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Architects skill gap analysis

There is exist a huge gap between skills needed to support current/existing roles vs skill sets required for new roles (architecture roles)

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Architects skill gap analysis

  1. 1. Business Heads, Sales Head, Strategist<br />12-20+ years*<br />Managers <br />(Technical + Business)<br />&gt; 10-14 years*<br />Technology<br />Leads<br />&gt; 8-10 years*<br />Designers<br />&gt; 5-7 years* <br />How to address the skill gaps - where to get Architects from…?<br />New roles – in changing economy<br />Current Roles vs<br />Enterprise<br />Architects<br />Skill<br />Gap<br />Business <br />Process <br />Model<br />Business<br />Architects<br />Application<br /> Architecture<br />Solution<br />Architects<br />System<br /> Design<br />Technical<br />Architects<br />Note: * years of work experience<br />
  2. 2. Sample Skill Assessment I– Team readiness for large scale Integration & Transformation & Modernization Efforts <br />Only 5 consultants met the minimum qualification /experience benchmark out of 17<br />
  3. 3. Sample II - Similar benchmarks are defined for the “behavioral” aspects & maturity of the consultants<br />Matrix of over 19 characteristics are identified to govern the behavioral maturity of the consultants playing different architecture roles<br />