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Unica Next Generation Web Analytic

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Unica wp next generation_web analytics1109

  1. 1. White PaPer Next-Generation Web Analytics Unica® NetInsight® is a next-generation web analytics solution designed from the ground up to meet the full range of online analysis UniCa’S aPProaCh to WeB analYtiCS requirements for business today. NetInsight features a fundamentally iS DiFFerent different, and dramatically simpler, approach to collecting the data Unica’s approach to web analytics is unique in its ability to needed to understand online visitor behavior, while providing unpar- deliver business value. Why? Five fundamental reasons: alleled flexibility for reporting and analysis. The result is a compre- 1. Data collection approach: The NetInsight architec- hensive solution that is easy to implement, use, maintain, adapt, and ture cleanly separates data collection from reporting extend to support evolving business needs. and analysis giving the business unparalleled flex- In contrast, traditional web analytics products were designed and ibility while minimizing maintenance costs. optimized for aggregate web traffic analysis. They are inflexible, 2. Flexible and open data architecture: NetInsight is expensive to maintain, and only address a subset of today’s busi- powered by a highly flexible and open data archi- ness requirements – often through a patchwork of add-on product tecture enabling the business to create unlimited extensions and wholly separate modules. reports (at no additional cost), drill into every metric to validate its accuracy, and easily extend the product Data ColleCtion aPProaCh to integrate with other data sources. The NetInsight architecture cleanly separates data collection from 3. “Democratized” access to web analysis: Net- reporting and analysis. Insight’s powerful role-based interface gives business • other products rely on hard-coded page tags that require the flexibility to empower application users with the marketers to decide up-front what site goals they want to track, right level of access and functionality to match their what visitor segments they want to distinguish, and even how skill set. With NetInsight, there is no need to purchase they want to analyze the data. The problem? Business is not different applications to support different user skillsets. static so it’s impossible to define all of these things ahead of 4. Differentiated delivery approach: NetInsight is avail- time. Every analytical marketing process requires flexibility: flex- able on-demand or can run in your data center. Same ibility to capture more or different data and flexibility to analyze product, your choice. the data at varying levels of depth. The maintenance cost of re- 5. Part of a holistic marketing suite: Unica is – and tagging is high. It is complex, error prone, and slows down the has always been – a marketing solutions company pace of business change. focused on helping clients succeed with data-driven • netinsight leverages a “soft-tagging” approach that requires marketing technology solutions. fewer up-front decisions, less up-front work, and dramatically less maintenance over time as business needs change. The tag is only 10.5K. Why does this matter? Two reasons: (1) the tag doesn’t slow down the page; (2) less data is lost when visitors navigate away from a page before it is fully loaded. Furthermore, the job of the tag is solely to collect data, not to define analysisWeb analytics is evolving rapidly as companies recognize that online structure. With NetInsight, business users specify how they wantbehavioral data is a mission-critical asset that businesses can lever- to analyze and report on the data through the application. Thisage to increase revenue, improve results, and deliver differentiated approach dramatically increases business flexibility by givingcustomer experiences. As such, web behavioral data must be man- marketers the freedom to change their analysis requirementsaged much like any other critical business data. A deep understanding without the need to re-tag. Furthermore, when key businessof this natural market progression and the experience of being the metrics change marketers can reassess the business historicallyleader in helping clients deliver marketing results with data-driven through the new lens. Other products can only look forward.marketing technology solutions defines Unica’s approach to webanalytics and sets Unica apart from the competition.Unica Corporation | www.unica.com 1
  2. 2. example: Why Separating Data Collection and Data These steps can be daunting and can take time. What’s more, if analysis Makes Sense answers to the identified questions result in new questions – as All web analytics products require deploying at least basic is virtually always the case in marketing analysis — the process page tags during implementation while additional tagging is must start all over again. Our customers and prospects tell us needed for client side events such as shopping cart activity. Yet that, often, important changes simply don’t get done. traditional web analytics products unnecessarily intertwine data collection and data analysis. Unica netinsight Cleanly Separates Data Collection from analysis Suppose that a car manufacturer wants to learn more about By separating data collection from analysis as much as possible, visitors that are browsing new hybrid car models on their site. Unica NetInsight eliminates the multi-step process. In the same Some solutions require customers to work through several steps example, the car manufacturer would answer its questions involving many people from business to IT. about paid keywords relating to hybrid car models by accessing the application and simply: 1. Identify the questions that will be asked about hybrid models (e.g. what keywords bring visitors to the site). 2. Determine, with a skilled web analytics programmer, 1. Selecting the search keyword report. how these questions translate into custom tag coding 2. Dragging and dropping data filters to restrict the report to requirements. visitors that viewed pages related to hybrid car models 3. Schedule a web developer to customize the existing tags during their sessions. on all relevant pages. The tag may require a hard coded That’s it! Marketers get instant answers to brand new questions flag similar to the example below in order to define the on historical data. Additionally, to drill down into further detail segment of interest. about referrers, entry and exit pages, or visitor details, users 4. Test the modified web pages before releasing them into simply drill to those reports. Changing the analysis to answer production on the site. questions about convertible cars is just as easy and a few more 5. Enable correlation reporting for the new custom variables clicks away. NetInsight customers rave about how much time related to hybrid cars. they save and how many more opportunities they can investi- 6. Negotiate payment terms and ensure budget availabil- gate with NetInsight’s ability to apply new questions to ity if the allotted number of correlation reports has been historical data. exceeded. 7. Wait several days for enough data to accumulate in order to perform the analysis. 8. Perform the analysis about hybrid cars that they specified in step one (e.g. keywords used by visitors).Unica Corporation | www.unica.com 2
  3. 3. FlexiBle anD oPen Data arChiteCtUreNetInsight is powered by a highly flexible and open data architecture. example: Why traditional Web analytics Products Don’t Provide enough Depth• traditional products were designed to capture and Assume you are a bank with a customer service oriented aggregate web traffic. In essence, buyers get a black box that web site. Web analytics products that pre-aggregate can provides no capability for users to drill into and analyze the data, help understand success with activities like registrations much less audit the accuracy of the reported metrics. As busi- or popular self-service processes. But, they can’t help you ness requirements matured in recent years, other vendors added or acquired separate products to deliver drill-down capabilities answer questions like: and accommodate changing business expectations. The result? • How many customers that used the site for self-service It is common for companies to have multiple products from a were really able to avoid a call to the customer service single vendor each giving different answers to the same ques- line within the next 48 hours? tion! The lack of a single, open approach to data management • How do customers in various lifecycle stages or value also means that traditional solutions are not sufficiently exten- segments use the site differently from each other so that sible. Again, companies are forced to buy separate products that enhancements can be prioritized for the most valuable often require expensive custom services projects that delay time clients? to value.• netinsight is a single application built around an open data Simply put, traditional web analytics solutions don’t capture architecture ensuring a high degree of certainty on all analyses the granular information or possess the integration capa- and providing a strong core for data integration and extension. bilities necessary to answer these kinds of vital business In stark contrast to most industry competitors, NetInsight is fully questions. auditable allowing users to drill down to every single click that supports any number or metric. Because NetInsight stores data Unica Facilitates an integrated View of Click and at an atomic level of detail, there’s no limit – or additional charg- Customer insights es – on the number of segments, reports, metrics, or dimensions With NetInsight, atomic level data is captured and stored by for analysis. What’s more, NetInsight’s built-in ability to extend default. What’s more, NetInsight’s open and extensible data data and facilitate limitless slicing and dicing within a single, architecture makes it easy to extend the product to integrate role-based interface provides businesses with the ultimate level other data sources required to answer complex multi-chan- of flexibility – all in a single product. nel questions. Analysts can even reproduce the behavior of individual visitors in the event of a dispute or audit any metric by breaking it into the detailed data that make up the total result.Unica Corporation | www.unica.com 3
  4. 4. “DeMoCratiZeD” aCCeSS to WeB analYSiSNetInsight extends self-service access to personalized metrics example: how other Web analytics Products Createbeyond the core web analytics team via a powerful, role-based Unnecessary Barriersapplication interface. Marketers responsible for demand-generation need to un- derstand the quality of visitors attracted to their site by their• the primary reporting applications offered by many vendors various search, ad, and email campaigns. While it is easy to are too static for business users to answer their own questions. get reports on how many campaign visitors arrived on the At the same time, power user modules are too complicated to site and whether they converted, few marketers can answer be used outside the core web analytics team. To compensate, questions like: web analytics teams spend much of their time handling reporting requests for business users who must wait in line for their re- • What happened with visitors that didn’t convert quests to be processed. The result of this all too familiar analysis right away? cycle? Business decisions are often stalled or delayed. Worse • What pages did campaign visitors view? yet, key decisions are made on gut feel without the appropriate analysis to back them up. • Which on-site videos did they watch?• netinsight balances usability with powerful self-service • Did they download any PDF documents? capabilities enabling casual users to iteratively ask questions • Where did they get lost? and get answers. The application provides the capability to define different user roles that have access to skill-level With the main reporting modules of other web analytics appropriate subsets of reports, metrics, application functionality, products, these questions are out of reach unless the and depth of data. As a business user’s proficiency increases metrics are previously defined and incorporated into page additional capabilities can be authorized as needed. tags. Yes, other vendors offer power user modules. But these modules come for an additional fee and they are not designed for business users. So marketers have to stand in line while highly skilled power users get answers. As most marketers have experienced at one point or another, this process can be inefficient and frustrating. Unica opens access to Web analysis NetInsight’s user interface is suitable for all users—power users and business users alike. To answer questions like those above, business users simply go to the ad cam- paign reports and drag and drop filters to understand how many campaign visitors viewed certain pages, videos, or PDF docu- ments. More advanced users can also obtain access to report wizards to add new calcu- lated metrics (e.g. the percentage of visitors who viewed videos).Unica Corporation | www.unica.com 4
  5. 5. a DiFFerentiateD DeliVerY aPProaChNetInsight is available as on-demand or enterprise software, example: the Power of Flexibilitywith flexible deployment options, and access to deep technical No matter how intuitive the design of a web analyticsexpertise right on the front line. product, questions still arise. • Few web analytics vendors offer flexible deployment • How should the site be tagged to collect certain data (e.g. for options or the ability to shift the delivery model over time tracking video usage or measuring mobile devices)? with the same product. In addition, other products fail to • How should a report be configured to answer certain facilitate data integration or integration with other applica- questions (e.g. on engagement metrics)? tions and systems within the enterprise. • Unica offers the flexibility to grow with the changing Yet with many web analytics products, answers are only available needs of the business. Business needs mandate how web after paying hefty consulting fees. Since most companies shy analytics should be deployed. Available on-demand or as away from paying fees up front, business users often find them- enterprise software, NetInsight enables businesses to make selves stuck with nobody to answer their questions. the choice that is right for them. Since NetInsight collects In other cases, marketers may reach a point of maturity with data in an open relational database, on-premise customers web analytics where the data need to be so tightly integrated with get the additional benefit of an out-of-the box web behavior in-house CRM or customer database systems that a nightly data data mart for enterprise-wide usage – eliminating the need feed is not timely enough to meet business needs. At this point, to extract data from the web analytics solution and build a new data mart in order to integrate web data into other en- some companies decide that it makes sense to migrate the web terprise applications. Unica’s approach to customer service analytics solution in house. Unfortunately, with other web analyt- is also unique, providing customers with direct access to ics products, on-demand and enterprise software deployment skilled engineers for guidance and advice on the product – modules are often incompatible or unavailable. all at no extra charge. Unica Provides answers to Questions and Choices for integration Unica NetInsight is available on-demand or customers can choose to run the software in their own data center. NetInsight OnDemand and the enterprise software editions are both available and 100% compatible. Customers wishing to bring NetInsight’s open data mart in-house can do so by migrating from one deployment model to the other. What’s more, custom- ers that make the shift can bring along all their accumulated data, reports, and metrics. With Unica NetInsight OnDemand, technical help is included with the service by default. Customers have direct access to guidance and advice instead of gated access through sales people. Finally, a simple, customer-friendly pricing model seeks to provide a single price, avoiding a long list of add-on fees.Unica Corporation | www.unica.com 5
  6. 6. Part oF a holiStiC Marketing SUiteUnica is – and has always been – a marketing solutions company. example: the Value of the Marketing Solutions legacy Most web analytics providers have been transitioning from• Most web analytics vendors got their start in web traffic reporting and analysis pure plays over the last couple of analysis. The same legacy that has resulted in an architec- years and acquiring or introducing solutions that leverage ture that only supports aggregate traffic counts yields similar expertise. Traditional web analytics vendors have only recently web data to execute marketing activities. Some are even go- shifted their messaging – and their product focus – from merely ing so far as to position their suite of products as marketing reporting the numbers, to providing capabilities that marketers, suites. Peel back the covers just a bit, however, and it’s clear not analysts, can leverage to truly impact the business. Today, that the core web analytics application is the centerpiece traditional web analytics providers offer, at best, point solu- of these vendors’ suite vision, with point solution add-on tions that help marketers leverage insight from their products to modules enabling discrete marketing execution functions. execute marketing activities. Furthermore, the impact of the suite is only focused on the• Unica is a marketing solutions company with a long and early stages of the customer lifecycle—demand creation unparalleled history of helping marketing organizations improve through conversion. business results with data-driven marketing technology solu- This is not enough for most marketers. This limited focus tions and best practices. As a flagship offering within Unica’s neglects the lifecycle stages that include on-boarding, cus- Enterprise and OnDemand product lines, NetInsight enables tomer experience management, and customer value man- Unica customers to leverage the insight they gain directly into agement (including up-sell and cross-sell, attrition detection their customer marketing programs and visitor interactions. Only and retention marketing, and win-back). These activities are Unica truly offers a comprehensive interactive marketing solu- critical to marketing, yet largely ignored by web analytics tion enabling companies to engage customers, prospects, and vendors that claim to offer marketing suites. anonymous web visitors in an interactive cross-channel dialog. Unica offers the Most Comprehensive Marketing Suite available life Cycle Marketer’s initiatives Driven by Stage goal Personal Web analytics While no suite does absolutely everything that a marketer Web traffic analysis Solutions can dream up, Unica offers the most comprehensive and Suspects complete marketing suite available on the market today. (anonymous Attract Ad Optimization site visitors) Unica helps marketers struggling to make the shift to interactive marketing and conquer the inbound-outbound, holistic Marketing Solution Prospects online-offline, anytime-real-time world that has become a Site Optimization (registered Engage & Targeting reality. Unica’s OnDemand and Enterprise products enable visitors) marketers (when they are ready) to extend web analytics new Lead Nurturing Convert to customer analytics, customize marketing messages in Customers & Re-Marketing both outbound and inbound channels, and more effectively high-Value On-Boarding and Cross-, Up- Value integrate their activities with marketing management and Customers & Repeat Sales Marketing collaboration tools. at-risk Retain & & Former Retention Marketing Win Back CustomersUnica Corporation | www.unica.com 6
  7. 7. aBoUt UniCaUnica Corporation (NASDAQ: UNCA) is the recognized leader inmarketing software solutions. Unica’s advanced set of enterprisemarketing management and on-demand marketing solutionsempowers organizations and individuals to turn their passion formarketing into valuable customer relationships and more profit-able, timely, and measurable business outcomes. These solutionsintegrate and streamline all aspects of online and offline marketing.Unica’s unique interactive marketing approach incorporates cus-tomer analytics and web analytics, centralized decisioning, cross-channel execution, and integrated marketing operations. More than1,000 organizations worldwide depend on Unica for their marketingmanagement solutions.Unica is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts with officesaround the globe. For more information, visit www.unica.com. Unica Corporation Worldwide Headquarters Unica and NetInsight are registered trademarks Reservoir Place North of Unica Corporation with the U.S. Patent and 170 Tracer Lane Trade mark Office. The Unica logo and MARKET- Waltham, MA 02451 ING SUCCESS STARTS WITH U are trademarks USA of Unica Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. t +1.781.839.8000 F +1.781.890.0012 WP-NGWA-0909-PDF e unica@unica.com © Unica Corporation, 2009. All rights reserved. www.unica.comUnica Corporation | www.unica.com 7