2012 10 04_ste_oil_and_gas_hse


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2012 10 04_ste_oil_and_gas_hse

  1. 1. Support Technical Exchange Maximo 7.5 Upgrade Planning for: Maximo Oil and Gas Maximo HSE Manager Russell Bee Lead Product Architect russell.bee@uk.ibm.com
  2. 2. Abstract This STE event focuses on the functional capabilities available to customers with Maximo Oil and Gas and Maximo HSE Manager when planning an upgrade to Maximo 7.5. We will cover the capabilities progressively as they have been added through previous releases. The differences between Maximo Oil and Gas and the new Maximo HSE Manager product will be highlighted. The presentation will conclude with a brief summary of technical items associated with an upgrade.
  4. 4. Service Request Defect/Non Conformance Incident Operator Log Work Management Investigate & Improve Improvement Action Tracking Prioritization Matrix PMsCondition Monitoring Condition for Work Work Orders Quick Reporting Engineering System Plant Control Systems Change Management MOC Request Control of Work Risk Assessment Permit & Certificate Types Projects Manage Assets Manage Supply Chain MOCPurchasing Inventory Contracts Locations Assets Configuration Items Compliance Regulatory Compliance Finance Operations Knowledge Management Benefits & Losses Solution Search Investigation (Lessons Learned) Solutions HR Persons InvestigationHazards Risk Matrix Key External Process Maximo Process Oil and Gas Apps supporting process Core and add on Maximo applications supporting process Job Plan Material Inspections Scheduler Operator Tasks Operating Policy Drilling and Completion Run LogSpatial Linear Assets Reporting and Analytics Layer * ** * Not part of oil and gas must be purchased separately Operating Procedures Asset Lists Standard Actions Qualifications Integrated process
  5. 5. ISO I4224 Failure Codes ISO14224 Asset Specifications Prioritization Matrix Condition for Work Regulatory Compliance Location details Maximo for Oil and Gas – Capability Release 5.2 Release 6.1 All future release dates are estimates and specific content is subject to change. Maximo 7.X Maximo 7.X Incidents Defects Investigations Benefits and Losses Improvements Solutions Location enhancements Release 6.3 Maximo 7.X GA: April 2011 GA: GA: Services only offering • ISO I4224 Failure Codes • ISO14224 Asset Specifications
  6. 6. Maximo for Oil and Gas – Capability Summary Release 7.1.0 Release 7.1.1 All future release dates are estimates and specific content is subject to change. Maximo 7.1 Maximo 7.1 Release 7.1.2 Maximo 7.1 GA: Sep 28, 2008 GA: Dec 2009 GA: Nov. 2010 • ISO14224:2006 support • Management of Change • Action Tracking • Standard Actions • 6 to 7 upgrade • Control of Work • Permit and Certificate Types • Risk Analysis • Risk Matrices • Operator’s Log • Standard Action Groups • Maximo Spatial Integration • Support for MIMOSA • Miscellaneous enhancements •Hazards •MOC Risks and Projects •Target Availability •Legacy Tag •Bad Actor Dialog •Service Request (Oil) • Operating Policies • Operating Procedures • Operator Tasks • Cause Analysis/FMECA • Drilling and Completion • Run Log • Material Inspection • Operator Log Enhancements • Scheduler integration • MOC enhancements • Miscellaneous enhancements •Extra failure fields •Incident impact •Regulations extra where used
  7. 7. Maximo for Oil and Gas – Capability Release 7.5 Release 7.X All future release dates are estimates and specific content is subject to change. Maximo 7.X Maximo 7.X Release 7.X Maximo 7.X GA: April 2011 GA: GA: • Non-conformances • ISO I4224 Failure Mechanism • ISO14224 Sub unit/maint item • Multiple persons on Incident • Classification of risk assessments • Item Master on MOC • Add Regulation to Incidents • Qualifications link to certificates • Qualification verification on Labor • Editable fields on People (Oil)
  8. 8. HSE Manager  1ST release (7.5.0) available on 7.5. only  Contains everything in Oil and Gas other than: – ISO14224 failure codes and asset classifications – Non-generic ISO14224 domains on Locations – Drilling and Completion – Run Log
  9. 9. Oil and Gas/HSE Manager considerations  Everything that is in HSE Manager is in Oil and Gas  Therefore there is no provision to add HSE Manager to an installation that already contains Oil and Gas  For Maximo 7.5.0 is is not possible to and Oil and Gas to an existing HSE Installation – From 7.5.1 this will be possible  Most oil and gas customers would want to use Maximo Oil and Gas because of the availability of ISO14224 data  Non Oil and Gas customers requiring HSE capability but not yet on Maximo 7.5 can install Maximo Oil and Gas but would then be best to stay with the Oil and Gas product
  10. 10. Technical upgrade considerations  Upgrades follow standard core product upgrades  No specific upgrades for oil and gas columns other than those required to support core product releases  No additional hardware requirements over and above core product  Product documentation can be located on the IBM public site http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/tivihelp/v49r1/index.jsp?topic= %2Fcom.ibm.oil.doc%2Fwelcome.html