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E success client-software-development

  1. 1. Delivery MethodologyE-success for Client Projects
  2. 2. Contents• Introduction• Client Projects• Project Management Methodology– E-success for Client Projects• Questions
  3. 3. E-success : Use of Project Management• Better control of all project means, budget and the costs• Control on changes• Clear appointments and agreements about roles andresponsibilities• Enhanced Linxsmart Image• Consistent Implementations• Increased Efficiency• Clear results of projects• Better communication and decision making• Timely adjustments of not longer effective projects• High quality of service delivery
  4. 4. E-success Client Project Management
  5. 5. E-success Client Project Management• Overview: E-success & Project Roles• E-success Phase Descriptions– Phase & Objective– Activities & Deliverables– Documents & Tools• Project Role Descriptions
  6. 6. Overview: E-success & Project RolesDiscover Analyze Design Implement Test Hand over1 2 3 4 5 6Project ManagerTechnical ConsultantServices ManagerAccount Manager - optionalEnd User(s)DeveloperClient Management TeamTestAnalyst
  7. 7. E-success Phase DescriptionsDiscover Analyze Design Implement Test Hand over1 2 3 4 5 6
  8. 8. Objective• Make a qualified assessment of requirements of the client against the Linxsmart resourcesand technical capability and give client a business case/proposal of the assessment.Discover Analyze Design Implement Test Hand over1 2 3 4 5 6Phase 1 – DiscoverNo. Activity Deliverable Role/s responsible Comment1 PrepareWorkshopWorkshop Client/ Client Mgt. TeamAccount Mgr./Project Mgr.This step is optional can besubstituted with discussion withclient .2 PrepareBusiness CaseBusinessCaseAccount Mgr./Project Mgr. Business Case documentsLinxsmart’s assessment of therequirements and presents highlevel efforts/approach to address theclient requirement3 ClientManagementTeam MeetingStatus Report Status Report Optional.
  9. 9. Analyze Design Implement Test Hand over1 2 3 4 5 6DiscoverPhase 2 – AnalyzeObjective• Define and design a solution that supports our client’s requirements and strategy, andderive a more accurate quantitative assessment of overall effort, schedule, and cost.No. Activity Role/s responsible Deliverable Comments1 BusinessRequirementsReview (BRR)Project Mgr. Report & ProjectdefinitionPM to send the review for client to review .Client to sign-off the review.2 Prepare Project Plan Account Mgr./ ProjectMgr.Project plan &budgetPM/AM to send the project plan and therevised assessment to client. Client to agreeand sign-off3 Agree on ProjectManagementProceduresAccount Mgr./ AccountMgr.Minutes ofAgreed, Dates,Milestones &ResponsibilitiesClient to agree on the more accurateassessment and agree and sign-off4 Project Kick-off Presentation Presentation Optional – if required depending on size ofclient mgt. team5 Steering CommitteeMeetingStatus Report &MinutesStatus Report &MinutesOptions – if required depending on size ofclient mgt. team
  10. 10. Phase 2 – Tools, Templates & ChecklistsTools• MS OfficeTemplates & Checklists• Business Requirements Review• Project plan– Grid spreadsheet or MS Schedule to estimateproject costs• Kick-off presentation• Status Report• Minutes of meeting
  11. 11. Analyze Design Implement Test Hand over1 2 3 4 5 6DiscoverPhase 3 – DesignObjective• A solution designed around a client requirements and is capable of achieving client expectation in theagreed time, cost , quality and scheduleNo. Activity Role/sResponsibleDeliverable Comments1 Specify BusinessProcesses andArchitecturePM ,Tech.Consultant-Client – US.System overview andinterfacesOur delivery team to clarify from Client and thencreate a system overview and interfaces2 Specify input,output interfacesPM, TechnicalConsultantClient- US.Overview interfaces Our delivery team to detail out the input/outputrequirement and give an overview of interfaces3 Design userinterfacesPM, TechnicalConsultantInteractive Design If required4 Define entities PM, TechnicalConsultantDatabase design If required5 Define users androlesPM, TechnicalConsultantClient- USOverview users androlesThe client can specify the roles/users for theapplication and the India team to deliver theoverview of the users and roles6 Prepare test plan PM/Test Lead Test plan Our team to delivery a test plan for the testing tobe undertaken as part of delivery
  12. 12. Phase 3 – Tools, Templates & ChecklistsTools• MS OfficeTemplates & Checklists• Design• FD : Functional Design• TD :Technical Design• IDD : Interaction Design
  13. 13. Analyze Design Implement Test Hand over1 2 3 4 5 6DiscoverPhase 4 – ImplementObjective• To implement solution that is aligned with the client’s strategy, meets their business andfinancial requirements.No. Activity Role/sResponsibleDeliverable Comment1 System installation Delivery team Installed and configuredsystemAs per requirement specified and agreedwith the client.2 Setup databaseand preferencesDelivery team Database installed As per requirement specified and agreedwith the client.3 System Integration Delivery team Available Interfaces If required and as agreed with clientduring requirements/ design phases5 Load and convertdataDelivery team Data loaded into thesystemIf required and as agreed with clientduring requirements/ design phases
  14. 14. Phase 4 – Tools, Templates & ChecklistsTools• MS OfficeTemplates & Checklists• Installation & Configuration• Status Report
  15. 15. Analyze Design Implement Test Hand over1 2 3 4 5 6DiscoverPhase 5 – TestObjective• To let the End Users test & accept the developed solution and if necessary implement therequired changes.No. Activity Role/sResponsibleDeliverable Comment1 Test system Test Team Test report andanalysisDelivery team to do the testing andprepare the report2 Change control Delivery team Perform changes As the defects are raised the Deliveryteam to fix and manage change control3 User Acceptance Delivery teamClient -Formal decision tocontinueAgree with user upon the end of thisphase for sign-off and continuation todeploy and handover
  16. 16. Phase 5 – Tools, Templates & ChecklistsTools• MS OfficeTemplates & Checklists• Test Report
  17. 17. Analyze Design Implement Test Hand over1 2 3 4 5 6DiscoverPhase 6 – Hand overObjective• Deployment of the agreed solution as agreed with the user in the analyze and designphases.No. Activity Role/sResponsibleDeliverable Comment1 SysteminstallationDelivery team- Installed and configured livesystem2 Go live Delivery team- Daily use of the system3 Project audit& QualitycontrolDelivery team- Project Close & Sign-off PM to send Client intimation forclosure4 ClientSatisfactionSurveyAccount Mgr.- Report PM to send to Client a short survey tocapture the review comments andpoints.5 Hand over tosupportPM /TechnicalConsultant -Handover Sign-off The handover to the appropriate entityas agreed with the client
  18. 18. Phase 6 – Tools, Templates & ChecklistsTools• MS OfficeTemplates & Checklists• Installation & Configuration• Evaluation
  19. 19. Thanks !