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Diphthongs (edited)


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Diphthongs (edited)

  2. 2. WHAT IS a diphthong? The term diphthong simply meansdouble sounds. It is a sequence of two pure vowelsrealized as one sound.
  3. 3.  A diphthong starts as one vowel butchanges its quality as a result of thegliding of the tongue in the course ofits production and ends as anothervowel. The resultant sound is adiphthong.
  4. 4.  The production of a diphthong involvesthree stages, this are the onset the peakand the fall as illustrated below.
  5. 5. Diphthongs of English The following are the diphthongs of English:o /ei/o /əʊ/o /ai/o /au/o /ɔɪ/o /eə/o /ɪə/o /ʊə /
  6. 6. /ei/
  7. 7. a, as in payas in sayas in dayas in way
  8. 8. ei, as in weighas in veilas in veinas in reinsas in feign
  9. 9. /əʊ/
  10. 10.  o, as in poleas in holeas in wroteas in wholeas in soas in vote
  11. 11.  oe, as in toeas in hoeas in woeas in foe
  12. 12. oa, as in coastas in roastas in boastas in toastas in toad
  13. 13.  ou, as in soulas in poultry
  14. 14. /ai /
  15. 15.  i, Common spellings: as in might uy, as in buy as in hide as in wright as in guy as in kite as insight ye, as in bye as in spite as in fight ry, as in try as in tight ie, as in tie as in dry as in might as in die as in fry as in bright as in pie ly, as in ply as in light as in cried as in fly as in right as in dried as in supply
  16. 16. /au/
  17. 17.  Ou, as in found ow, as in how as in bound as in now as in pound as in bow as in count as in cow as in county as in fowl as in bounty Own, as in town as in down as in frown as in crown as in brown
  18. 18. /ɔɪ/
  19. 19.  Oy, as in toy as in voice as in boy as in loin as in destroy uo, as in buoy as in employ as in anoy Oi, as in soil as in coil as in toil as in spoil as in groin as in coin as in boil
  20. 20. /eə/
  21. 21.  ua, as in square ai, as in fair a, as in care as in rare as in fare as in dare as in bare ere, as in where as in there
  22. 22. /ɪə/
  23. 23.  ea, as in near as in wear as in fear as in bear as in tear ee, as in peer as in beer as in deer as in seer ie, as in tier as in viewer
  24. 24. /ʊə/
  25. 25.  ur, as in sure as in cure as in ensure as in endure oor, as in poor Ou, as in tour
  26. 26. THE END