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Che - Sunreef 114 Brochure

  1. 1. “ Expect the unexpectedwhen you step aboard CHE„
  2. 2. “ A worldwhere unrivalled craftsmanship meets untamed creativity„
  3. 3. che aboutCHE is the largest sloop-riggedcatamaran and the second largestsailing multihull in the world.With her 114 feet of length and42 feet of beam, she is a veritablejewel of the seas!CHE means freedom. Made to sail theoceans in superior comfort and security,she is the utmost example of seaworthinessproven by her unique construction andnavigability features.
  4. 4. aDVeNtuRe MeetS GLaMouRExpect the unexpected when you step aboard CHE.This yacht is truly revolutionary and turns thesuperyacht concept on its head. CHE is first andforemost a sailing yacht destined for adventure anddistant voyages. It is a yacht designed to be sailed,not merely look good in the harbour. CHE success-fully manages to combine luxury with ability, offeringa superyacht of comfort and capability. baLaNcING oPPoSIteSThis yacht is all about balance, as she connectswind with water and blurs the distinction betweenexterior and interior, guests and crew. You maywonder how these opposing forces havecreated such an attractive and succesful yacht. Theclue lies in her taijitu motif – the intertwined yin yangsymbol representing the harmony of balancedopposites. Again and again one finds a surprisingsynergy between apparently conflicting elements.
  5. 5. che FactSMaterial Aluminium Structure / Carbon mast & boomLength 35 mBeam 12.8 mDraft 2.5 mDisplacement 115 TMast height 47 mMain sail 390 m2Gennaker 415 m2Genoa 210 m2Solent 100 m2Storm jib 25.00 m2Engines 2 x 455 HP CumminsFuel capacity 2 x 9000 L
  6. 6. The navigation station lies forward on the flybridgeand affords fantastic 360˚ degree views. This isclearly an ideal position from which to manoeuvrethe vessel, and both engines, thrusters and proppitch can be controlled from here. CHE cruiseseasily at 12 knots on just 65 percent engine capacityand to conserve fuel she will make nine knots withone engine.The owner of CHE: "The 13-metre beam meansthere is practically no heeling or rolling whenthe yacht is at anchor. Even on choppy seas thecruising is smooth and easy for those who areunfamiliar with sailing. At the same time, the size ofCHE and her low draught make fast sailing possible,reaching 13-14 knots and more with good winds." “ There is practically no heeling or rolling when the yacht is at anchor „
  7. 7. “ Undertaking passagemaking is agreat way to see exactly how a yachtfares in all conditions. Sunreef 114 isthe largest sloop-rigged catamaran inthe world, and she combines sailingprowess with comfort and style „ - Kate Hubert, Boat International -
  8. 8. “Under main and genoa, in a decent 15 to 20 knotbreeze, she can make 12 knots withoutreally trying „LOA 34 mLWL 31,74 mSpeed (max/cruise)Sail: 25 knots / 14 knotsPower: 14 knots / 11 knotsRange at 11 knots 2,500 nmThrusters Max Power CT 325, 23 kWGenerators Kohler 40EF02D Diesel 40kVAFuel capacity 2x9,000 litresMain sail 390 m²Freshwater capacity 2 x 2,650 litresOwner and guests 7Crew 5Tenders Zodiac with YamahaClassification Bureau Veritas and MCANaval architect Sunreef YachtsExterior styling Sunreef Yachts, plus owners’ inputInterior design Sunreef Yachts, plus owners’ inputOwner APE N.V. - BelgiumBuilder / year Sunreef Yachts / 2010
  9. 9. cheINteRIoRThe harmonious interior designshows the inspiration of the yachtowner’s wife Cha Cha and hercreative skills, enhanced bySunreef’s designers. All materials andcolours used on CHE are aresult of this cooperation. She didnot want the interior to competewith the natural beauty oflocations where CHE will be sailing.However, to give the boat atouch of sensuality and holidayambience, she incorporated turquoisecolours in a few decorativeelements such as table tops andcushions to complement the sunnylagoons that CHE will explore.
  10. 10. “ The grey tones feature a clean, retro palette which, while understated, emphasizes the natural colour of the sea and sky of its surroundings„The saloon is dominated by the dining area furnished in modern brushed stainless port - the large table follows the clean, The uncluttered design is deceptivelymodern theme: a simple, solid rectangle simple and extremely effective. The onlyin shiny aqua. As elsewhere, ‘CHE grey’ access to the flybridge is via a spiralvinyl sofas are comfortable, situated along staircase, which creates a nice openthe side with grey mesh chairs which sense of space. The titanium grab railscompliment the remainder of the space. make for easy, safe climbing, even whileThe gallery runs the full length of the saloon. sailing. The deck is covered in wide, shortIt can be accessed forward and aft and teak planking laid in an appealing non-guests are encouraged to view the chef symmetrical action, as he works in a kitchen,
  11. 11. che“ the blurring ofthe distinctionbetween crew GueStS and guest areas „ aND cRew CHE’s most noticeable feature is the blurring of the distinction between crew and guest areas. The result is overwhelmingly positive – cunningly clever design means that guests still retain privacy while the crew are not impeded in their work. The exemplar of this is the wonderfully spacious saloon which shares the main deck with a state of the art galley. And this bold idea really works: a kitchen is the heart of any home, and CHE’s galley brings the centre of the yacht alive. Guests can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the chef’s creativity, and can freely wander in for a tempting taste - or draw the blinds and relax, in the comfort and privacy of their room. Captain Daniël Rabasse Captain Fabrice Rapenne
  12. 12. “ The shower is separated with double glass doors and che cabINSthe oval teak grill underfoot is a nod to sailing traditions „ Three of the four guest cabins are twin; the bunks are generous and comfortable. Featuring memory-foam bases, should the yacht be moving, you will sink comfort- ably into your bed, as opposed to bounce around. The fourth guest cabin has a single bunk athwartships plus a Pullman, making it ideally suited for port. The suites are a good size – the shower is separated with double glass doors and the oval teak grill underfoot is a nod to sailing traditions. The cubicle is large enough to preserve elbows and heads but not so large that you cant brace yourself in a seaway. As CHE will rarely be tied up in dock, CHE has been designed with ocean crossings and remote cruising in mind.
  13. 13. Flybridge “ CHE has been designed with ocean cross- ings and remote cruising in mind„Main deckHull deck
  14. 14. FoR aDDItIoNaL INFoRMatIoN PLeaSe coNtact: Your usual broker, or