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90's film

  1. 1. 90’s Era
  2. 2. Mob Films in the 90’s Oscar Buendia
  3. 3. Goodfellas • Stellar Cast • Based of real life events • One of my favorite films
  4. 4. Casino• Great Acting• Also based on real life events• Robert DeNiro• Joe Pesci
  5. 5. A Bronx Tale • One of my favorite films of all time • Great Story • Directed by Robert DeNiro • Robert DeNiro also acted
  6. 6. Notable Films of the Era• Pulp Fiction• Godfather Part 3• Reservoir Dogs
  7. 7. TITANIC 1997• Directed by: James Cameron• Produced by: James Cameron & Jon Landau• Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet• Editing by: James Cameron, Conrad Buff, and Richard A. Harris• Release Date: November 1st 1997 (Tokyo International Film Festival)• December 19th 1997 (United States)• Budget: $200 million• Box office: $2,122,580,226
  8. 8. Main Characters• Leonardo Dicaprio played as Jack Dawson: Cameron said he needed the cast to feel as though they were really on the Titanic, relive its liveliness, and "to take that energy and give it to Jack, hes an artist who is able to have his heart soar".Within the film, Jack is portrayed as a penniless man.
  9. 9. Kate Winslet• Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater/: Cameron said Winslet "had the thing that you look for" and that there was "a quality in her face, in her eyes," that he "just knew people would be ready to go the distance with her". Rose is a 17-year-old girl, originally from Philadelphia , who is forced into an engagement to 30-year-old Cal Hockley so she and her mother, Ruth, can maintain their high-class status after her fathers death had left the family debt-ridden. Rose boards the RMS Titanic with Cal and Ruth, as a first-class passenger, and meets Jack. Winslet said of her character, "She has got a lot to give, and shes got a very open heart. And she wants to explore and adventure the world, but she [feels] thats not going to happen."
  10. 10. Plot• On April 10th 1912, the Titanic ship sailed for the very first time. Of the passengers there was 17-year-old first class passenger Rose and her fiancé Cal. Cal was as rich as Rose and her family was, but her family has secret financial issues. Rose is not in love with Cal and does not want to marry him, but her mother is dependent on her because marrying Cal will help pay for their financial problems.• Rose attempts to commit suicide by jumping off the ship until Jack Dawson saves her life. Jack Dawson was a third class passenger who won his cruise tickets by playing a card game. Rose and Jack begin to fall in love and Cal starts to realize it. Cal forbids Rose to spend anymore time with Jack but she continues to do so.• On April 14th 1912, the Titanic hits an iceberg and begins to sink. Jack and Rose are together in the water when Jack sinks and dies right in front of her. There were 2,223 passengers in total, 1,514 died, and 710 survived. The film shows flashbacks of Rose telling her story, 84 years later.
  11. 11. TitanicAgainst expectations, the film went on tobecome the highest-grossing film to date (itwas surpassed in 2010 by Cameronsdirectorial follow-up, Avatar), grossing morethan US$ 1.843 billion in box-office receiptsworldwide, and transformed DiCaprio into acommercial movie superstar, resulting in fanworship among teenage girls and youngwomen in general that became known as"Leo-Mania." He was nominated for most ofthe high-profile awards, including a secondGolden Globe nomination. Upon the successof Titanic, DiCaprio stated in 2000: "I have noconnection with me during that whole Titanicphenomenon and what my face becamearound the world [...] Ill never reach that stateof popularity again, and I dont expect to. Itsnot something Im going to try to achieveeither."
  12. 12. Directed : Steven Spielberg Jurassic Park (1993)Released: Universal StudiosStarring: Sam Neill, JeffGoldblum, and Laura DernScreenplay: Michael Crichton,author of the NY Times BestSelling novel of the same name.Winner of 3 Academy Awards:Best Sound Effects Editing, BestVisual Effects, Best SoundBudget: $63 millionBox Office: $914 million
  13. 13. DNA and Its PossibilitiesIn the film, DNA was The OJ Simpson murder trial,extracted from a mosquito which happened right aftertrapped in amber whichdrank blood of the dinosaurs. the movie came out, broughtThis allowed scientists to DNA to the collectiveclone them. conscientiousness.
  14. 14. S o H ow D o Yo uBuild aDinosaur?•All the dinosaurs werecreated by Industrial Lightand Magic•Large models were built andthen scanned into computerswith a laser.•Advanced computerprograms animated thecreatures. The advancementof computers throughout the1990s made “Jurassic Park”possible.
  15. 15. Sources• BibliographyInternational Movie Database. Jurassic Park. 2011. <http://www.imdb.com>.Jurassic Park. Dir. Steven Spielberg. 1993.Oracle ThinkQuest Education Foundation. "Jurassic Park." 1996. Computer Effects: Creatures, Jurassic Park. <http://library.thinkquest.org/3496/zjurassic.html>.
  16. 16. Selena
  17. 17. The Queen of Tejano Music• Jennifer Lopez as SelenaConstance Marie as Marcella QuintanillaJon Seda as Chris PerezEdward James Olmos as Abraham Quintanilla Jr.• The movie was a huge success in the Hispanic Market. Box office: $35,450,113
  18. 18. Selennaaassss• Popularized Selena’s music in the American markets. Everyone now knew Selena and Jennifer Lopez.• Selena sung most of the songs that appeared in the film. Jlo lips sung.• Movies based on a person’s life is mostly more about the acting than anything else.• The actors, with the help of the Quintanilla family, were able to study each of their characters and accurately portray them in the film.• The movie makers were very good at making montages and making them flow.• Bidi Bidi Bom Bom
  19. 19. Jennifer Lopez: The Break Out Star• Many did not want her to portray Selena because of her Puerto Rican descent.• Lopez began a successful acting and signing career after this film. Critics have noted as this being one of Lopez’ best acting performances.• She learned from the Quintanilla family on how to portray the Tejano singer.• She studied Selena’s mannerisms when she performs. She even learned a trick Selena did with her lips while performing.
  20. 20. And that’s Selena
  21. 21. The Year 1999• Napster debuts• Kid Rock and Ricky Martin are popular music icons• Pokemon and Harry Potter are popular• The internet is becoming more advanced and popular• The world fears Y2K
  22. 22. The Matrix• Directed by The Wachowski Brothers• Debuted March 31, 1999• Stars Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie- Anne Moss, and Hugo Weaving• Won 4 Oscars in 2000, including Best Visual Effects• Focused on an important event of the time: Y2K and the internet becoming more popular
  23. 23. Special Effects• Main actors spent 4 months in martial arts training• The famous Bullet Time sequence, where Neo dodges the bullets, was created through a combination of still photography and computer graphics• Fight scenes sometimes took ten days over schedule to complete shooting• Opening scene took $10 million to shoot• Wachowski Brothers wrote 14 drafts of the screenplay
  24. 24. The Starting Of The 2 nd Generation of Disney• In 1984, Michael Eisner became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at The Walt Disney Company, Eisner brought Katzenberg with him to take charge of Disney’s motion picture division.• Katzenberg also sealed the deal that created the highly successful partnership between Pixar and Disney and the deal that brought Miramax Films into Disney.
  25. 25. The Starting Of The2nd Generation ofDisney• In 1984, Michael Eisner became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at The Walt Disney Company, Eisner brought Katzenberg with him to take charge of Disney’s motion picture division.• Katzenberg also sealed the deal that created the highly successful partnership between Pixar and Disney and the deal that brought Miramax Films into Disney. Jeffrey Katzenberg
  26. 26. Some of the first….• the first feature-length film • the first animated film to be animated entirely by nominated for an Academy computer. Award for Best Picture• Gross: $354,300,000 • Gross: $347,900,000 (Worldwide) (Worldwide)
  27. 27. Why did Katzenberg leave Disney?• When Eisner’s second in command, He refused to promote Katzenberg to the position of president. This led to the falling out between the two executives, and Katzenberg left the company in September, 1994.• He launched a lawsuit against Disney to recover money he felt he was owed and settled out of court for an estimated $250 million• In 1994, Katzenberg became the CEO of DreamWorks Animation.