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Use Your Words

SunStar Strategic shares email marketing tips for financial service firms and others. Get the most out of your efforts and make your emails work for you!

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Use Your Words

  1. 1. Use Your Words Email Marketing for Financial Services: Putting your Email to Work
  2. 2. Get to know your customers and develop a plan tailored to their needs and interests. Let your email marketing efforts do the initial legwork leaving you with qualified leads for your sales team. Everyone is trying to do more for less these days, but that doesn’t mean now is the time to suspend marketing activities. It’s the time to communicate regularly, keeping advisors, clients and prospects abreast of your best ideas and read on the markets. Email marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach Content rich, professional emails are an inexpensive, timely way to stay in front of clients and prospects.
  3. 3. We’re living in a texting and tweeting society  Keep emails brief  “Airy” and easy to read  Use bullets & short statements  Use emails to link to more wordy pieces like newsletters, commentaries, media coverage etc.
  4. 4. Secure an external email service  Don’t risk your company being marked as spam  Customizable professional look – not likely found in internal email services  Ability to track engagement such as opens & clicks  A/B testing can show which emails resonate with which audience  Take advantage of lead scoring to generate qualified leads for your sales team  Split your database into multiple lists such as current advisors, hot prospects, trade show contacts, etc.
  5. 5. Use the right tool for the job – segment your audience and send relevant information  Advisors are looking for ideas and relevant market messages to share with their clients and prospects  Investors want to know their money is in good hands  Prospective advisors need to understand better what you and your firm are all about  Journalists need to know you are in the game Content that is highly appropriate for each audience is most likely to pique their interest and build brand loyalty
  6. 6. How to Guide Nuts & bolts of email execution
  7. 7. Getting started Now you know WHY an email program is important but you might be wondering HOW to execute? Getting started – tips & tools of the trade:  Professionally designed template – one consistent with the feel and brand of your company. If you’ve employed an email service they can help you design one, or provide you with pre-designed templates you can customize.  Responsive email template – using a responsive template ensures the email will adapt to the screen it’s being viewed on. Whether the reader is on their desktop, iPad or phone you want to be sure your email appears as intended.
  8. 8. Best Practices  Brief, tantalizing subject line (5-8 words). Make them want to open the email  Increase open rates and trust factor by sending from an individual rather than a company  Avoid text heavy emails  Refrain from attachments – use links instead  Experts suggest financial service emails sent on Tuesdays, near the end of the work day, have the best open rates
  9. 9. Ready to take the plunge? Email marketing is an excellent and relatively inexpensive way to extend your reach and get your story out to thousands of advisors on a regular basis. Following up by phone with those advisors who indicate interest by opening and clicking various links in your email is an excellent way to nurture new relationships. Call us at 703-299-8390 for assistance in managing an ongoing email campaign or just to get you on your way with a recognizable, professional template you can add content to on a regular basis.