The floating bridge of dreams


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Suggests that to support social enterprises properly is to be like a bridge of dreams.

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The floating bridge of dreams

  1. 1. Sunit Shrestha, founder
  2. 2. e bridge of dreams Floating on a spring night Soon breaks off: Parting from the mountain top, A bank of clouds in the open sky. Fujiwara no Teika (1205)
  3. 3. e Floating Bridge of Dreams
  4. 4. About us
  5. 5. Our service: Social innovation design Social enterprise investment
  6. 6. Our clients & partners:
  7. 7. Key design impact
  8. 8. 2.5+ million people access to high quality health information via the Internet.
  9. 9. Mobile/Internet disease surveillance systems
  10. 10. Socially responsible investment (SRI)
  11. 11. Community bio-gas facilities
  12. 12. Key investment impact
  13. 13. Number of social enterprises 27 15 5 2007 2008 2009
  14. 14. PIPELINE: Examples of portfolio social enterprises (mix of seeding, start-up and scale-up cases) BANGLADESH PHILIPPINES Padma Ideal!s Provides critical information on agricultural best- Provides high-quality communications solutions for non-profits who practices to farmers through information kiosks. cannot afford commercial service. XayanIT Let IT help Provides IT training, education and jobs within the enterprise to provides capacity building on PAKISTAN underprivileged youth. specific IT skills that are in market demand and match trainees to job opportunities. Youth Engagement Service Provides seed financing and incubation Youth Works for youth-led micro social enterprises in Provides microfinance services to youth entrepreneurs in rural remote rural areas. communities Kaarvan Rural Light Channelling women groups handicrafts Provides rural electrification solutions at the small community level. around Pakistan to shops in big cities employing fair-trade model. Mobile Telecentres Provides on-site training and career opportunities for students through 3 wheeler trike mobile telecentres. THAILAND INDIA Grassroot Innovation Network School and Community Hoticulture Provides micro organic agriculture methods and (SCHE) inputs to over 1,000 poor rural farmer families Provides nutritional supplements to that improve multi-crop farm productivity by mid-day meals in schools in India over 400%. MALAYSIA through poly-houses. OpenDream SOLS-24/7 Provides web, online application and virtual SOLS 24/7 provides life-skills education to Online jobs placement and aggregator in the communities services to non-profits. underprivileged youth in Cambodia, East Timor and micro-finance sector in India. Thoth Media Malaysia. Krishak Mitra Provides video podcasting and viral clip services Elevyn Improving the livelihood of marginal farmers in and news platform for citizen journalism, non- Online platform that links the selling of India by using agriculture decision-making profit and social groups. handmade products to the support of social and software at various rural knowledge centers. Chivalry Silk environmental causes. Source wholesale unique silk products from poor rural Community Friendly Movement families and conducts sales overseas. CFM sources hand-made crafts from artisan communities in India and conducts sales to wholesale craft buyers overseas.
  15. 15. Areas Micro-finance Sustainable agriculture Information and communication technologies (ICTs) Community-scale renewable energy Development communications Fair-trade and cultural preservation ink-tank
  16. 16. Our method; the flow Social entrepreneurs / Change Fusion Process innovators Attraction Finance Innovation partners Incubate Social Innovations Social Enterprises Investors / donors Co-design
  17. 17. Social Enterprise Cases
  18. 18. Grameen
  19. 19. Aravind
  20. 20. One world health
  21. 21. Participant media
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Doi Tung
  24. 24. ai cra fair trade
  25. 25. Apaipubet
  26. 26. Trends and situation
  27. 27. A rising global trend
  28. 28. the funding gap
  29. 29. Social enterprise investment gap in Asia.
  30. 30. Some interesting development Regional infrastructure in Hong Kong and Singapore. Emergin social enterprise support interest in ailand. ailand will launch ‘Social Enterprise Committee’ chaired by the PM.
  31. 31. e Essence of Social Enterprise
  32. 32. OUTCOME Economic Social SE Environment
  33. 33. DISCIPLINE Compassion Capacity SE Market
  34. 34. PROCESS; Sensing > Innovating > Testing > Scaling
  35. 35. ACCELERATION METHOD Full potential analysis > Game plan > Focused performance > Capacity > Exit
  36. 36. Cases from the Portfolio
  37. 37. Community Friendly Movement (CFM)
  38. 38. Ideals Creatives
  39. 39. Let IT Help
  40. 40. Open Dream
  41. 41. Grassroots Innovation Network (GIN)
  42. 42. Supreme Renewable Energy
  43. 43. Volunteer opportunities
  44. 44. Business development Business plan Connection Marketing Strategy Finance Legal
  45. 45. Approach Respect Simplicity Harmony Emptiness
  46. 46. or just be a bridge