Flash the moments of olympic 2012


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London is one of the attractive and royal cities of the world, which will be going to host the multi-sporting events. It is a major city which attracts lots of visitors every year. It is third time; the city will host the games.

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Flash the moments of olympic 2012

  1. 1. Flash The Moments of Olympic 2012London is one of the attractive and royal cities of theworld, which will be going to host the multi-sportingevents. It is a major city which attracts lots ofvisitors every year. It is third time; the city will hostthe games.
  2. 2. Olympic is a unity games which includesseveral of sport events. It was firstly held inOlympia with the motive of creating strongrelationship amongst neighboring vicinity. Thegames has completely dedicated to Olympiangods, which includes many spiritual spirits bynumbers of earliest sports events. The olympicgames is a multi-sporting events, held everyfour year interval. The main purposes of gameswere to inflict the bond between Greek citiesand provide opportunities to young people toshow their physical power and talent. With thepassing time, there are many changes in thegame. Previously, limits of sports are played inOlympic but now several of sports whichplayed around the world, are become a part ofOlympic. It has held by particular country whowins the bid for hosting. Thousands of athletesfrom almost every country participate in thisgame and show their talent. In 2012, London isgoing to host the Olympic Games.
  3. 3. olympic games 2012 appears to be anoccurrence which people throughout theworld are waiting for. It will be going tohappen in London during July andAugust. There are lots of expectationfrom this game and many athletes andspectators are eyed to the sports events.The olympic games 2012 includes 32sports divided into 302 sports events.Total 10500 athletes from over 200countries are taking a part in the LondonOlympic. Several of planning is createdby officials. Renowned film makers ofUK, Danny Boyle and Stephen Daldrywill make their impact during openingand closing ceremonies of 2012 Olympic.Wenlock and Mandeville are mascots ofthis great event which put theirmessages to the world. There are severalof major sports events such asswimming, football, volleyball, tabletennis, archery, boxing and weightlifting
  4. 4. It is also important that olympic gameslondon will also attract majority of peoplearound the world. There are severalpreparation accomplished by city. Manyresidential places, venues, stadiums andseveral visiting places are reconstructed bylocal government. It is ready to welcomepeople for enjoy the games as well as city. TheLondon Olympic includes many of sportscompetitions that will be held in differentvenues and stadiums. It has also expected thatmore than 18000 athletes from 200 countrieswill be participated in the Olympic 2012. Thereis great expectation from London Olympic2012 and it will be also major platform forseveral of athletes to make impact ahead thevisitors of world and show their talent. Severalof new athletes are also participating in thisOlympic and it will be really a major platformfor them to show their talent against many keyathletes. As declaration of dates, the olympicgames schedule is from 27th July to 12thAugust.
  5. 5. If you want to enjoy any particular events, getcomplete schedule and list for Olympic Gameswhich help you to know about the dates andtimes of particular games. You can make alsoplan easily for your favorite sports with theschedule. You can find out also the date andtime of opening and closing ceremony. It isimportant for you that you need to purchasetickets to enjoy your particular sport events.Without tickets, you cannot make entry invenues and stadium. The London Olympiccommittee has announced the selling date ofolympic games tickets that will be available onofficial website. There are millions of ticketssold out and you have no more time, so justpurchase tickets for favorite sports and assuredfor your seat in stadium. The tickets areavailable at every range from £50 to £2012 forevery age group. Find tickets for child also andoffer them opportunity to enjoy Olympic 2012.
  6. 6. In 2012, London will become the first countryto host Olympics three times. The first was1908, where they set new standards forhosting of the games. London was again thehost in 1948, which featured a Dutch sprinterand the then mother of two, Fanny BlankersKoen, who became the athletic to win 4 goldmedals in the same Olympics. Distinguishingthe event of olympic games 2012 from thoseof the rest, hosted by London, this time theywill be using the best and most well knownlocations of the country. Central London siteswill host archery, road cycling, beach volleyball, and triathlon.
  7. 7. The brand new Olympic site will host track andfield, swimming and opening and closingceremonies in part of a larger developmentcalled the Olympic Park. The river zone startingfrom the river Thames includes the venue forgymnastics, boxing, wrestling and many more.In 2008 Beijing games, US and otherparticipants showed their talents and becamestars after the games. They are expected toshow up again for the 2012 games, includingeight times the 2008 gold medallist MichaelPhelps, the winner of most gold medals in thesame games. The back to back beach volleyball champions are to reappear this time forthe olympic games 2012 london. Olympicsgymnastic champion, the sprinter championsfor the 2008 Olympics track and fieldchampions are expected to reappear for theparticipation.
  8. 8. The country embraces the majesty of theold, and the excitement of the new. The gamesof the 30th Olympiad, is to be scheduled inJuly in 2012. Now we know that the olympicgames 2012 are to be held in London. Theolympic games dates start from 27th of Julythis year. But we according to the olympicgames schedule, to earn a ticket with respectto your favourite games is a little complicatedmatter. The whole world waits for thegames, and therefore it becomes absolutelytough to arrange for tickets, if you do not hurryup. olympic game tickets are served on firstcome first service, and will be sold until 26thJuly 2012. But looking at the rush andexcitement among the mass, don’t be assuredif you will get a ticket if you apply on the lastday.
  9. 9. Olympic Games 2012 is the most awaitedglobal sporting event in the world and for thatthe countdown has already begun olympicgames events were scheduled to be held inbetween July 27 to August 12 of 2012 withhuge fanfare. It’s officially known as XXXOlympiad in the history of the game and thistime London won to host the prestigious megaevent after successful bidding in the year 2005.London has previously hosted the game twicein the year 1908 and 1948 respectively. The2012 Olympic Game will take place in somenew and exciting places with all modernfacilities and amenities. These places are mostfamous Hyde Park and Horse Guards Parade.The London Organizing Committee of OlympicGames (LOCOG)has been leaving no stoneunturned in order to organize a worldrenowned event. The opening ceremony ofthe olympic games 2012 will have someamazing mix of glamour and arts from acrossthe world.
  10. 10. Oscar-winning film director Danny Boyle is theartistic director of the opening ceremony ofthe London Olympic Games. Queen Elizabeth iiand Duke of Edinburg will open the game atthe opening ceremony in this year. In ordermake it popular throughout the world andtaking this game to people from all over theworld, Olympic Torch has been making roundin all major cities around the world. In order toadd more glamour, a James Bond flick, starringDaniel Craig will be screened at the game toboost the game’s popularity. There arethousands of athletes from more than 204National Olympic Committees are expected tocome for large numbers of sporting events.olympic games schedule in such a way that itcan boast of 26 sports of total 39 disciplinesand 2012 Paralympics comprises 20 sports in21 disciplines. This is the very firsttime, Women’s boxing is included in the gameof history.
  11. 11. With keeping all these expectations in mindthe olympic games tickets are fast selling fromthe day it has started to sell. One can booktickets online or can buy through variousauthorized agents appointed in differentcountries under the guidance of OlympicCommittee members. The following sports areincluded with immense popularity. These areArchery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Canoeing, Cycling, Diving, Fencing, FieldHockey, Football, Gymnastics, Handball, Judo, Swimming, Sailing, Shooting, SynchronizedSwimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Water polo, Weight lifting andWrestling. olympic games london has beencreating enough buzz as it will host the mostpopular game in a gigantic way with bringingsome glamour and sporting extravaganzaunder one roof.
  12. 12. These games include marathon, triathlon, androad cycling. However, sailing will be a sportwhich would charge the spectators with theticket fee, unlike other Olympic events inhistory. The olympic games tickets were alsogiven as event prizes in many shows since theyear 2011. This helped it in its promotion aswell. This summer Olympic Games are tocommence from 27 July 2012 and will finish on12th of August the same year. With the end ofall events on the 12th of August, the Medals ofwhose results are distributed simultaneouslyafter each event, London will host the closingceremony on the same day. There aresupposedly 4700 Olympic medals to bedistributed in total. The olympic games resultsare always declared simultaneously as thegames progresses and the Olympic medals arealso distributed according to the winners, rightafter the declaration of results. The Olympicconfers 3 kinds of medals viz... the bronze, thesilver and the gold.
  13. 13. Thus the Olympic gamers prepare their wholelives to be placed in the top three ranks of thegames. The summer olympics games of theyear 2012 is different from rest in quite manyaspects. The grandness of the event, and thedeep rooted its preparations are, as per thehost country, can be understood once onevisits the place himself. Each London citizenand people from the other nearby cities hasmade the preparations, their sole measures ofliving. This Olympic Games torch relay willcommence from 18th of May 2012 fromGreece, and will last on 27th of July in the hostcity. The name to the opening ceremony of thisevent has been given as “The Isles of Wonder”.With so much happening and with such greatexpectations, The London Olympics seems tobe a worth attending event. Even if one isunable to capture ticket for their favouritesport or event, having able to just attend anyof them will be overwhelming enough foranyone. The event will bring fun andpleasure, and who knows you might even startto love the event, which you had come for(unwillingly)!!!