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Arrow Hospitality Consulting

  1. 1. The F&B ‘Experience’ specialists! Prowess Summary
  2. 2. We are a team of hospitality professionals brought together from a virtual pool to create synergies for the flow of positive energies towards completion of assignments. This briefly describes what to expect from us. Whether incubating a hospitality venture, expanding or seeking solutions in existing outlets, call us and let’s chat. Our hands-on consulting is based on decades of successfully understanding the industry in all its facets. An exclusive team shall be created to work on your projects from the corpus of professional talent available with us, to deliver extraordinary results within tight deadlines. Extend your hand! Let us handhold you through an exciting process of consummation of hospitality success.
  3. 3. Imagine walking into a cafe that smells and looks fresh, the ‘just-about-right’ sensation, and pleasant chatter. You would want to linger around, savor the pleasant feel it gives your heart, and enjoy the 'experience‘. More than attentive service, great food and impeccable interiors, it is this experience that draws patrons to their favorite eatery time and again. As 'experience specialists‘, we create experiences that transcend the attributes of just great concepts, amazing décor, impeccable service and unbelievable food. Data collected is corroborated and post analysis, course correction alternatives are presented. The result: higher mileage of productivity, better presentation, increasing revenues and repeat customers. Just as life hand-holds one through time, there cannot be a better expert in doing so. Though we cannot compare, here’s a team, that can walk you through your dreams – in all its goodness and adversity. We can, at least, make sure we smoothen the pot- holes and obstacles. May we become your shock-absorbers?
  4. 4. Although we seek consulting engagements in all kinds of operations including hotels, motels, resorts; our focus shall remain in providing value to f&b outlets especially Retail restaurant operations, Convention centers, on-site banqueting, Clubs, and A-grade lounge restaurants. As per data from IMRB collated over the period 2004-2009, over 66% of non-chain f&b businesses (sample strength 3650 outlets) incubated by investors in Tier 1&2 India mutated within 3 years of installation. A process driven professional approach gives a high performance assurance as well as a low-risk dimension. The scope and nature of the hospitality industry permeates everything and anything where there is a need to serve.
  5. 5. Each consultant chosen for deployment by us has decades of experience in the industry. We offer services on • Market survey & Research, location hunt • Concept and concept design • Branding, brand design and Project design • Design Execution • Project Logistics – including Recruitment & Training • Food – Cuisine, Menu design, Table Presentation, Service design • Project Launch • Marketing – The propagation and drive • Post-Launch Drive and need-based support – Handholding to self-running, post-support We try to read the pulse and like an arrow, aim directly at the heart of issues! We will provide best-fit alternatives to do it the right way, taking pride in our integrity. We have the wherewithal - the human and resource capital to surmount Goliaths of every kind.
  6. 6. Conduct effective research for multi-national chains prospecting hospitality business in India. Assess requirements in realistic terms to create business / working plan for establishing an individual outlet / chain organization in the field of hospitality. Make objective assessment of the organization’s operational and training needs, including a preliminary SWOT analysis. Assist in screening prospective locations for food & beverage outlets; identification and finalization on the basis of FiftyPointer* - a customized package relevant to F&B outlets. Design Facility and Layout Plans and provide alternate options for back areas (Receiving, Staff, Admin, Security, Warehouse / Stores, Utility Services, Maintenance and Back-up Power, etc.) and front areas (Operational areas including Kitchen, Restaurants, Lounge, etc.) *Arrow Hospitality Consulting specially created programme We have put down a brief perspective of what we do, but this need not be seen as limiting, as requirements are multi-dimensional dependant on the project.
  7. 7. Create Franchising documentation, develop appropriate ecosystem to attract franchisees, clinch and facilitate a healthy franchise relationship. Assess equipments required to be purchased for operations, customize wherever required, screen vendors and select, finalize BOQ, negotiate rates and execute projects till their satisfactory completion. Also assist in sourcing original or customized products of high quality. Review and upgrade existing management strategies and tools including drafting / redrafting SOPs and quality thresholds. Provide innovative marketing strategies keeping in focus the company goals, targeted customer profile and using the latest in innovative techniques. Conduct Mystery shopping reports followed up with recommended corrective plan and evaluator visits. The ambit is large, but never intimidating
  8. 8. Implement effective HR and training strategies to win employee loyalty, motivation and input. Drive performance excellence through organizational development, improved internal communication and customer service training. Equip business with custom-designed policies, human resources strategies, job descriptions, training and evaluation tools. Coach Supervisors in problem-solving, effective people management, employee motivation and overall supervisory performance. Develop and facilitate customized training programs, seminars, workshops and employee communication sessions. Train Trainers in a group setting or through one-on-one coaching sessions. Provide effective Customer Service Training; lead participants to focus on Customer needs and expectations, adopt an integrative approach and help achieve marketing and business objectives. Clarity of thought and purpose, and understanding strengths and weaknesses is half the battle won
  9. 9. Prepare dynamic employee handbooks as key reference tools and as training guidelines; develop / revise existing training and operational manuals; re- write job descriptions in a manner that realistically indicates what and how team is expected to perform, and on the basis of which performances get evaluated. Professional assistance in areas served outsourced by the company, such as event organization, executive search, locating required suppliers, internet research and marketing, etc. Work in tandem with other consultants whose values, quality, and mode of operation are in harmony with ours. We are happy to help you overcome challenges, solve problems creatively, create loyal customers and a motivated workforce. We would share our expertise with other clients and constantly steer employees towards creative and progressive thought. A disciplined and contended team, willing to jump when commanded, and thirsting to achieve realistic goals can accomplish the unimaginable
  10. 10. Working together, we help strategize and achieve your organizational objectives. Our preferred approach is to analyze using various analytics and proven methods, straight-shoot recommendations and solutions that we feel are consonant to your business culture and working systems. We also share experiences and know-how with your team, guiding them towards self-sufficiency. Our integrative approach and work style creates excitement and a team spirit, leading to a high degree of employee motivation. Your business becomes our business, and your success, our success! Our species was designed to produce results only as a result of teamwork.
  11. 11. With a hospitality experience of over 26 years in senior positions across India, Japan & New Zealand. Sunny brings experience, man management skills and a keen eye for business development.
  12. 12. A renowned Chef with celebrity status in his own right, Nitin has great entrepreneurial skills with having established iconic brands in casual and formal dining formats that have stood the test of time.
  13. 13. With a deep understanding of commercial real-estate across Tier 1 and an acumen to spot and secure brilliant locations, his scope includes licensing & franchising verticals. A vast network and strong personal relationships are the hallmarks of his personality. He lives by the adage, ‘Location, Location & Location’ being the factor of successful f&b business.
  14. 14. With a distinguished career in over 60 projects of star hotels, resorts and f&b outlets, a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise in engineering and construction is available. Possibly the best in MEP in India today.
  15. 15. Having corporate as well as acute entrepreneurial skills along with commanding a respect amongst businesses in the field of coffee, Vikram is a consummate professional and guide besides being an expert in the coffee vertical.
  16. 16. With years of International Trade experience, Mahesh is an analytics wizkid, probing and searching answers to the toughest of challenges. Feasibility business plan preparation is his forte
  17. 17. Sandhya has done a few prestigious assignments in brand building and development and besides superlative mentoring skills, know the keys for effective brand positioning.
  18. 18. Ganesh has had an extensive experience in fine dining restaurants and has successfully completed several training projects. He is enthusiastic and has a good connect with employees.
  19. 19. Indumati Loganathan Training Consultant With over 14 years of specialist training experience in f&b within India and overseas, Indu brings a rich repertoire of manpower capital harness
  20. 20. A hardware sourcing and installation wizard, Sandeep is professional and amiable to a fault. With a keen eye to mobilize resources and minimize downtime, he is an asset to any organisation
  21. 21. Coffee Shops:  Salt & Pepper, Chennai  Bansuri, Agra  Blossoms, Jaipur  Parabola (World cuisine buffet coffee shop) Mumbai  Aromas Café & Lounge at Powai, Dhole-Patil Road, Koregaon Park, Thane, Fergusson College Road, Bandra (All-day dining Coffee Shop)  Denny’s (Round-the-clock Family dining) at Manukau & New Lynn, Auckland Fine-dines:  Talk of the Town (Fine-dine Continental Restaurant), Chennai  New Delhi Metro (Themed multi-cuisine Restaurant), New Delhi  Taj Mahal (Indian fine-dine specialty) at Honten, Kita-2-Jyo, ….
  22. 22.  …..Taj Mahal restaurants at Factory-ten, Nishioka, Asahikawa, Miyanomori, Otaru (Hokkaido, Japan)  Lotus Restaurants (Oriental fine-dine specialty) at Malcha Marg, Bhikaji-Cama Place, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi  Far East (Oriental fine-dine specialty), Mumbai  Jewel of India (Indian fine-dine specialty), Mission Bay, Auckland  Aanch Indian fine-dine; XTC exclusive bar lounge; Kash hookah lounge, Shoppers Stop Rajouri Garden, New Delhi Lounge Bars:  Society (A Grade Bar), Chennai  Alleycat Bar, Hiranandani Meadows, Thane  Aura (RestroBar & Lounge), Mumbai  XTC (exclusive bar lounge); Kash (hookah lounge), New Delhi
  23. 23. Banquets:  Dynasty (Banquet Hall), Chennai  Pavilion (Banquet halls /Exclusive on location banqueting), Mumbai  Oasis Banquets, Hiranandani Estate, Thane  Gallery (Banquet Hall), Auckland QSRs:  Domino's, South Extension Part II, New Delhi  Taj Express (Indian Takeaway) at Mitsukoshi, Seiyu & Seibu, Sapporo, Japan  Lemongrass Thai Malay kiosk, Albany, Auckland  Spice Traders (Indian takeaway), Onehunga, Auckland
  24. 24.  Auckland University of Technology Canteen, Auckland Domain  Aromas Express Café (Quick service kiosk and restaurant), Ghatkopar, Mumbai  Soup Bowl (soup chain) at Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Bengaluru Kiosk:  ‘Just Do It’ Health Bar, Golds Gym, Bandra, Mumbai Discotheques:  Saturdate (Discotheque), Chennai  Zwigs (Discotheque), Mumbai Industrial Catering:  RICK's (Industrial catering operations), Mumbai  Dakshin Industrial catering (Indian cuisine office catering), Auckland
  25. 25. What would it cost you to hire us? The charges of a project depend on its scope and will be assessed based on our deliberations and understanding of the same. We strictly work on a project based charging mechanism after a preliminary assessment. We bring to your business some of the best available talent in the country, and work tirelessly to achieve your goals. Arrow Hospitality Consulting Tel: +91 97695 45955 Email: (website is presently under construction) Thank you for your time! In today’s business environment, if you aim for the moon, the worst is you may hit the roof, but if you don’t, chances are you may not remain in business.