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Let's playplanet introduction

  1. 1. playgound for sharing experiencesplayplanet is a global community of people rocking on a journey.This platform is a playground for travelers that any peoplefrom any where can share authentic experiences and localwisdom with others and create social impact.playplanet connects travelers who are looking for authenticlocal experiences and locals who can provide it.
  2. 2. Life changing trip for everyone.Lets play planet.playplanet has awesome friends- like social enterprises andfoundations and companies andcreative and passionate individuals- over the world.We aims to build globalcommunity for travelers who carefor our planet earth by connectingpeople and providing bettersustainable travel tool to make adifference on our journey. : playplanet partners and communities
  3. 3. How can we travel better for us and better for the earth?playplanet starts its journey from the question and finds theanswer in sustainable travel. When we travel with local people,we can see the world in the eye of local friends and its the bestway of sustainable traveling which benefits local community,protects environment, and conserve local culture.Connect. Inspire. Change.playplanet believes that travel has power to changes one’s life orthe whole world by connecting locals and travelers. Travelexperience inspires people and these inspiration becomes seedsfor personal innovation changing one’s minds and behavior andleads innovation changing the world.
  4. 4. Change the way you travel: travel with locals & play social changeMeet localsNo one can be a better guide like locals. Go beyond what a tourist cango and enjoy the things only locals can know.Unigue experienceMemorable experience cant be mass-produced. Exploring anexperience that is right just for you and your like-minded friends.Make impactWe believe travel is an engaging and inspiring activity that only makean impact on yourself but also local communities around the world.
  5. 5. Tavel for changeBe an explorer !Explore the awesome planet.Discover authentic activities providedby talented local hosts.Find unique activities, book itand meet like-minded people.Book best activities. You will getconfirmation from local hosts. Go andmeet like minded people and have fun!Have fun and play socialimpact on your journey!You can create social impact with oursustainable travel guideline and impactmeasurement to make a difference.
  6. 6. Tavel for changeBe a host !Post your expericnceCreate your own authentic experienceswith local knowledge and local wisdomand your passion.ShareInvite friends, organize it at a time thatworks best for you and get paid for it.Have fun and play socialimpact on your journey!You can create social impact with oursustainable travel guideline and impactmeasurement to make a difference.
  7. 7. Three ways to rock with playplanet1) For private groups Organize your private experience at a time that works best for you - club activities, party, family & friends gathering2) For companies and organizations Get outside the office. find unique experience. build your teamwork. - workshop, community event, CSR3) Consulting Design your life-changing experience - holiday, family travel, youth camp, SE(social enterprise) tour, honeymoon
  8. 8. play for social changeLets... Lets... Lets...encourage young support local social collaborativelypeople have micro- and environmental engage socialentrepreneurship to project to build entrepreneurs forcreate alternative infrastructure for creative problemjob through travel sustainable tourism solving on a travel
  9. 9. play for social changeProtect Bohol Islandwith the enthusiastic cool local guysTravel with a cause- endanger animal conservation- marine conservation- coral friendly scuba diving tour- environmental education and training- local community business project
  10. 10. playplanet isplaygound for sharing experiencesplayplanet is creating, sharing, improving-together.This is the beginning of a new platform-a new way oftraveling for changemakers to create and share bettersustainable travel and make the world better.playplanet creatively and collaboratively engage travelersand locals by sharing authentic experiences and creatingsocial impact. Travel is
  11. 11. So if you are a person who wants to meet real local friends and have make the world better on your journey, join us! Lets playplanet!http://www.letsplayplanet.comhttp://blog.letsplayplanet.comhttp://www.facebook.com/we.playplanetletsplayplanet@gmail.com