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Social media tips for asset managers slide share



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Social media tips for asset managers. Make the most of social media, connect with your investors and boost your visibility.

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Social media tips for asset managers slide share

  1. 1. A Guide to Social Media Tips for Asset Managers Increasing visibility through social media channels
  2. 2. Why use social media? “Everybody’s doing it” • Connect and communicate with your investors on more “personal” level • Allows current and potential clients access to your firm • Compliance barriers are no longer insurmountable
  3. 3. SO MANY CHOICES Asset managers are primarily using LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and blogs
  4. 4. Benefits
  5. 5. Connection Use social media channels to connect with your investors on a personal level – using social media for • Conversation • Q&A • Personal contact
  6. 6. Added Distribution for: • Press releases • White papers • Cross posting of blog entries • Educational pieces • Market commentaries
  7. 7. Hold a contest – build hype and cross promote Build Interest/Gain Followers Host an event – create a hashtag, build excitement, cross post, live tweet, debrief and summary photos Educate – provide materials or webinars, share teachings, market insights Leverage your Website – drive traffic Share Content – divide larger papers and parcel out, build excitement for next installment
  8. 8. Best practices
  9. 9. Twitter • Tweet daily, multiple per day if possible • Easy on the hashtags – 1-2 per tweet is plenty • Noon and early evening tweets are optimum for clicks and re-tweets • Tweets should be 80% conversation, 20% promotion
  10. 10. Facebook • Visual – post pictures or charts • Simplicity – short posts, 1-2 hashtags • Engage – pose simple questions, 70 – 80% non-promotional • Thought leader – post content, share relevant content from others
  11. 11. Linked In • Keep your page up-to-date and complete • Publish relevant content • Consider promoting content
  12. 12. Make it personal – let your investors/clients get to know your firm and the individuals YouTube Produce content – not ads Cross promote your channel on your other social media platforms
  13. 13. Blog • Don’t “sell,” instead, answer your readers’ questions/needs by blogging on relevant topics • Minimum 300+ words, occasionally aim for 2500+ words • Grab attention with the title, using keywords, and introduction • Use bullets, lists and graphics when possible • Use imagery • Post relevant content from your firm and others
  14. 14. Before you jump in… Make sure: • You check with compliance • Your posts won’t offend anyone • You’re driving traffic to your website across all platforms
  15. 15. Why SunStar Strategic? We help fund firms increase their visibility through successful social media strategies Let’s talk. Click here SunStar Strategic is a full service PR and marketing firm committed to serving our clients. Strategic Creative Experienced Results oriented Waiting for your call