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Possessiv..maram 167[1]


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Published in: Education
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Possessiv..maram 167[1]

  1. 1. Created by: Maram AL-Sobhy. ID: 06120167. POSSESSIVE FORMS
  2. 2. Introduction •Teaching grammar is not easy when you look at the book, but I will make it easy by facilitating the lesson and give the students examples and activities. •I will explain the possessive forms to them and I have to choose two types from these forms to explain it to the students. If they understand these forms, they will communicate with people when they are talking about their selves and their stuff.
  3. 3. Possessive forms • It’s my briefcase. • They’re your notes. • That’s his sweater. • It’s her jacket. • Is that our car? • That’s their house. • It’s mine. • They’re yours. • That’s his. • It’s hers. • No, the other one is ours. • It’s theirs. Possessive adjective +noun Possessive pronoun
  4. 4. Possessive forms •Use possessive adjective before a noun. •Use possessive pronoun in place of a noun. Possessive adjective Possessive pronoun
  5. 5. Activity:1 • Circle the correct answers: 1- A: I think that’s (your / yours) sweater over there. B: No, it’s not. It’s Jay’s. (My / Mine) is red. 2- A: Is Jane’s car the same as (our / ours)? B: Well, (her / hers) is the same kind, but (our / ours) car is older.
  6. 6. Activity:2 • Correct the mistakes in the sentences: 1- I can find your passport, but I can’t find (my). (mine) 2- Is this (yours) wallet? (your) 3- (Hers) style is not comfortable. (Her) 4- This car is (our). (ours)
  7. 7. Activity:3 •Choose the correct answers •:
  8. 8. Activity:4 This is my car. This car is mine.
  9. 9. Activity:5 Her cats are nice. These nice cats are hers.
  10. 10. Activity:6 Is this your flower? Yes, it’s mine. Is this yours? Yes, it’s my flower.
  11. 11. The difference between possessive adjective and possessive pronoun: Possessive pronounPossessive adjectivesubject Mine Yours His Hers Its Ours Yours Theirs My Your His Her Its Our Your their I You He She It We You they
  12. 12. The purpose of the activity •The purpose of this activity is to teach the students the possessive and its forms, and make them distinguish between possessive adjective and possessive pronoun to use them in their lives.
  13. 13. Incorporating the activity in the lesson •I can incorporate the activity in my lesson by this way: •After I explain the lesson and the rule I have to share with the students to solve one activity. Then, I should give them more exercises and ask to answer these exercises by their selves. After that, I will check their answers.
  14. 14. The benefits of the activity •This activity will help the students when they talk to the people about their selves, and it will facilitate to understand the lesson. If I give them more activities that will make them perfect to use the possessive forms. The activity will benefit them to use the language fluently.