Cooking method


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Cooking method

  1. 1. WHAT IS COOKING.?  Cooking is the art of preparing food for consumption with the use of heat. OR At its most basic, cooking is about the ways in which food is transformed by applying heat to it. COOKING METHODS.? A cooking method is the way a food item has been prepared.
  3. 3. DRY  Use air, metal, fat or radiation to transfer heat to food.. There is no fat used. 1- BAKING Food items are cooked by dry heat. Ex- cakes, buns, etc. 2- BROILING Cooking something with direct exposure to fire. It is similar to grilling.
  4. 4. FATROASTING Apply to cooking of large pieces of meat. Roasting can be done four types 1.. Pot 2.. Oven 3.. Spit 4.. Tandoor GRILLING - grilling is done in open fire and food is cooked by its own fat . The heat comes below from the grill bars. FRYING- frying comes under medium of fat . Frying the food items are cooked by immersing in OIL or FAT at a sufficient high temp. there are two types of frying.
  5. 5. Liquid is medium for cooking food… 1..STEWING 2..BRAISING STEWING Stewing is gentle simmering is a small quantity of water , stock or sauce , until the food items are tender and both liquid and food are serve together. BRAISING This is the combined method of roasting and stewing LIQUID
  6. 6.  Steaming Cooking by moist heat. i.e water vapour. Steaming is of two types- Direct & Indirect. indirect steaming is done when the food is prepared in a closed pan. Ex- steamed momo BOILING Boiling is cooking by immersing the food in a pan of liquid. Boiling temperature is 100 c. ex- boiled eggs, boiled vegetables, etc. POACHING Poaching is done in vinegar water. In poaching, the temperature is just below the boiling temperature ( 93-95 c). Ex- poached eggs, poached fish, etc.
  7. 7. OTHER COOKING METHODS  RECHAUFEE Rechaufee means to reheat. In this usually leftover food is prepared. As taken to meat items they are used as minced & mix with ingredients. ex- keema pulao , hash brown, etc. SAUTEING It comes under shallow frying. Food items, ex- thin meat pieces, fish are cut into very small thin pieces. They are placed in a heavy bottomed pan with a little hot fat. ex- glace vegetables, saute potatoes.