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World of warcraft gold guides


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World of warcraft gold guides

  1. 1. World of warcraft gold guidesHayden Hawke Gold Guide ReviewReaching the gold cap is many world of warcraft dreams, and many scam guides takeadvantage of that by promising you to get you to the gold cap in a week. The real guides aredone that usually work on day to day gold profit. In this review, I will share my opinion onthose guides.New things, new changes thats why I play the world of warcraft.A dynamic guide one that changes with the game is what I needed and one that wont chargefor every update they make. Furthermore, I needed a guide that will not ask me to invest twohours grinding every day because I only have an hour a day to play, and I dont intend towaste it on mindless farming tasks.There were two guides, I found interesting one was zygor professions guide, and one wasHayden Hawke gold guide.Get your professions up thats what most gold guide shout at you, just upgrade yourprofessions to the highest level and sell your items on the auction house, aldo this might betrue if that all there is to it, then why did I buy your guide in the first place I mean come on...Using your professions to get money was something I already knew, and I didnt want just aguide to tell me to max alchemy and go do this and that and sell them on the auction housefor profit.I decided to go for the Hayden H guide with weekly updates and a main focus on the auctionhouse thats what I wanted.At the start, I was a bit disappointed as the first week I was making 300 gold a day which wasnice but not any thing close to 5k a day. Buy I was heading into a big shock when I keept onreading and doing what was suggest, suddenly my profits got huge.That was the time when I moved from 100-200 a day to 1500-3800 gold a day still not 5kgold for my 20 minutes a days effort but who cares! I was getting rich, and I was loving it.Taking care of eight characters that now need to go from 85 to 90 well you can guess I didnthave the time to worry for money and this daily 3500 gold check in helped me a lot.So what I like about the Hayden Hawke gold guide was the simple fact that it was easy touse and the weekly updates. Each week Hayden writes a brand-new post in the membersarea which is awesome, every week you get a new place to farm or a fresh item to stack upon so that you can sell it next week for profit when blizzard nerf its drop rate.
  2. 2. The guide is pretty huge with 200 pages I made most of my reading in the members area asI preferred more fresh method instead of going through the 200 page monster.If youre looking for world of warcraft gold guide, then I will recommend you got for theHayden Hawke but remember there are always other free options online with a little moretime and effort you can still make a lot of money without a guide.Hayden Hawke Gold Guide, Hayden Hawke, secret gold guide