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The Invention of Hugo Cabret


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The Invention of Hugo Cabret

  1. 1. Presenter: Rhea Shinde
  2. 2. 1931, Paris: A story about an automaton, a magician and a dream…. Hugo Cabret, 12 year old Orphan, clock-keeper and leads a lonely life in a clock tower He finds an automaton He believes it is his fathers and the automaton will deliver a message from his With her, he makes a father terrific discovery! Using his father’s diagrams, he is fixing it by stealing toy parts from a toy stallHe befriends the toy-makers daughter and … The toy-maker catches him one day, finds the diagrams and takes it away
  3. 3. Pop quiz: Living alonely life in a tower …
  4. 4. I wondered …• Context: – His uncle was the clock-keeper and his care-taker. Hugo was his uncle’s apprentice. – One day, his uncle disappeared – He continued to be the clock-keeper without anybody’s knowledge• My question: Why did Hugo not go to the station inspector and tell him that his uncle was gone and he was capable of taking care of the clocks.
  5. 5. I think the author wrote this book because …• He wanted to write about Georges Milies who is one of the central characters in the book (I won’t tell which)• Georges Milies was a movie-maker and acknowledged that “Movies could show dreams”• I think the author also believes in this• We owe our cartoons to him
  6. 6. My opinion … I picked this book because the back-cover grabbed me I liked how they had a mixture of story and pictures But the book is multi-layered and very complicated. There were a lot of connections that it took me a while to make
  7. 7. My favorite part of the book …
  8. 8. Thank You