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Just us file


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Published in: Technology
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Just us file

  2. 2. Just us! People and the planet before profits• Was set up in 1995 as the first Fair Trade Coffee Roaster in Canada.• Wanted to connect with organic coffee farmers and consumers in Atlantic Canada and beyond.• Aimed at diversifying into sugar, chocolates and tea but their values were to remain the same.• They not only wanted to support the local community but offer them a fair price for their product.• Well known for its superior products and for its social and environmental activism.
  3. 3. JUDES• Established in 2006 as a separate not for profit organization by Just Us!• Sold fair trade and organic certified products.• Involved local community in the fair trade movement.• Raised awareness about the benefits of fair trade.• Strengthens relationship between producers and consumers by conducting lectures and exhibitions.• As a part of it educational mission it came up with its Community Based Tourism idea.
  4. 4. Community Based TourismObjective: Low environmental impact and high local community benefits.1.Tourists were invited to visit local communities and were provided with overnight room and board.2.Allowed participants to increase their knowledge of local traditions, heritage along with the conservation of resources and cultures.3.For this CBT program, they had a three-way partnership with UCIRI and the Chayotepec community.4.They were together working towards community based tourism activities.5.The goals were to help the community diversify its income, promote conservation and provide jobs for the locals
  5. 5. Ethical Principles used in the CBT design :• Transparency• Commitment to Human Rights and Non Violence• Fair Payment• Empowerment• Community Enhancement• Direct Trade• Environmental Responsibility• Quality
  6. 6. Challenges• Meeting environmental guidelines was difficult.• As a non-profit organization Judes was facing problems in getting credit cards issued and thereby making transactions very complex.• Also they were supposed to organize two trips in the year 2009 but only one really took place. This means that they were not able to implement their CBT plans effectively.
  7. 7. Suggestions• Conduct more awareness programs such as lectures and exhibitions.• They can involve the locals to produce handicrafts and offer them to the tourists.• They should continue to brief the tourists about the issues of littering a using plastic bottles. The waste should be cleared at regular intervals and recycled.
  8. 8. THANK YOU