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Consumer's PRIVACY comes FIRST

Just ONE App to manage News Broadcast, Voucher Management and Queue Management for Merchant. Consumer will feel more comfortable to engage with merchant when specific information that can pin-point to them are not required.

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Consumer's PRIVACY comes FIRST

  1. 1. PSEUDOSCOPS Simple Greatness
  2. 2. Consumer’s PRIVACY comes FIRST
  3. 3. Consumer’s PRIVACY comes FIRST Support YOU in addressing your customer’s concern for privacy
  4. 4. Consumer Merchant
  5. 5. Consumer - Keen to get information on upcoming promotions, deals, new products, etc. - Keen to take up membership for lower purchase price, member’s privilege, etc. - Might not be comfortable to provide private information that can leads to them. E.g. NRIC, Mobile Number, etc. - Want to have option to opt out of any membership without hassle.
  6. 6. Merchant - Want to sign up as many consumer as possible and update them with promotion, deals, new product, etc. - Ability to perform targeted marketing for specific product range, consumer group, etc. - Broadcast to as many consumer as possible and knowing number of outreach. - Do not want to get troubled by breached in information security, PDPA, GDPR, etc.
  7. 7. FUNCTIONS & BENEFITS Check-In Message Broadcast Issue Voucher Queue Management
  8. 8. CONSUMER’S BENEFIT • Consumer’s information are being kept on their device, they have the rights to their information. • Zo Liao only need to have consumer’s email address as Login ID. • Choose to accept if information required by merchant is acceptable. • Choose to ‘Unsubscribed’ from any merchant at their own choice, without hassle. • One application to get enroll into multiple merchant’s program.
  9. 9. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES • KISS principal. Simple, Fit to Purpose, No gimmick • Application design and develop with Privacy in mind • For Consumer → Select what you want to share • For Merchant → Select what you want to collect • Personal Data will be Encrypted-at-Rest • Just ONE application • Issue voucher, manage queue, broadcast message, targeted marketing, etc. • Optional biometrics (face / fingerprint / voice) verification
  10. 10. To find out more on how Zo Liao can support you on these features for your customer and demonstration. Contact us at to find out more.