Moulder d week10 assignment


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  • Are you planning a business trip and need some advice for travel safety tips? Well, you have come to the right place. Here is a little information to help from your local travel agent.
  • Doing business is not always an easy task when it involves travel. Making sure you have what you need for a stress-free trip saves time so you can enjoy your travels. That is why we are here to guide you with your traveling needs.
  • Depending on the length of a trip to be traveled, preparing ahead of time is good practice and is much safer than waiting until the last minute to make travel arrangements. Some companies are good at preparing all the travel needs but most of the time, you are it. Practice makes perfect for better results.
  • You should always remember to make a list of important documents to carry along with you to be on the safe side. It would not be wise to hop on a plane without a passport if you might be planning a trip outside of the United States for a business meeting or driving to a long distance location for an overnight stay. Our staff is trained to help guide you through your journey to get you to your destination. It is very wise to make sure that emergency numbers are easy to locate in case of an accident.
  • No matter how you travel, by car, by train, by airplane; you should always take precautions and make a checklist to follow before leaving on your trip. Some trips are for personal use and donot require but preparing. But business travel trips may need a bit more thinking process.
  • Travel safety tips are available online at the websites listed above.
  • Moulder d week10 assignment

    1. 1. Prepare for Take-Off Travel Safety TipsDebra MoulderHarrison College
    2. 2. Whats Your Business? Air travel On the road Hotels and Conventions Travel overseas International or Domestic
    3. 3. Prepare to be Safe Compare prices and service quality. Make travel plans far enough in the future. Contact State departments for safety information. Consult in travel agencies. Prepare family members about travel plans. Check with personnel at travel destinations for arrangements. Confirmation checklist for hotel and car rentals. Gather maps and important documents.
    4. 4. Secure Documents 1. Identification 2. Birth certificate 3. Life Insurance 4. Travel Itinerary 5. Emergency Contacts 6. Medical information
    5. 5. Buckle Your SeatbeltTravel list: Travel light Check-in early Check baggage security Keep lodging confirmation handy Keep Traveler’s checks and currency hidden Familiarize culture and language
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