Anamika Ranjan-PD Task lo 1


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Anamika Ranjan-PD Task lo 1

  1. 1. Task LO-1 Define Personality?  Personality:- The WEBSTER’S THESAURUS states “personality” to mean “make up,disposition,nature,character and development” to mean “growth,ezpansion,progress,evolution,maturing”. Personality is made up of several factors and is judged by how an inindividual reacts to situations and people and what impression s are made upon people during and after the process of these interactions. Outward appearance alone is not a holistic approach to personality and nor can we call inner traits a complete personality. “Personality is the sum total of our outer personality and inner personality.” Outer personality helps us to be accepted, liked and loved. Inner qualities or traits make long lasting impressions and relationships helping us succeed and grow throughout our lives. Inner Traits are intricate and call for regular introspection to contribute to the growth and development of a personality.  Types Of Personality:- There are as many types of personalities as there are people on the earth . Each uniquely wonderful, some win, some loose, depending on how much they develop their personalities every day.  THE EXTROVERT:- Bold, Daring, Fun loving, always communicating first and attempting to be a “can do“ person.P.T.O.  THE INTROVERT:-
  2. 2. Reserved, shy and responding to communication with some persuasion, also a “can do” person but within closed doors. THE AMBIVERT:-A middle ground holder. Checks and acts, depending on the situation the person is incontent. THE POSITIVE:- Plus, charged, willing to take chances. Succeeds more often than fails and treats failure as a step towards success. THE NEGATIVE:- Negative, minus, rarely smiles, blames others instead of taking charge. We can understand personality with the above five categories although various combinations of the five exist to create even more categories. MY PERSONALITY:- I am positive, and extrovert type of person. I am fun loving and good communicator, as I can involve easily in any conversation.