California academy of Science: Case study


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A small case study of California academy of Science Museum in with a view of Sustainability Factors.

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California academy of Science: Case study

  1. 1. CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Case study: Sustainable Building Structure Gestión Medioambiental Professor: Auli Mellado Enric
  2. 2. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible • California Academy of sciences Building from late 1980 • Earthquake in 1989
  3. 3. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible • Renzo Piano • Universitat Politecnico de Milano • Renzo Piano Building Workshop Famous works: Centre Georges Pompidou, Parco del la Musica, Shard London Bridge, California Academy of Sciences, Kansai International Airport. Achievement: He is been appointed as SENATOR for life time for his outstanding cultural achievements by PRESIDENT OF ITALY.
  4. 4. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible Design & Idea of building Architect’s idea “ Was not only to make an Academy building but a building with a feel of Nature and Life in itself”
  5. 5. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible
  6. 6. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible
  7. 7. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible
  8. 8. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible
  9. 9. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible
  10. 10. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible
  11. 11. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible Materials Used California Academy of Sciences facts and figures: • 90% of all demolition materials were recycled • 32,000 tons of soil from foundation excavation applied to dune restoration projects in San Francisco • 95% of all steel used is from recycled sources • 15% fly ash (a recycled coal by-product), 35% slag in concrete • 50% of lumber harvested from Sustainable-yield forestry • 68% of insulation comes from recycled blue jeans • 30% less energy consumption than federal code requirement
  12. 12. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible Green Roof • Largest green roof with an area of 2.5 acres(1 Hectare) • Approximately 1.7 million plants in the blanket of living roof. • The native plants will provide habitat for a wide variety of wildlife & Biodiversity
  13. 13. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible • Bio degradable boxes used • Made from coconut husk pre arranged with plants . • 50,000 trays used with 6 inches of soil in it. • Approximately 1.7 million plants in the living roof which are native California plants.
  14. 14. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible Photovoltaic Cells • 60,000 Photovoltaic were used in canopy of building. • The multi-crystalline cells are the most energy efficient cells on the market, achieving at least 20% more efficiency compared to others. • supply almost 213,000 kWh of clean energy per year (at least 10% of the Academy’s energy needs). • And prevent the release of more than 405,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually.
  15. 15. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible Insulation Material Used • Rather than using typical fiberglass or foam-based insulation, they choose to use thick cotton batting made from recycled blue jeans as insulation material. • This material provides an organic alternative to formaldehyde-laden insulation materials. • It is also safer to handle, it is more easier to work with and doesn't require installers to wear protective clothing or respirators..
  16. 16. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible Heat & Humidity • An automated ventilation system takes advantage of the natural air currents to regulate the temperature of the building. • This building has been designed for passive ventilation.
  17. 17. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible Radiant Floor Heating • Tubes embedded in the concrete floor will carry hot water that warms the floor. • It will reduce the building’s energy need by an estimated 10% annually.
  18. 18. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible Warm air rises, and escapes through skylights ventilators
  19. 19. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible Natural Lighting • The expansive, floor-to-ceiling walls of glass will enable 90% of the building's interior offices to use lighting from natural sources. • The skylights are strategically placed to allow natural sunlight to reach the living rainforest and coral reef. • Sensor system with automated light dimming facility to reduce energy usage.
  20. 20. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible Water Efficiency • By absorbing rainwater, the new Academy’s living roof will prevent up to 3.6 million gallons of runoff from carrying pollutants into the ecosystem each year (about 98% of all storm water). • Saltwater for the aquarium will be piped in from the Pacific Ocean, minimizing the use of potable water for aquarium systems. • Reclaimed water from the City of San Francisco will be used to flush the toilets, reducing the use of potable water for wastewater conveyance by 90%. Transportation: • Local materials and products manufactured within 500 miles of the Academy will account for at least 20% of building materials. This reduces transportation impacts and supports the regional economy.
  21. 21. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible California Academy was awarded “Platinum” LEEDS Certification LEEDS • LEEDS - Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design • Choice of Materials, Water and Energy, Living Roof, Indoor Environment in all respective, Project has been awarded 82 points .
  22. 22. RenzoPiano’sArchitecture estructurasostenible