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Technology presentation on The Very Hunger Caterpillar.

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  • This simple cycle created using Kidspiration demonstrates to students the life cycle of a butterfly. The illistrations help students gain a better understanding of the material.
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    1. 1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Life cycles Sunny Pacilio Spring 2014 Kindergarten Curriculum
    2. 2. Technology Integration - Rational • Teaching science concepts to young students can be challenging. The introduction of technology allows students to comprehend the material with ease. Students are able to make connections through interactive and engaging resources, which benefit differentiated learners. By including technology in the lesson construction students are able to attain a better understanding and get a diverse set of media to explore. • This presentation will exemplify alternative ways of teaching using technology. It will highlight exemplary websites and model lesson plans.
    3. 3. Internet Content • After reading the presentation “Internet Detectives Wise up to the Web” I feel confident all of the websites included in this presentation meet the criteria as being reliable. All material is intended to benefit the educational community.
    4. 4. Internet Integration - Blog This blog exemplifies a teacher taking her passion to new heights. She blogs every week, sharing new ideas and creative lesson designs and events that have occurred within her classroom. The archives of her blog are filled with templates, crafts, and organizational tips for teachers to use as ideas to build on. She also has a shop on teacher pay teachers where she sells her developed lessons that follow the common core criteria.
    5. 5. Internet Integration – Podcast s/2009/6/2_Butterfly-Dickerson.html By clicking the link above you are directed to a teachers interactive class blog. As a formative assessment she had her students design a recording explaining the life cycle stages of a butterfly.
    6. 6. Internet Integration – Youtube Please click on the link above to watch an interactive video on butterfly life cycles. The video can help to engage students by offering a different medium for them to connect to. Students can watch the video as a class on a projector or on the computer using head phones.
    7. 7. Internet Resource (1) • National Geographic is a great educational resource for teachers. Teachers need to take advantage of the free online information they provide to help build stimulating lesson plans. • n/activity/the-very-hungry-caterpillar-and-thebutterfly-life-cycle/?ar_a=1 • This link connects you to a video that follows along with “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” text. The cite gives directions on how to plan accordingly so students are able to follow along. • Directions, Objectives, preparation, background and vocabulary are laid out for the teacher to pick and chose what they are able to incorporate into their curriculum.
    8. 8. Internet Resource (2) This Interactive website is a great resource for teachers. It allows you to chose the subject that you intend to create a lesson for and then breaks the subject down into different categories for easy reference. After choosing a category there are many interactive websites and lesson resources to chose from.
    9. 9. Internet Resource (3) • This website allows students the freedom to explore the website through interactive games, experiments, and quizzes. The website also include lesson plans and project ideas for teacher to correlate with the topics of study.
    10. 10. Kidspiration
    11. 11. Teaching Materials (1) Life Cycle Flip Books Activity Age: 3-6 grade Purpose: Students will create a flip book that illustrates the growth and change of a plant or animal as it goes through its life cycle. This will familiarize students to life cycles and how they differ between living things.
    12. 12. Teaching Materials (2) This blogged accessed through Pinterest was created by a teacher. Following the Common Core State Standards she provides others with access to her creatively designed lesson. Included in the lesson are worksheets, printouts, assessment ideas, and educational games to help engage students learning. Teachers need to take advantage of the material others share to design lessons targeted towards all their students learning needs.
    13. 13. Teaching Materials (3) This worksheet found on Pinterest is a perfect instructional tool to help students understand the progressions on a butterflies life cycle. Pinterest offers hundreds of ideas for teachers to use in the classroom.
    14. 14. Teaching Materials (4) • This app available through the apple store is an educational science app for children. Targeted towards kindergarteners the app is age appropriates and engages children in educational aspect of technology.
    15. 15. Subject Specific Resource • Science NetLinks butterfly-1-observing-the-life-cycleof-a-butterfly/ • Provides teachers with a great lesson constructed to show students the different stages of life a butterfly. Included in the lesson are assessment ideas along with worksheet templates that teacher can use or expand on.
    16. 16. Use of the Internet (1) • The interactive Sandiego zoo website allow students to play games get involved in activities and learn about animals. The website has a section dedicated to butterflies. Children can learn about the different types of caterpillars and engage in making tissue paper butterflies to decorate the room with.
    17. 17. Use of the Internet (2) • This website allow for students to read books online. The book is presented in the same way as if they were holding it themselves. Each page flips and is shown with the illustrations and text. This is a useful site when teaching because students can gain access to books not available in the classroom, and better yet it is free to use.
    18. 18. Web 2.0 • Kido’z is a safe search engine that allows children to search the web without the fear of them finding inappropriate material. Titatok is an interactive website where teachers and students together can design a book that relates to the class lesson. This gives the students ownership of the material.
    19. 19. Slide Share