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Pulse2014 1082


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Pulse2014 1082

  1. 1. 1 1028 Warranty Contracts IBM Pulse February 23, 2014 Tim White & Luke Gatza February 23, 2014
  2. 2. Introductions - Tim White - Program Administrator DIA - Part of Airport Infrastructure Management Asset Management Team - Involved in Condition Assessment and Warranty Tracking - In aviation for 20 years - With DIA for three - Luke Gatza - Vice President, Maven Asset Management - Technical Expertise and Leadership - 15 years Asset Management & Software Experience - With Maven since its inception
  3. 3. – Ownership: City & County of Denver, Department of Aviation – Land size: DEN ranks as second-largest airport in the world – 53 square miles (34,000 acres/137 square kilometers/13,700 hectares) Currently operate 6 nonintersecting runways; can expand to 12 – Passengers: DEN ranks as the fifth-busiest airport in North America and the 13th busiest in the world – DEN airlines served more than 53 million passengers in 2012, the busiest year in Denver aviation history – Economic impact: DEN is the primary economic engine for metro Denver and the State of Colorado – Generates over $22 billion in annual economic impact Denver International Airport (DEN) Overview
  4. 4. Built With the Environment in Mind -Dedicated deicing pads -Deicing fluid collection, conveyance, and storage -On-site glycol recycling facility -Municipal solid waste recycling (compactor rooms, public area recycling) -On-site CNG filling stations -Underground fuel hydrant system with sophisticated monitoring -Alternatively fueled vehicles -Terminal and concourses designed to enhance natural daylight -Onsite recycling of construction debris -Four solar energy arrays by 2014
  5. 5. Snow and Ice Removal 500 Trained Snow Removal Personnel 270 Pieces of Snow Removal Equipment Snow Removal Crews Responsible for: 63 million square feet of concrete 250 lane miles of roadway 30 acres of parking lots, including 40,000 parking spaces Six runways and multiple taxiways
  6. 6. Airport Infrastructure Management - AIM for short - Consists of Maintenance and Engineering - Responsible for - New Construction - Maintenance - Asset Management
  7. 7. Maximo Utilization - Maintenance Control - Receives calls for service - Dispatches correct maintenance team - Approximately 130000 Calls in 2013 - Generated 38000 work orders
  8. 8. Maximo Utilization - Currently use 6.28 - Actively on track for 7.5 implementation - Will go to a service call model with Phase 2 Implementation - Warranty functionality between 6.28 and 7.5 does not change
  9. 9. Warranty Tracking Before - Individual or Department Effort - Material Management (MATMAN) - Had process for parts but does not involve Maximo Warranty - No tracking for entire asset - Maintenance - Not utilizing full capability in Maximo - Popup occurs only at time of WO creation - Social dynamic involved in just click ok - Tech sometimes notified sometimes not
  10. 10. Conclusions - Correct individuals not getting notified - No follow through or tracking - Review asset management practice
  11. 11. Solution Options - Retrain MCC on popup - Have all warranty decisions go through one office - Utilize the notification functionality in Maximo
  12. 12. Maximo Warranty Out of Box - Warranty Contract Functionality Core
  13. 13. Maximo Warranty Out of Box - Warranty Contract Transport
  14. 14. Maximo Warranty Out of Box - Expiration Date in Asset and Location fields
  15. 15. Solution Chosen - Use Warranty Contracts (tr) - Allows use of claims function in the future - Allows for Item Warranty coverage as well - Utilize notification functionality - Send notification to Asset User - Warranty admin - Notifications for - Work order creation - Asset warranty expiration - Location warranty expiration - Contract expiration
  16. 16. Implementing Solution in Maximo - Identify Active Warranties - Modify Asset and Work Order screens to highlight expiration dates - Standardize the Alert Process - Person group for warranty administration - Three escalations to notify of impending expiration - Three Communication Templates to standardize notifications
  17. 17. Identify Active Warranties Created New Database Relationship - Joined Asset table to WarrantyAsset table - Allowed display of warranty expiration date from Asset application
  18. 18. Identify Active Warranties
  19. 19. Modify Asset Application Screen - Removed unnecessary fields to simplify screen - Highlights important details, e.g., warranty expiration - Keeps users from being overwhelmed by unused fields - Provided ability to link between applications quickly - Go To menu now includes Purchase Contracts and Warranty Contracts - Implementation required new Lookup Map
  20. 20. Modify Asset Application Screen
  21. 21. Modify Asset Application Screen
  22. 22. Standardize Alerts: Escalations - Identify possible warranty situations - Find new work orders created for a warrantied asset - Notify Asset Owner and Warranty Admin - Runs every 30 minutes
  23. 23. Standardize Alerts: Escalations - Identify expiring warranties - Track Asset and Location Warranty Expiration Dates - Notify Asset Owner and Warranty Admin when contract within 60 days of expiration
  24. 24. Standardize Alerts: Escalations - Identify expiring contracts - Track warranty contracts for impending expiration - Notify Contract Administrator when contract within 60 days of expiration
  25. 25. Standardize Alerts: Escalations
  26. 26. Standardize Alerts: Person Groups - Created Contract Administrator Group - Manage a periodically changing list of contract administrators - Easily locate contact information for all contract related notifications
  27. 27. Standardize Alerts: Person Groups
  28. 28. Standardize Alerts: Communications Templates - Create Communication Templates to standardize alert process - Sample: Warranty Expiration Notification - Asset #:ASSETNUM expiring on :PLUSTWARRANTYVIEW.ENDDATE The following asset #:ASSETNUM is approaching the end of warranty coverage on :PLUSTWARRANTYVIEW.ENDDATE. Please allow time for asset inspection prior to expiration.
  29. 29. Standardize Alerts: Communications Templates
  30. 30. Summary - The warranty contract itself is easy and out of box - Utilizing the notifications value adds
  31. 31. Where we’re going - Hope eventually is to use the Claims functionality - Use Item Warranty more fully on airport wide equipment - Using mobile tablets with field techs - Allows better asset warranty visibility - Having warranty documentation on hand at the unit itself - Increase use of overall Asset tracking