Super Market in VB


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PPT on super market in VB with screen shot

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Super Market in VB

  1. 1. PPT On super MarketPPT On super Market  Presented By: -Presented By: -  Sunil ThakurSunil Thakur
  2. 2. The site for the installation of the new project is the PAANJA SUPER-MARKET, ADAMPUR. Here is the brief introduction to the project site. It is situated on Jalandhar-hoshiarpur highway, Adampur. It is one of the best of the best super-market in the entire region providing excellent services and facilities. Thus PANJA SUPER-MARKET, ADAMPUR with the passage of time has shaped into affine organization that has served entire Jalandhar Hoshiarpur Highway Region SITE OF PROJECT
  3. 3. SUPER MARKET Computing today has become seamless and it does not recognize geographical boundaries. Enterprises, huge corporations, including private and non-private institutes are going online. In an age where communications goes beyond the organization into new territories and terrain, you need networks and architecture that are so robust that user has the advantage of scalability and connectivity. In this advanced age of computers where everything is completely dependent on computers. Every organization wants that it should be able to maintain the information in a rapid and easy way. The organization can be a software development firm, a railway department, bank, a telephone exchange garment store. Everyone wants that information maintenance should be very easy and in a user friendly manner.7 1) The previous system was very difficult to maintain 2) Lot of paper work was required. 3) System was error prone, as everything has to be done by humans. 4) It was very difficult to search for a particular record.
  4. 4. DRAWBACKS OF EXISTING SYSTEM 1. Slow and inefficient. 2. Error prone. 3. Redundancy of data. 4. Non-centralized data. 5. Higher maintenance cost. 6. Inconsistency of data. 7. Changes of tampering with the documents and data by unauthorized persons. 8. All the work being delayed leads to the bad quality of the product. 9. Customer complaints are increased due to the defective products. 10. Trends cannot be compared with those of the competitors. 11. No report generation.
  5. 5. DATA FLOW DIAGRAM FOR LOGIN Password Check Login Authentication UserUser
  6. 6. Customer Panja Supermarket Item Supply Request for Item demand for stock supply supply stock & Invoice no. Supplier DATA FLOW DIAGRAM 0 LEVEL
  7. 7. Welcome Form
  8. 8. Login Form
  9. 9. Item Master Form
  10. 10. Select a Date Form
  11. 11. Super Market Login…
  12. 12. Member Records
  13. 13. Daily Transaction
  14. 14. Stock Maintenance
  15. 15. Section Detail
  16. 16. Receipt
  17. 17. Item Report
  18. 18. Agent Report
  19. 19. Member Report
  20. 20. Party Report