Research Methodology


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Question Paper of research methodology

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Research Methodology

  1. 1. Fifth Semester B.Sc Degree examination Carrier Related First Degree Programme under CBCSS Hotel Management and Catering Science Core Course-BH 1548 Research Methodology (2010 Admissions Onwards) Time : 3 hrs Max. Wt : 30 Section A This section consists of four bunches of four questions each. Each bunch carries a weight age of 1. Answer all questions I. Choose the most appropriate answer from the following. 1. Research means search for ----------------- a. Truth b. Solution c. Culture d. Knowledge 2. Research is necessary to examine the extent of ----- a. Validity b. Variances c. Problems d. Theories 3. Applied research is concerned with a. Formulation of theory b. Solution of particular problem c. Achieve a purpose d. Quantitative phenomenon 4. A hypothesis means ------------- a. Problem b. Assumption c. Law d. Observation II. Choose the most appropriate answer from the following 5. Coding consists of a. Symbols b. Numbers c. Tables d. Diagrams 6. The word percent means per ---------- a. 1000 b. 200 c. 100 d. 500 7. A sample is a representative part of the ----------- a. Population b. Groups c. State d. Districts 8. Census information are collected from
  2. 2. a. Selected individual b. All individual c. Particular group d. Adults III. Fill in the blanks with the suitable words from those given in brackets. 9. Random sample is a sample selected from ------------- a. House b. Village c. Population d. State 10. Another name of classical method of scientific research a. Observation methods b. Interview method c. Questionnaire method d. Schedule method 11. Schedule method ------------- is applied a. Census method b. Survey method c. Clinical interview method d. Sampling method 12. Research design is ----------------- a. Blue print b. Report Writing c. Rough copy IV. Match the following 13. Probability sampling Secondary data 14. Survey of literature Interview method 15. Hypothesis Summarises the data 16. Analysis of date Random sampling Tentative preposition Telephone interview (4 X 1 = 4 wt) Section B V. Write the short answers to any eight questions in one or two sentences each. Each questions in one or two sentences each. Each question carries a weight age of 1 17. Sampling 18. Null hypothesis 19. What is a pilot study 20. What is tabulation 21. What is bibliography
  3. 3. 22. Define clinical interview 23. What is meant by coding 24. Three sources of research problem 25. Case study 26. Research design 27. What you mean by size of the sample. 28. Census method (8 X 1 = 8 wt) Section C VI. Answer any five questions in not exceeding one paragraph each. Each question carries a weight age of 2 29. Define secondary data. State their chief sources. 30. Distinguish between pure research and applied research. 31. Explain the characteristics of good research report. 32. Write a short note on exploratory research design. 33. Explain the utility of social science research. 34. Why is ‘review of literature’ included in a research report?. What is its purpose? 35. Write a short note on sources of research problems 36. What do you mean by analysis of data? (5 X 2 = 10 wt) Section D VII. Answer any two questions in not exceeding four pages each. 37. Explain the contents of a research design 38. Explain the contents of a research report 39. Give the meaning of research. What are the different types of research (2 X 4 =8 wt)