Groovy new web 2.0 tools


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These tools have been used (and found quite helpful) for teachers at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf.

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Groovy new web 2.0 tools

  1. 1. Groovy Web 2.0 Tools S@Y 3/17/12 Connie Gartner, Director of Instruction Wisconsin School for the Deaf
  2. 2. What is Web 2.0?It’s basically a large network of tools that connectpeople, ideas and resources in a global conversation.Not all websites are Web 2.0 sites. Here is whatmakes a Web 2.0 tool ...
  3. 3. Ease of content contribution – generally a “type” and“submit” interface with no specialized skills required toadd content.Ability to add comments.Ability to syndicate through RSS (Real SimpleSyndication)Community building through collaboration andcommunicationTagging (metadata)
  4. 4. What Web 2.0 isnt?a replacement for instruction or content
  5. 5. ●● Visually displays bookmarks● Check and see other teachers bookmarks and "mixes"
  6. 6. ●● create word pictures● analyze text
  7. 7. ●● create your own comic strip or collaborate with others and create one together
  8. 8. 2 minute turn n talk ...Symbaloo, Tagxedo & Toondoo ...Can you, or how can you use these in yourclassrooms?
  9. 9. ●● create mind maps
  10. 10. ●● create multi-media projects
  11. 11. ●● create original stories based on artwork
  12. 12. ●● create interactive timelines● use photos, vids, anything
  13. 13. 2 minute turn n talk, Glogster, Songbird & Dipity ...Think about a lesson youre going to teach nextweek. Name one website that could supportyour instruction.
  14. 14. ●● say goodbye to Powerpoints!
  15. 15. ●● set up instant polls so anyone can respond● free to set up, but responders might get "charged" per text
  16. 16. ●● prompts & replies
  17. 17. ●● create slick videos to share
  18. 18. ●● like Facebook, but better● use one account and create separate "circles"
  19. 19. www.edmoto.comits like Facebook for schools ...
  20. 20. ●● uses text or URLs to create codes
  21. 21. 2 minute turn n talkWhat is one website that your students can useto demonstrate learning?
  22. 22. Web 2.0 tool UsesPrezi Staff/students can use in place of PowerPointGlogster Staff/students can use this to create postersSymbaloo Staff/studentscan use this site to visually organize their bookmarksTagxedo Like, Wordle, staff/students can use this to analyze text or come up with visually interesting word pixturesToondoo Staff/students can create their own cartoonsBubbl Use this tool as a graphic organizer, or as a mind map for projectsGoogle +/edmoto For teachers, this site can be used to group students into "circles" (i.e. classes). You chose to share information with certain circlesStorybird A collaborative story creatorPoll Everywhere Instant polls with your cell phoneDipity Interactive timelines
  23. 23. What cool tools do you use?