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In the Wind Sample Menu

  1. 1. Corsica itinerary:DAY 1 - CalviDay one we will be welcoming you to the port of Calvi. Calvi has its beautiful old citadel,and a quaint marina below. There are many café’s worth visiting here.Diving: WW2 bomber – Revellata Peninsula B-17, a sunken WWII bomber with wings andpropellers still intact is a great dive. is a great stop, as it is not only beautiful, but boasts many activities for the family.This is a port you could also consider staying for a longer period of time.DAY 2 - Calvi to GirolataDay two is a 33 mile cruise down the west coast of Corsica to the small, protected port ofGirolata. This port is a little village with rocky inlets, and a superb anchorage.Here we could spend the day diving, fishing, relaxing or doing some water sports. Itseems absolutely magical and even spending the day enjoying your boat and some goodfood would be a blessing.
  2. 2. DAY 3 - Girolata to AjaccioFrom Girolata, we continue south down the beautiful coast, finally entering the Gulf ofAjaccio, with its amazing mountain-encircled bay. Ajaccio is the birth place of Napoleon,and such is filled with history. Diving: There is fantastic diving in Ajaccio too.DAY 4 - Ajaccio to ProprianoContinue down the west coast; this is a fantastic cruise with much scenery – here wekeep close to the shoreline for great views. Enter Propriano in the narrowest part of theGolfe de Valinco. Propriano is well known for its excellent beaches, and has a bustlingmarina and port.
  3. 3. DAY 5 - Propriano to BonifacioFrom Propriano, continue to the southernmost major port in Corsica - Bonifacio, astriking town perched on limestone cliffs. Here you will want to explore the old citadeland relax in the café and restaurant-lined harbour while you admire the views.Diving: Excellent diving at the Marine reserve or Porto Pollo.DAY 6 - Bonfacio to La Maddalenas National ParkFrom Bonifacio, you can cruise to La Maddalenas National Park, a beautiful set ofprotected islands between Corsica and Sardinia. Here you have option to cruise along toSardinia too. This is a beautiful cruise with much untouched land. Some fantastic divingcan be held here too!
  4. 4. Day 7 La Maddalenas National Park to Porto VecchioWe depart on the 25nm scenic sail to Porto Vecchio. The Porto Vecchio town is quaintand famous for its 16th century citadel, and the rampart restaurants offer splendid views.Porto Vecchio is a lively centre for shopping, cafe-sitting and menu browsing and is oneof Corsicas most fashionable towns. In season, the bars and restaurants in and aroundtown are always busy, giving the town a lively atmosphere. Most of all, Porto Vecchio isnow famous for yacht charters and when heading south on your yacht there is a seriesof breathtaking spectacular sandy bays. The beach of Palombaggia is perhaps the mostfamous beach on the island of Corsica and it features a series of coves leading to a longsandy beach facing the Cerbicales islands. It is certainly the most photographed with itsinternationally renowned, the clear turquoise water and pure white sand contrasts thefantastically shaped red rocks.