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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. By: Ayesha Shuja, Anita Singh,Sunita Thapa, Nazma Khanam,Yunqing Chen
  2. 2. General information• East End Community and Health Centre was established in 1990.• It is located on Queens and Coxwell.• The centre was designed by it`s staff members.• The centre provides it`s main health services only to the people residing in the catchment area.• Other community programs can be available by everyone who wishes to participate.
  3. 3. Mandate• ``Our purpose is to promote a healthy lifestyle and to assist people in our neighborhood who need assistance with gaining healthcare facilities. These are mainly people belonging to different immigration statuses; need financial assistance due to unemployment or poverty, have language and/or cultural barriers, and not having a health or a social insurance number being a newcomer to Canada.``
  4. 4. Vision & Mission Statement• Vision Statement: “East End Community Health Centre’s vision is people working together to promote health and well-being for everyone.”• Mission Statement: “Our team of health service professionals work in partnership with individuals, families and community groups to improve the health and well being of everyone in the community.”
  5. 5. East End`s 5 service areas• Primary Care• Illness Prevention• Health Promotion• Community Capacity Building• Service Integration• The centre believes in a holistic way to help people with their health needs which means having a good body, mind and soul.
  6. 6. Main Services• The following services are paid by OHIP• Medical Services• Pharmacist• Counselling/Psychotherapy• Foot care• Physiotherapy• Nutrition• Client Support• Lactation Consultant
  7. 7. •The Following are supportgroups that the centre offersto the community.A small fee may apply formaterials that need to bepurchased.
  8. 8. Kinship Families Program Chronic Illness management program Diabetes Support Session Gentle fit – Exercise group for Arthritis
  9. 9. South Asian cooking group Alcohol and Drug Addiction recovery and supp groupWeight management program Managing emotions program
  10. 10. Good Food Box Program- Boxof fruits and vegetables givenonce a month for $15
  11. 11. Programs offered for Children’s healthand Development• Free Dental Workshop for Preschoolers (Under 4 Years)• Healthy Baby, Healthy Brain• Parenting Workshops• Reflective Parenting• School Readiness• Helping Our Babies Grow
  12. 12. East End`s 3 Strategic Priorities for2008-2011• We serve based on priority and severity of the illness and or need.• Control Diabetes and its future side effects on people as it is the leading illness in Ontario.• Our Quality improvement program
  13. 13. Language of service• Services are provided in Urdu, Hindi, Farsi, Cantonese, Spanish, Turkish and more.• Interpreters are available
  14. 14. Application Process• No Fees Required for Services• Proof of Address is required for registration.• Need to belong to the Catchment area, unless you are a newcomer.• The centre has their own application form and assistance is provided in filling it out if needed.• Waiting list- depends on the amount of people applying, amount of staff available and the severity of the Issue.• Counselling services are only available for people residing in the catchment area.
  15. 15. Barriers to East End Health Centre• Catchment Area• Government Funding• Waiting lists• No Volunteers
  16. 16. Additional Information• The building is wheelchair accessible.• The washrooms are barrier free.• Parking is close to the entrance.• Tokens can provided to clients for clinical visits.• During after hours Clinical Patients can be seen by doctors on call in terms of an emergency.• Home visits are available.
  17. 17. How does the centre work on it`smission or goals• Based on needs• Leadership• Accountability• Integration
  18. 18. Funding• EECHC is funded by Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network. (LHIN)• ``LHIN is a non-profit organization that plans, integrates and funds 174 healthcare organizations.``(• It sets out a strategic plan for all the healthcare centres to be working on meeting the same goals based on needs of the community.
  19. 19. Qualifications of staff• The staff needs to be a degree or a diploma holder in their given field.• Healthcare professionals have been accredited from Canada.
  20. 20. The Community gains access to theservices• Through Pamphlets and Brochures placed on the entrance of the centre.• Documentation of Posters in the community• Door to Door distribution of their Newsletters.• Providing Calendars of their scheduled monthly programs.• The Centre is opened on Saturdays as well from 9:00 am-5:00 pm
  21. 21. Circumstances that lead people tocome to the centre are• Newcomers seeking health who have no health insurance or a card.• Going to personal family or relationship issues• Having financial difficulties• Seeking Employment• Families need assistance with upbringing their children• Need Shelter• Domestic Violence or Abuse• Seniors living alone and living with chronic illnesses.• Need Food
  22. 22. List of Support provided by the Centre• Request and need for shelter is transfered over to community housing agencies.• Raise awareness of issues in the local community.• Professionals are available to take care of children whose parents wish to participate in the centre`s programs.• Help find Employment• Clients are called in for follow up appointments; according to the plan and needs of the client.• The follow up appointments• Help families applying for government applications ie.Subsidy,Citizenship• Financial support is provided to people, where the counsellors guide and help fill out applications for government funding.• Advocate and raise awareness through fundraisers for the Cancer Society, Sickkids, and for Government of Ontario.
  23. 23. Process through which support tofamilies is tapered off• Follow up appointments and calls are made to make sure the family is doing well and does or does not require any further assistance.• The family itself calls and lets the agency know that they don`t need follow up appointments anymore.• Follow ups depends on the client care and treatment plan• Every 6 months for follow up appointment is made.
  24. 24. Information needed from patients• Health card number (if available)• Proof of address• Amount of Income• Amount of people living in the household.• Number of dependents• Education level
  25. 25. Employment help• Help is provided to people seeking Employment.• People are referred to employment agencies that they work hand in hand with the following agencies:• Wood Green Employment services- They help individuals seek employment.• Neighbourhood link – helps people find jobs, have programs for seniors, and helps people find houses.• Ontario Works – helps find people employment and provides financial aid.
  26. 26. Outreach Programs• Neighbourhood link• Senior services• Connect to the community• Client support housing for low Income Families• Sections of Wood Greens Services• Toronto Speech and Language Services• Parenting Services.
  27. 27. Statistics• 25,600 clinical appointments are made every year• 73 different types of health community programs are offered.• 30 or more staff members.• 1,348 flu shots are given every year.• Approximately 6,386 people participate in our health programs.• (East End Community and Health Centre, Annual Report 2011- 2012)