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At Health Informatrix we have launched our first Newsletter. Please have a look and give you feedbacks. Let us know to maintain our quality about healthcare. If you are a Healthcare Professional and want to share your stuff with others write us today on newsletter@healthinformatrix.com.

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Feb Newsletter

  1. 1. Health Informatrix NewsletterVolume: 01Issue: 01Date: February 2011Issuer: Health InformatrixEmail: newsletter@healthinformatrix.comURL: www.healthinformatrix.com
  2. 2. FEB 2011 WWW.HEALTHINFORMATRIX.COM VOL. # ONE ISSUE #1 HEALTH INFORMATRIX We develop ideas to provide solutions to Healthcare Industry! At Health Informatrix, I want to thank you all of those who helped me making it possible to publish our first Newsletter. Many people ask from us, what Health Informatrix basically is? Health Informatrix basically is a vast diversion in which our vision is to merge with those Healthcare Professional who are actively working in the field of Health Informatrix. Here our struggle is simple yet unique. Our idea might be not new in the market but still we thought that there is a need of such ideas. At Health Informatrix there is only one vision. “To help Healthcare Industry.” In this we collaborate with different healthcare professional and move complicated projects towards Healthcare Professionals to get their ideas in order to solve the problems for the Healthcare Industry. Many of our colleagues raised a question that when Debunking EMR Myths there are lots of Consulting firms and other Healthcare Industries in the market than how Health Informatrix  All EMRs are same could claim that Health Informatrix has a unique Idea.  EMRs are a fad The answer is, YES. We are still unique.  Technology is the hard part We are not a consulting firm or a Healthcare firm. We  Software is expensive part are Healthcare Professionals. We are open for all those Healthcare professionals who want to help this  Computers interfere with patient industry. relationships In simple words Health Informatrix is a place where  Negative impact on Provider/ we collaborate together on client projects to ensure patient relationship that the Healthcare Community can continue to be a successful business while they focus on their primary objectives. How you like this first edition of Health Informatrix Newletter. Please send us your feedbacks on newsletter@healthinformatrix.com.
  3. 3. FEB 2011 WWW.HEALTHINFORMATRIX.COM VOL. # ONE ISSUE #1 s EHR Adoption A biggest challenge to adopt a technology to provide patient care. By: Atif G. Memon Healthcare IT Consultant Adopting a technology is never been so easy for any of the industry. With the advancement of today’s world 2010 played a vital role. US healthcare market made a remarkable achievement while making lots of problems for those who are not aware with this technology. In this regards, I made a survey “EMR VS EHR”, in order to gain the knowledge from EHR Adoption in United States of America healthcare providers and IT professionals. I was amazed that instead of such a huge advancement in the market, there is no any proper reason to adopt EMR technology. Some of the providers want EMR because of the incentives; some of them want to avoid any penalty by the Government. On the other hand EMR vendors are making such technology which is based on complicated system, making lots of problems for those caregivers who are already unaware about this system. In last months of 2010, there were conducted lots of seminars, webinars and conferences to understand the use of EMR but it never been into the right direction. While being into the market, I always use to find a solution and try to make ideas that how to make providers to facilitate in adoption of EMR, while they understand it to use. An EMR should be a self-dependent, that don’t need any further EMR Experts to use it. EMR should also be used as a secure asset of patient information that should only be shared between Caregiver and patient. I would prefer that if Statistics for EMR Adoption in 2009 & 2010. Healthcare IT Professionals works to minimize the complexity Source Navinet of EMR rather than making a hybrid solution, which would be easier to adopt for the providers. This will not only be helpful for the Industry but also for Caregivers to adopt this Technology. Statistics According to research at Navinet, Inc. Statistics is given below for Barriers to EMR Adoption. 2009 2010 We do not need it 21% 27% Cost 41% 49% It cannot integrate into our 7% 13% existing system Our workflow does not support 9% 20% EMR implementation Do not see ROI for our office 16% 26% Our Physician is not ready to N/A 46% pursue
  4. 4. FEB 2011 WWW.HEALTHINFORMATRIX.COM VOL. # ONE ISSUE #1 IN HEADLINE Short news about current Healthcare Updates Healthcare world in 1 line:  New Zealand companies take part in shaping future of Middle East healthcare  Health care fraud prevention and enforcement . efforts recover record $4 billion; new Affordable Care Act tools will help fight fraud.  MacPractice MD 4.1, SOAPware 2011, PatientKeeper 7.0, Convisint Docsite get meaningful use certified.  Registration for the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Program opens on January 3, 2011.  Medicare issues first EHR payments to two Oklahoma Doctors for Use of EHR. EHRs alone dont improve care Dr. Susan Thomas Healthcare vendors gets Certified for Meaningful Health IT Consultant use of EMR. Augusta, Maine This month Top rated EHRs. This research makes sense. The authors mention a lack of training as a probable cause, but I say that is only part of the problem. Implementing an electronic health- Over 100 Physicians record system alone does not improve care. - Allscripts Enterprise EHR - Cerner Millennium PowerChart Improving processes improve care. I have seen an EHR 26-100 Physicians used as a finely tuned tool that helps physicians save - Allscripts Professional EHR lives and keep patients healthier longer. I have seen - Allscripts Enterprise EHR EHR use as a glorified word processor, bogging down 6-25 Physicians care and causing critical information to be overlooked. - Allscripts Professional EHR Or, yes, as an E&M coder to collect bullets for billing, - Allscripts Misys EHR as a reader suggests here. National policy must not 2-5 Physicians simply reward for implementing technology, but for - AdvancedMD AdvancedMD EHR revolutionizing the way we practice. Lets keep our - Allscripts Professional HER eyes on the prize: improved care for all. Source: KLAS Performance Ratings
  5. 5. FEB 2011 WWW.HEALTHINFORMATRIX.COM VOL. # ONE ISSUE #1 HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS ABOUT HEALTH INFORMATRIX Health Informatrix is a resourceful means for my business to keep up to date with the continuous changes imposed by the Healthcare industry. It is noteworthy that Health Informatrix is providing us with excellent up to date knowledge about the fundamental changes undergone by health care in 2011. I am always looking forward for the next publication. Jenny Trujillo JenTru Billing Service Special Thanks to: PLACE TEXT OR LOGO HERE I would like to thank all of you for your kind support at Health Informatrix. I convey my special thanks to JenTru, iTack & Our best endorsement for our services eClinicAssist for their help in making possible is your testimonial. The greatest honor of 1st Newsletter. I encourage to all young to our struggle is your referral. Healthcare Professionals to contribute on a platform of Health Informatrix to share ideas Do you want to become sponsor? in today’s world. Write us today... - Moderator Subscribe to get your electronic copy of Health Health Informatrix Informatrix for free today! Email at: newsletter@healthinformatrix.com WWW.HEALTHINFORMATRIX.COM