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My star


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A lovely poem of love, dedicated to the true love

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My star

  1. 1. MY STAR
  2. 2. Twinkle Twinkle little star How I wonder what you are Star Star Star A multitude of stars Stars are very far I have found my star My star is very bright That makes my face alight
  3. 3. Watching my star is a pleasure Which I would like to treasure My star is beautiful Making others cheerful My star is full of smile Making star my desire My star is like a dove Who is perfect for my love
  4. 4. My star is beautiful to watch But I feel it’s out of my reach I see my star everywhere My heart is craving for her I tried to reach just To get some stardust Hoping to gain I jumped in vain
  5. 5. My star is very near But still it is very far My star is shining in the sky I hope I had wings to fly If I get the star in my hands I may feel as the luckiest man on the lands My star will remain in my heart forever Wherever the star may go, far or near.