Moulder d final project_wk12


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Moulder d final project_wk12

  2. 2. George EastmanGeorge quit school and cared for hismother and siblings. Then at the age of14, he worked as an office boy at alocal bank. At 24, he took a self photograph of himself for a plan to go on atrip. He did not make the trip but wasindulged in photography instead. Hewas so fascinated he started his ownbusiness on the 3rd floor of the tallbuilding.
  3. 3. History in the Making Foundation Principles1897-George Eastman went to London toobtain a patent on the plate coating  Mass production at low costmachine.  International distribution1881-Eastman and Strong formed apartnership  Extensive advertising1884-The Eastman Dry Plate and film  A focus on the customercompany (Solo)1888-The Kodak Camera1889-The Eastman Company1896-The 100,000 camera was manufactured1901-Eastman Kodak Company
  4. 4. Ethical Challenges Always follow Kodak Business Conduct Guide Business is always conducted with high ethical standards Respect internationally legal principles Support community affairs Support supplier diversity Follow compliance of government mandate Control worldwide media changes that effect business
  5. 5. Products and Services
  6. 6. Around the GlobeAmerica Europe Asia/ Africa /Argentina Switzerland Pacific MiddleUnited States Norway Australia EastVenezuela Poland IndiaMexico Denmark JapanBrazil Germany KoreaCanada Belgium ThailandChile New Zealand SpainPeru China
  7. 7. The Kodak Values Respect-for the dignity of the individual Integrity-uncompromising Trust-one another Credibility-inside and outside the company Improvement-and personal renewal Recognition-and celebration
  8. 8. Recommendations Innovations Imaging Solutions Adding new business Keeping up with the new technologies Follow up with research on improvements Mastering Accomplishments Updating publications and materials Provide thorough and secure routing instructions Diversity within the corporation
  9. 9. REFERENCESKodak (1880) History of Kodak. Corporation. Retrieved on December 14, 2011 from path=2/8/2217/2687.Kodak (1887-1929) (1960) path=2217/2687/2695/2701Print from Facebook path=164/7959/2301161