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Younique products 3_d_f_iber_lashes


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Younique products 3_d_f_iber_lashes

  1. 1. Younique  Products  And  3D  Fiber  Lashes   ! ! Want  amazing  eyelashes?  Try  Younique  Products  3D  Fiber  Lashes   When   it   comes   to   team   building   beauty   lines,   a   lot   of   people   think   of   Avon   and   Mary   Kay.   With   so   many   consumers   who   have   now   started   to   become   more   cau>ous  about  harmful  product  fillers  and  the  horrible  animal  tes>ng  in  cosme>c   products,   these   people   began   to   move   away   from   the   two   brands   men>oned.   A   lot  of  us  s>ll  find  financial  freedom  and  team  building  interes>ng,  but  we  also  look   for   products   that   are   not   harmful   to   us,   the   animals   or   environment.   Younique   Products,   a   promising   beauty   line,   could   be   the   answer   to   what   we’ve   been   searching  for.   ! The  company  aims  to  encourage,  validate,  empower,  and  help  improve  confidence   of   women   from   all   parts   of   the   globe.   Through   products   that   support   such   core   values,  as  well  as  spiritual  enlightenment,  Younique  Products  gives  all  women  the   opportunity  to  aEain  financial  reward  and  personal  growth.     ! The   company   is   the   first   direct-­‐sales   company   that   s e l l s   a n d   p r o m o t e s   prac>cally   exclusively   with   the   u>liza>on   of   social   media.   Its   Younique   Virtual   Par>es   connects   the   world   of   a   conven>onal   business   model   of   a   home   party   and   the  social  media.   ! We   cannot   change   our   faces,   and   that   is   a   fact.   This   is   the   very   first   thing   that   people   will   no>ce   the   minute   they   turn   their   eyes   on   you.   Younique   has   a   commitment  of  helping  you  achieve  a  gorgeous  and  healthy-­‐looking  face.  They  do   a   me>culous   research   on   all   the   ingredients   used   on   their   products   and   will   educate  you  on  what  each  of  them  does  and  why  they  are  there.   ! ! Copyright  2014.  All  Rights  Reserved.  Independent  Younique  Products  Presenter  
  2. 2. ! Here  are  some  of  the  best  Younique  Products  
 that  you  may  want  to  consider  trying:   Moodstruck   3D   Fiber   Lashes   is   the   company’s   best-­‐selling   product,   providing   you   with   a   300%   increase   to   your   eyelashes   that   are   totally   natural   looking.   It   includes   two   boEles,   the   natural   fibers   and   transplan>ng   gel,   that   must   be   used   together   to   magnify   and   enhance  your  own  lashes.     ! With   this   product,   you’ll   definitely   be   surprised   with   how   your   lashes   are   going   to   look   like.   Then   there   is   the   Moostruck   Mineral   Pigment   Powders   that   are   100%   chemical   free,   natural   and   mineral   based.   They   do   not   contain   preserva>ves,   parabens,  talc,  perfumes,  oils,  and  synthe>c  dyes.   ! Another   product   that’s   worth   checking   out   is   the   Awake   Facial   Cleanser   that   is   made   with   licorice   root,   garden   chrysanthemum   and   aloe   vera   and   contains   a   variety   of   helpful   ingredients   to   cleanse   and   awaken   your   skin.   It   has   a   thick   texture   that   changes   into   a   lather   to   remove   makeup   and   oil,   washing   away   impuri>es,  surface  debris  and  excess  oil  that  can  clog  your  pores.   ! Back  to  the  Basics  Collec6on  is  put  together  in  a  beau>ful  black  case  that  contains   BB  Flawless,  Awake  Facial  Cleanser,  concealer  or  blusher,  Lucra>ve  Lip  Gloss,  and   Brilliant  Moisturizing  Gel.  This  is  great  if  you  just  want  to  try  this  product  line  or   are  s>ll  learning  how  to  apply  makeup.     ! On   the   other   hand,   The   Essen6als   Essen6als   consists   of   the   Lucra>ve   Lip   Gloss,   two   blusher   or   concealer,   Awake   Facial   Cleanser,   Brilliant   Moisturizing   Gel,   Moodstruck   3D   Fiber   Lashes,   powder   puff   brush,   crease   brush,   deluxe   blush,   concealer  brush,  blusher  brush,  and  shader/duo  liner  brush.   ! Of   course,   you   are   going   to   need   different   types   of   makeup   brushes   when   you   apply   makeup.   Younique   has   a   complete   brush   set   that   can   be   purchased   Copyright  2014.  All  Rights  Reserved.  Independent  Younique  Products  Presenter  
  3. 3. separately.  It  includes  the  six  essen>als:  the  blusher  brush,  deluxe  brush,  powder   puff  brush,  crease  brush,  shader/liner  brush,  and  concealer  brush.     Want  To  Learn  More  About  Younique  Products?   ! The  Younique  Products  business  opportunity  provides  an  incredible  path  to  free   products,  discounts,  trips,  and  a  poten>al  to  earn  a  part-­‐>me  to  full-­‐>me  income   from  home.  My  direct  website  is:     ! hEps://    (You  may  need  to  copy   and  paste  this  link  into  your  address  bar.)   ! ! You  can  also  find  me  on  Facebook  at:     hEps://     (You  may  need  to  copy  and  paste  this  link  into  your  address  bar.)   Important   Note:   As   of   January,   2014,   the   Younique   Products   business   opportunity   is   available   in   the   USA   and   Canada   only.   However,   we   will   be   launching   the   following  markets  soon:   ! ! 1.   Younique  Products  UK   2.   Younique  Products  Australia   3.   Younique  Products  New  Zealand   Copyright  2014.  All  Rights  Reserved.  Independent  Younique  Products  Presenter  
  4. 4. Be   sure   to   contact   me   for   addi>onal   informa>on   on   how   you   can   be   one   of   the   first  in  your  country.  We  have  some  great  tools  for  our  team  to  help  you  build  a   successful  Younique  Products  business!   Copyright  2014.  All  Rights  Reserved.  Independent  Younique  Products  Presenter