 18. +Town Halls &Google HangoutsAdvocacy, Education and real time exposure
  19. 19. +Not just one, but manyCross promotion of initiatives,programs and informationamplifies our message andpresents a unified image.Add tags, photos and links toadditional content on yourwebsite
  20. 20. +Standing out in the crowdPick one and do it well…• Twitter for customer service• Yelp for recommendations• Vine for sharing tips or events• Pinterest for new product display• Facebook for promotions• LinkedIn for recruitment
  21. 21. +CautionDon’t… Only connect with the intent tosell Connect but never interact Spam Copy and paste across networks Forget who you are and why youare here Negate the power of social andthat it is forever
  22. 22. +AssessmentContinuous evaluation and adaptation
  23. 23. +It’s all about the ROI baby• Clicks and impressions and actions, oh my…• $174• Not all fans are created equally• Ask yourself why does it matter?
  24. 24.