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Flash catalog maker


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Published in: Technology
  • I made several flash page turning catalogs from PDF by using this desktop software:
    As my readers commented, the page turning effect is very eye-catching.
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Flash catalog maker

  1. 1. Flash Catalog Maker – convert PDF to catalog• What’s flash catalog maker?• Why we should make catalog online?• How to make online catalog with ease?• What we can get from flash catalog maker?
  2. 2. What’s flash catalog maker?• Today we introduce one easy and efficient tool to convert PDF to flash catalog.• PDF to Flash Catalog is wonderful and lightning- fast digital publishing software to help you to batch convert Adobe PDF to flash flipping e- catalogs, catalogue. Quickly import, various format outputs and simple editing process enable you easy to create electronic media catalog with cool page flipping effect less than 5 minutes.
  3. 3. Why we should make catalog online?• Tendency of world economy• Consumer requirement• Make more money• Reduce costs• Changing marketing strategy with current economy
  4. 4. How to make online catalog with ease? You can download a tool from Then follow next easy steps to make flash catalog:• Step1: After installing the software, you can open the PDF to Flash Catalog and find the import PDF.
  5. 5. • Step2: After importing PDF document, then clicking the icon "convert to flipping book" to covert PDF to flipping book
  6. 6. • Step3: Lastly, you can see an out option interface. On this interface, you can choose the output type, output folder, name the book, and even burn to CD. All in all, you can choose what you need and want.
  7. 7. Then you can see the output flash catalog.
  8. 8. What we can get from flash catalog maker?• Reduce costs• Save time• Efficient work• Protect environment• Attract more customers• Direct analyze and monitor your publications• Help to improve your promotionIf you want to know more: