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How to transfer music from ipod to ipod


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How to transfer music from ipod to ipod

  1. 1. All rights reserved—— How to Transfer Music from iPod to iPod?How to get music from iPod to iPod, transfer music from iPod to iPod ? We could notdo it by iTunes, so we need to ask a third-party program to for help. There are manyprograms on the Internet, we need to choose a suitable one to transfer music fromiPod to iPod.iPod to iPod/Computer Transfer is specially designed for this task that makes theiPod to iPod music transferring pretty handy and fast.Please make sure that your iTunes is closed when you use this iPod to ComputerTransfer software.Step 1. Run the software, and Connect the iPods via USB cable. Both iPods will bedetected immediately, and all th e contents of iPods are displayed in the left device listas below.Step 2. Open the library/playlist that you want to export files. Pick the files that youneed to transfer.
  2. 2. All rights reserved—— 3. Click it will show you the folder of another iPod that you want totransfer to. Click OK. The transfer can be finished automatically.The software will operate automatically, you can have a cup of tea. After the processfinished, you would be able to enjoy your transferred music in another iPod!You may also interested in: How to restore iPod without iTunes