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The 90's


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The 90's

  1. 1. The Starting Of The 2ndGeneration of Disney• In 1984, Michael Eisner became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at The Walt Disney Company, Eisner brought Katzenberg with him to take charge of Disney’s motion picture division.• Katzenberg also sealed the deal that created the highly successful partnership between Pixar and Disney and the deal that brought Miramax Films into Disney. Jeffrey Katzenberg
  2. 2. • the first feature-length film • the first animated film to be animated entirely by computer. nominated for an Academy• Gross: $354,300,000 (Worldwide) Award for Best Picture • Gross: $347,900,000 (Worldwide)
  3. 3. Why did Katzenberg leave Disney?• When Eisner’s second in command, He refused to promote Katzenberg to the position of president. This led to the falling out between the two executives, and Katzenberg left the company in September, 1994.• He launched a lawsuit against Disney to recover money he felt he was owed and settled out of court for an estimated $250 million• In 1994, Katzenberg became the CEO of DreamWorks Animation.