cutting machines in apparel production


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cutting machines in apparel production

  2. 2. Computerized Cutting Machine Knife Cutting Machine. Laser Cutting Machine. Water Jet Cutting Machine. Air jet Cutting Machine. Ultrasonic Cutting Machine. Plasma Torch cutting Machine Semi-Automatic Cutting Machine Straight knife of Cutting M/c. Round Knife Cutting Machine. Band Knife Cutting Machine. Die Cutting Machine. Notcher Machine. Manual Cutting Machine Hand Scissors. Different Types of Fabric Cutting Machine: According to the operating process, the Cutting Machine can be classified into three types. Such as- Manual Semi- Automatic Automatic / Computerized CUTTING MACHINE
  3. 3. STRAIGHT KNIFE CUTTING MACHINE The Straight knife cutting machine consists of a; 1. base plate, 2. an upright stand to hold the vertical blade, 3. motor, 4. a handle for moving assembly, 5. a sharpening device and 6. a handle to transfer the whole assembly from one place to another. STRUCTURE OF STRAIGHT KNIFE CUTTING MACHINE:
  4. 4. STRAIGHT KNIFE CUTTING MACHINE • Motor power drives the reciprocating blade and • operator power drives the knife through the lay. KINDS OF POWER ARE REQUIRED TO OPERATE A STRAIGHT KNIFE. 1. Knife/Blade 2. Sharpener 3. Motor 4. Fabric presser CUTTING MACHINE PARTS INVOLVED IN CUTTING 5. Base plate 6. Moving handle 7. Transport handle
  5. 5. STRAIGHT KNIFE CUTTING MACHINESTRAIGHT KNIFE CUTTING MACHINE Blade Knife height is 10 cm to 33 cm. Knife stroke is 2.5 cm to 4.5 cm. Sharpener It is small band with Grinder/sharpening material on it and its main function is to sharpen the blade. Motor Motor r.p.m. is 3000 to 4000 and its main function is to move blade up and down and also slightly in front direction to create a stroke on fabric. Knife cut the fabric very fast due to high speed of motor. That increases the risk of fabric damage.
  6. 6. STRAIGHT KNIFE CUTTING MACHINESTRAIGHT KNIFE CUTTING MACHINE Fabric presser It is a device in the machine which hold the layers of the fabric tight so than it will easy for cutter to cut the fabric. Base plate Wheels are under the base plate to move the machine smoothly. Machine weight is around 12-15 kg. Moving handle This handle is to hold the machine as well to move in predefined direction Transport handle
  7. 7. STRAIGHT KNIFE CUTTING MACHINEADVANTAGES OF STRAIGHT KNIFE CUTTING MACHINE •Comparatively cheap & and can be cut many plies at a time •Higher lay of height can be cut very easily. •Round corners can be cut more precisely than even round knife. •Production speed is very good. •Garments components can be directly separated from fabric lay.
  8. 8. STRAIGHT KNIFE CUTTING MACHINEDISADVANTAGES OF STRAIGHT KNIFE CUTTING MACHINE High speed of the machine causes high risk of damage. Faulty knife could damage fabric layer. Motor weight creates knife deflection which may be creates faulty pieces. Risk is high for physical damage of operator. Knife required to replace.
  12. 12. ROUND KNIFE CUTTING MACHINEFeatures of Round Knife Cutting Machine: • It contains a round but slightly octagonal type knife with sharp edge. • The other main parts of this machine are base plate, electric motor, handle & knife guard. • Knife diameter varies from 6-20 cm. • Manual grinder is used. • Motor r.p.m. is 800-1600.It depends on machine. • A handle for the cutter to direct the knife. • Easy to handle & movement due to low weight. • Knife is lubricating manually. • Base plate gives support for fabric. • Maximum 40% of the knife diameter can be used for fabric lay
  13. 13. Round knife cutting machine Advantage of Round Knife Cutting Machine: • Suitable for cutting single ply as well as multilayer (say 20-30layers). • Easy to handle & operate. • Suitable for small scale cutting. • Suitable for gentle curve line cutting. • To cut the larger part of the garments. • With a same r.p.m. its efficiency is 10 times greater than the straight knife. ROUND KNIFE CUTTING MACHINE
  14. 14. Round knife cutting machineROUND KNIFE CUTTING MACHINEDisadvantage of Round Knife Cutting Machine: • Very low r.p.m. & knife height. • Manual grinder is used. • Low productivity since few number of lay can be cut. • Difficult to cut small components & high curve line. • Not suitable for large production. • Lubrication is manually done. Uses/Application of Round Knife Cutting Machine: It’s useful for gentle curve line cutting, big parts cutting, cutting out fabric block from lay & small scale cutting. It’s normally use for small production.
  15. 15. NOTCHER CUTTING MACHINE Hand Notcher Notcher
  16. 16. Notcher cutting machine Features of Notcher Machine: • A knife notcher is an upright, cylindrical device which cuts the side of a block to a predetermined distance. • Both straight notches and V notches are available. • An alternative machine, the hot notcher, incorporates a heating element in order that the blade may slightly scorch the fibers adjacent to the notch in order to prevent it fraying and disappearing. • This cannot be used with thermoplastic fibers NOTCHER CUTTING MACHINE
  17. 17. Dis-advantages of Notcher Machine: • Only use to make notch to the fabric. • Thermoplastic fiber can’t cut by this machine. • The use of machine is limited. Advantages of Notcher Machine: It is a special type of cutting machine & use in special case. Useful to cut small notch to the fabric. It is most useful to make consistency in notching. Uses/Application of Notcher Machine: To make the notch mark on the fabric NOTCHER CUTTING MACHINE
  19. 19. • Band Knife cutting machine is look like a wood cutter machine. • Band knife is used for precision cutting small parts of garment. • This band knife cutting machine has lower noise, less temperature up, high power, less vibration and auto sharpening device. BAND KNIFE CUTTING MACHINE
  20. 20. Main Features; • This machine worked as saw mill technique. • Not possible to cut fabric directly from lay. • Block pieces of fabric required in bundle from to cut by this machine. • Blade moving vertically through a flat working table. • Machine remains stationery and fabric is moveable. • It comprises a series of three or more pulleys, which provide the continuous rotating motion of the knife. • An endless knife is used here. • Knife is usually narrower than on a straight knife. • A large size of table is used to support the fabric & for cutting. BAND KNIFE CUTTING MACHINE
  21. 21. Main Features; • Air blower blows the air to minimize the weight of fabric. • Balls in air blower help to move the fabric in different direction. • Automatic grinder is used. • In this method machine is stationary but fabric is movable. • High speed r.p.m. motor is used. • Required a large space for it. • This is like a saw mill cutter. • Knife life time depends on fabric type & uses of machine. BAND KNIFE CUTTING MACHINE
  22. 22. BAND KNIFE CUTTING MACHINEAdvantages of Band Knife Cutting Machine: • Suitable for any types of line • Very large productivity for limited product • Such as collars, cuff, placket etc. • Automatic grinder grind the knife instantly • Air blower helps to reduce the fabric weight which increases smooth movement of fabric. • Possible to cut 900 angle of the lay. • Intensity of accident is low. Disadvantages of Band Knife Cutting Machine: • Not suitable for large component due to the length of the table. • Work load is high as machine is stationary & fabric is movable. • Running cost is higher, Fabric wastage is high. Required fix space. • Not possible to cut fabric directly.
  24. 24. DRILL CUTTING MACHINE Features of Drill Machine: • The drill mounting includes a motor, a base plate with a hole to allow the drill to pass through, and a spirit level to ensure that the base is horizontal and hence the drill vertical. • The momentum of drill is completed at 90 ̊ angle in the fabric lay by the level of sprit. • On many fabrics the drill is used cold and the hole remains visible until the sewing operator comes to use it. • For tightly woven fabric the hole is permanent for a long time. • On looser weave fabrics, where the hole may close up, a hot drill is used, which will slightly scorch or fuse the edges of the hole to make it permanent for a long time. • A hypodermic (or dye spot) drill may also be used which leaves a small deposit of paint on ply of fabric to find the mark place easily. • All drill holes must eventually be concealed by the construction of the garments.
  25. 25. DRILL CUTTING MACHINE Advantage of Drill Machine: • This machine is needed to mark on the end of components of dresses specially for setting pocket, dart & so on. • It can make the hole permanently for a long. Dis-advantage of Drill Machine: • The use of machine is limited. Uses/Application of Drill Machine: • It is used to make hole on the fabric for button attaching & to make reference mark for attaching different small components on the garments.
  26. 26. WATER JET CUTTING MACHINE A water jet cutter, also known as a waterjet, is a tool capable of slicing into metal or other materials (such as granite) using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance. The process is essentially the same as water erosion found in nature but greatly accelerated and concentrated.
  27. 27. Advantages to Waterjet Cutting Waterjet cutting has many applications, and there are many reasons why waterjet cutting is preferable over other cutting methods. Listed below are several advantages, along with a brief explanation. • In waterjet cutting, there is no heat generated. • This is especially useful for cutting tool steel and other metals where excessive heat may change the properties of the material. • Unlike machining or grinding, waterjet cutting does not produce any dust or particles that are harmful if inhaled. • The kerf width in waterjet cutting is very small, and very little material is wasted. WATER JET CUTTING MACHINE
  28. 28. Disadvantages of water jet cutting machine: • One of the main disadvantages of water jet cutting is that a limited number of materials can be cut economically. • While it is possible to cut tool steels, and other hard materials, the cutting rate has to be greatly reduced, and the time to cut a part can be very long. Because of this, water jet cutting can be very costly and outweigh the advantages. • Another disadvantage is that very thick parts can not be cut with water jet cutting and still hold dimensional accuracy. • If the part is too thick, the jet may dissipate some, and cause it to cut on a diagonal, or to have a wider cut at the bottom of the part than the top. • It can also cause a ruff wave pattern on the cut surface. WATER JET CUTTING MACHINE
  29. 29. Feature of Die cutter Machine: • Fast die change and set- uptimes • Driven pinch rollers • In feed and out feed conveyers • Moveable control console for easy operation • Language-selectable keypad with inch or millimeter readout • PLC controlled servomotor indexing • Automatic or manual DIE CUTTING MACHINE
  30. 30. Advantages of Die Cutter: • Very accurate and excellent for small components • The greater the blade movement , the faster the blade cuts the fabric & the more rapidly. • The operate can be easily & push the Machine. Die Cutter Uses: • Mainly used for mass production of slow change items. • Dies having the exact shape of the garment pieces. • Some dies are sued over a long period. DIE CUTTING MACHINE
  31. 31. This methods provides the most accurate possible cutting , at high speed,. • A typical computer system has a table with a cutting surface consisting of nylon bristles which support the fabric lays but are flexible enough to permit penetration and movement of the knife blade which is supported only on the top. • The bristles also allow the passage of air through the table to create a vacuum, reducing the height of the lay and holding it in place . • It is ideal for placing notches in a lay and has a depth adjustment guide to stop you notching too deeply. It has a depth capacity of 200mm and selectable temperatures of 300, 400 or 500oC. COMPUTER CONTROLLED KNIFE CUTTING
  32. 32. Very active & fast cutting by computer controlled system. Suitable for very large-scale production. Speed of cutting can be controlled. Cutting defects are less than other. Less labor cost. No need of marker paper. COMPUTER CONTROLLED KNIFE CUTTING Disadvantages Very expensive machine. Higher maintenance cost.
  33. 33. • Laser cutting processing depends on its precise processing, faster, simple operation, high degree of automation has been widely used in the leather and textile garment industry. • Laser cutting machine is not only with low price, low consume, more over laser processing doesn't have mechanical stress to the work piece, so the precision and cutting speed of the cut products' result are very well. LASER CUTTING MACHINE
  34. 34. Advantages • Very High Speed Cutting • Suitable for single ply cutting LASER CUTTING MACHINE Disadvantages • Not suitable for cutting multi layer of fabric • Not suitable for synthetic fabric possibility of burning.
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