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The Easy Quiz

A General Quiz focusing on Business aspects with answers

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The Easy Quiz

  1. 1. Session conducted by- Tirtharup Mukherjee,CST,2nd year Sunirmal Ghosh,ME,2nd year
  2. 2. Welcome Fresher's to Quizmaniac Beings
  3. 3. Written Round- 1
  4. 4. Taglines of famous brands 10 qs- 5 marks each
  5. 5. 1. My life , my card
  6. 6. 2. Break through
  7. 7. 3. Between love and madness lies obsession
  8. 8. 4. The happiest place on earth
  9. 9. 5. The ultimate driving machine
  10. 10. 6. The king of beers
  11. 11. 7. One client at a time
  12. 12. 8. The world on time
  13. 13. 9. American by birth. Rebel by choice.
  14. 14. 10. Some of our best men are women
  15. 15. Exchange sheets please
  16. 16. Answers follow
  17. 17. 1. American Express 2. Cadillac 3. Calvin Klein 4. Disneyland 5. BMW 6. Budweiser 7. Morgan Stanley 8. Fedex 9. Harley Davidson 10. U.S. Army
  18. 18. SCORES PLEASE!
  19. 19. MIXED BAG-1
  20. 20. *1. Raviraj, an IIT KGP student tried selling the DPS MMS scandal clip by listing it on KGP became notoriously famous overnight as a giant Hub of unlimited porn. When KGP-ians returned to college in January, even uttering the word 'porn' was serious sacrilege. There was a rumor that someone somewhere is monitoring your computer. Then after a few days, no one knows how or from where, a term was coined. This is the story of ___. Slowly with time, people started sharing more ___ on DC and soon life was happy as ever for the KGPian. WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT?
  21. 21. ANSWERS
  22. 22. BHAJAN. Euphemisms for porn videos.
  23. 23. 2. Claim to fame? Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil appeared on Oprah in 2007. He is the 39th direct descendant in a 650-year-old dynasty. In May 2009, it was announced that there are plans to turn Prince Manvendra's life story into a major motion picture. The script will be written by a member of the erstwhile Kapurthala royal family, Prince Amarjit Singh. But what is his claim to fame?
  24. 24. ANSWERS
  25. 25. The only known person of royal lineage in modern India to have publicly revealed he is GAY.
  26. 26. *3. Connect. A-bomb. Babysitter. Caviar. Ding. Esra. Firewood. Gasper. Hanhich. Instaga. Jane. Kaya. Lima. Meggie. Nail. Ozone. Pasto. Queen Anne’s lace. And so on…
  27. 27. ANSWERS
  28. 28. Slangs for marijuana.
  29. 29. 4. In January 2014, the Editor’s Guild of India condemned barbs on the media hurled by politicians & other public figures. The trigger was a statement by form any chief V.K.Singh who used a pejorative term X to describe journalists over a report on the movement of army units that he felt had caused concern to the government. What is X?
  30. 30. ANSWERS
  31. 31. Presstitutes
  32. 32. 5. 20 Feet from Stardom is an Oscar documentary film directed by Morgan Neville & produced by Gil Friensen, a music industry executive whose curiosity to know more about the lives of a certain group of people inspired the making of the film. Which group if people did he make the movie on?
  33. 33. ANSWERS
  34. 34. Background/Chorus singers.
  35. 35. *6. This American political party advocates among other things, the withdrawal of all American troops around the world, including Korea, Japan, Europe & the entire MIDDLE-East. The party has also participated in the Presidential Election & their agenda & policies were described as ‘libertarian’. Name the party.
  36. 36. ANSWERS
  37. 37. *7. X joined Google in 1999 as 1st female engineer. During his 13 years stay, she was engineer, designer, product manager & executive. X held key roles in Google Search, Google Maps, Google Books, Google Product Search, Google Toolbar , Gmail & iGoogle . On 16th July, X appointed CEO of Y, another multinational internet corporation. In 2013, she ranked 32 in Forbes Magazine’s list of World’s 100 Most popular women. Give X & Y.
  38. 38. ANSWERS
  39. 39. X – Marissa Mayer Y - Yahoo
  40. 40. 8. We all know about ‘Third Reich’. So, what are First & Second Reich?
  41. 41. ANSWERS
  42. 42.  First Reich- Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne Second Reich- Unified German Empire under Kaiser Wilhelm & Bismarck
  43. 43. *9. Who were the members of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes Lodge no.26?
  44. 44. ANSWERS
  45. 45. Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble
  46. 46. 10. X was born on December 16, 1969. He is a Chinese businessman known for founding Y, one of China’s largest technology companies. The New York Times reports “ In a country where products like iphones are made but rarely invented, X, entrepreneur, billionaire & professed Steve Jobs acolyte- is positioning himself & his company as figurative heirs of Mr. Jobs. The Chinese media have nicknamed his company Y “ the Apple of the East.” Give X & Y.
  47. 47. ANSWERS
  48. 48. X- Lei Jun Y- Xiaomi
  49. 49. 11. The place is
  50. 50. ANSWERS
  51. 51. *12. Connect
  52. 52. ANSWERS
  53. 53. Places where American Presidents have been assassinated Ford’s Theatre- Abraham Lincoln Baltimore and Potomac Railroad- James .A. Garfield Baltimore and Potomac Railroad- James .A. Garfield Dealey Plaza- John .F. Kennedy
  54. 54. *13. What is being pointed here?
  55. 55. ANSWERS
  56. 56. The Tamburello curve at Imola where Ayrton Senna was killed.
  57. 57. 14. FUNDA?
  58. 58. ANSWERS
  59. 59. Map of Nobel Laureates by Country US has won the most with 338 Laureates. India has won 8.
  60. 60. *15. Minimalist poster of ???
  61. 61. ANSWERS
  62. 62. SCORES PLEASE!
  63. 63. Long Visual Connect
  64. 64. RULES: 10 visual clues that form a non-exhaustive connect. The number of points available for a correct answer on a certain clue will be mentioned.
  65. 65. 1. (+100/-60)
  66. 66. 2. (+100/- 60)
  67. 67. 3. (+80/-40)
  68. 68. 4. (+80/-40)
  69. 69. 5. (+60/-20)
  70. 70. 6. (+60/-20)
  71. 71. 7. (+40/10)
  72. 72. 8. (+40/-10)
  73. 73. 9. (+20/-5)
  74. 74. 10. (+10/0)
  75. 75. Answers
  76. 76. Sequoia Capital All these start-ups were initially funded by the above-mentioned investment fund.
  77. 77. SCORES PLEASE!
  78. 78. Written 2 (algebra)
  79. 79. RULES: There are list of unknowns from A to H. Read the paragraph and give them. A to H are connected . All are very easy.
  80. 80. A is a noted actor and film producer, having acted in films like “Seven”, “12 Monkeys”. A and B are widely considered Hollywood’s super-couple and their relationship started after the duo starred together in the film C. A acted in the acclaimed crime comedy “Snatch”, written and directed by D. D also directed popular actor E in his film series “Sherlock Holmes”. On December 22 2000, D married American pop singer F, with whom he has 2 sons. CONTD......
  81. 81. F is again a very popular singer song-writer, who is recognised by Guinness World Records as the “best female recording artist of all time”. Billboard placed F in 2nd place in the “Hot 100 All- Time Artists” chart, behind the very famous rock-band G. H was a founder member of G, whose stance of peace-activism and anti-war stance created quite a stir. ID A to H.
  83. 83. ANSWERS
  84. 84. A- Brad Pitt B-Angelina Jolie C-Mr. And Mrs. Smith D-Guy Ritchie E-Robert Downey Junior F-Madonna G-Beatles H-John Lennon
  85. 85. SCORES PLEASE!
  86. 86. MIXED BAG-2
  87. 87. *16. Why is a lady named Sharbat Gula, born in 1972, ubiquitously known in the world of photography?
  88. 88. ANSWERS
  89. 89. Afghan girl in the National Geographic magazine
  90. 90. 17. At 18, he signed for Manchester City in 1928. In 1930, Manchester United made an enquiry about signing him, but were unable to afford the fee that City demanded. In 1930, he was sold to Liverpool after making more than 200 appearances for City. At Liverpool he was very influential and eventually became their captain. During the WW2, he made 3 appearances for Chelsea as well. Name this absolute legend of English football.
  91. 91. ANSWERS
  92. 92. Sir Matt Busby, who else?
  93. 93. *18. He was born on June 11, 1969 with a common form of achondroplasia, though it did not hamper his later acting career. He made his debut in the film 1995 “Living in Oblivion” as a frustrated actor with dwarfism who complained about his clichéd roles. Later his breakout performance came in the 2003 film “The Station Agent”, for which he received the SAG Award nomination for best actor. When asked about the most striking thing about his appearance he said “When I was younger, I definitely let it get to me. As an adolescent, I was bitter and angry. But the older you get, you realize you just have to have a sense of humour.” Identify this iconic personality.
  94. 94. ANSWERS
  95. 95. Of course its Peter Dinklage!
  96. 96. 19. Connect
  97. 97. ANSWERS
  98. 98. These are Hanna-Barbara shows which are written by Sath Macfarlane
  99. 99. 20. These are the flags of a middle-eastern country. The left one prevailed up to 2004 & a slight change was made. What is the reason?
  100. 100. ANSWERS
  101. 101. This is the flag of Iraq . The script of the left flag was written by Saddam Hussain himself. In 2004, after his death the script was changed into kurfi in which the Quran is written.
  102. 102. 21. Connect and find the missing one: Cristiano Ronaldo Neymar Miroslav Stoich X Zlatan Ibrahimovich
  103. 103. ANSWERS
  104. 104. All are Puscas Award winners. The missing one is Hamid Altintop.
  105. 105. 22. These 3 are famous works of which European Master
  106. 106. ANSWERS
  107. 107. Claude Monet
  108. 108. 23. Which is this recent controversial game?
  109. 109. ANSWERS
  110. 110. BOMB GAZA
  111. 111. 24. Known for its soft colours, this saree is available in both silk 7 cotton. It owes its name to 11th century town in Madhya Pradesh, 90 km. south of Jhansi. Identify?
  112. 112. ANSWERS
  113. 113. Chanderi Saree
  114. 114. 25. In 1960s, The first president of India, Rajendra Prasad met someone called Nazir Hussain and asked him to make something. The first product of this industry was back in 1963 and it’s name roughly translated to “Mother Ganges, I will offer you a yellow sari”,which was created by Biswanath Prasad Shahabadi and Kundan Kumar. What started thus?
  115. 115. ANSWERS
  116. 116. Bhojpuri Film Industry
  117. 117. 26. V. S. Wakankar is an Indian Archeologist. He was once travelling by train to Bhopal, when he saw some rock formations similar to those he had seen in Spain and France. In 1957, he visited the area again along with a team of archaeologists and discovered several prehistoric rock shelters. How is this area popularly known to us today?
  118. 118. ANSWERS
  119. 119. Bhimbetka(M.P)
  120. 120. 27. Which Oscar-winner's directorial debut was the short film 'I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meat Hook, and Now I Have a Three-Picture Deal at Disney'?
  121. 121. ANSWERS
  122. 122. Ben Affleck
  123. 123. 28. Glenn McDuffie passed away on March 9th, 2014. McDuffie once said that he had to pass five polygraph tests to verify his claim to be a certain individual, before he was finally confirmed to be that person. Why does he claim to fame?
  124. 124. ANSWERS
  125. 125. He is the sailor in this photo
  126. 126. 29. Whose letter?
  127. 127. ANSWERS
  128. 128. Lorde
  129. 129. 30. Identify both.
  130. 130. ANSWERS
  131. 131. Maria Sharapova & Eugenie Bouchard
  132. 132. Theme Connect
  133. 133. 1. X was born in Taiwan. He received B.Sc from CALTECH , MD from Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science & Technology. He did his clinical training in internal medicine & infectious diseases at UCLA School of Medicine & Massachusetts General Hospital. He has been the forefront of AIDS research for three decades & famous for pioneering contribution to treatment of HIV patients. ID X.
  134. 134. 2. He is an American computer programmer, internet entrepreneur & philanthropist . His personal wealth as of July 2014, is estimated $33.1 billion. Since 2010, Time magazine has named him among the 100 wealthiest & most influential people. In 2011, he ranked first on the list of “ Most influential Jews in the world” by the Jerusalem Post & topped the list up to 2013 . Who?
  135. 135. 3. X is American media mogul & philanthropist. As a businessman, he founded CNN, the first 24 hours cable news channel . He has founded WTDS, which pioneered the superstation concept in Cable television. As a philanthropist , he is known for $1 billion gift to support United Nations foundation. Now, he serves as Chairman of UN Board of Directors. ID X.
  136. 136. 4. X first came to limelight when he led the 1955 “Montgomery Bus Boycott”. He then helped found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and became its first president. Other than being a pioneering human rights activist, he was also vocal against senseless capitalism, flawed political structure and the Vietnam War. ID X.
  137. 137. 5. He is Hungarian-born American businessman, engineer & author. He is a science pioneer in the semiconductor industry. He escaped from Communist-controlled Hungary at the age of 20 & went to U.S. He has been called the ‘guy who drove the growth phase of Silicon Valley’. Steve Jobs also considered him as his idol. Who?
  138. 138. 5. He is Hungarian-born American businessman, engineer & author. He is a science pioneer in the semiconductor industry. He escaped from Communist-controlled Hungary at the age of 20 & went to U.S. He has been called the ‘guy who drove the growth phase of Silicon Valley’. Steve Jobs also considered him as his idol. Who?
  139. 139. 6. With the bouncy popular song “ Happy Days are Here Again” as his campaign theme, X defeated the then incumbent Republican president. His optimism & activism contributed to the renewal of the American national spirit .He along with his key side , Harry Hopkins built a “New Deal Coalition” that realigned American politics and his domestic politics defined American liberalism for the middle 3rd of 20th century. A charismatic leader and a brilliant orator, his tenures as the president was marked by the unprecedented growth in the economic sector. IDENTIFY X.
  140. 140. 7. X was born on 12th January,1964 and is an American business magnate and investor. In 2013, he purchased the “Washington Post”. In 2012, X and his wife donated $2.5 million for the cause of same-sex marriage in the state of Washington. After graduating from Princeton in 1986, X worked in Wall Street, Banker’s Trust and DE Shaw and Co. Finally in 1994, he found something and the rest is history.
  141. 141. 8. He was an American actor & politician. He was the 40th President of the U.S. From 1981 to 1989 & 33rd Governor of California . His 2nd term was marked by foreign matters such as ending the Cold War, 1986 bombing of Libya & revelation of Iran-Contra Affair. He negotiated with Mikhail Gorbachev to sign INF Treaty & decreasing nuclear weapons. He left his office in 1994 after diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. Who?
  142. 142. 9. As a 25 year old US air pilot, X emerged suddenly from virtual obscurity to instantaneous world-fame as a result of his Orteig Prize winning feat. This unprecedented exploit brought him many honours, including the Medal of Honour. Later his 20-month old infant son was kidnapped and murdered, in what came to be referred by the press as the “Crime of the Century.” ID X.
  143. 143. 10. X Mandir is convention cum exhibition centre and memorial located at Sector 13, Gandhinagar. It is one of the biggest convention centre in India, spreading over 34 acres. It was developed by the government of Gujarat. Business meets like “Vibrant Gujarat” summit were organized here in 2011 and 2013. ID X.
  144. 144. Answers follow
  145. 145. 1. David Hoe 2. Mark Zuckerberg 3. Ted Turner 4. Martin Luther King Jr. 5. Andrew Grove 6. Franklin Delano Roosevelt 7. Jeff Bezos 8. Ronald Reagan 9. Charles Lindbergh 10.Mahatma Gandhi
  146. 146. All of them were Times’ Person of the Year.
  147. 147. SCORES PLEASE!
  148. 148. Happy Quizzing
  149. 149. In case of kudos or brickbats or any form of suggestions, please contact the unfortunate & ignorant quizmasters ( Tirtharup , 9830503563 , & Sunirmal , 8902456831 ,

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A General Quiz focusing on Business aspects with answers


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