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Enterprise and IT Architecture Awards 2013


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The idea behind the iCMG Enterprise & IT Architecture Excellence awards is to honor architects & enterprises whose work demonstrates a combination of talent, vision & workmanship in creating successful and enduring systems & enterprises.

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  • This presentation will help you if you are planning to participate in the award competition.
    1.Learn about award categories
    2.How to download the nomination form for 2013 competition
    3.Six common mistakes to avoid while filling the nomination form
    4. Five ways to be connected with the awards community
    5.Learn the about the evaluation process - sample from 2011 competition.
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Enterprise and IT Architecture Awards 2013

  1. 1. Award OverviewOn behalf of iCMG management and the jury, I am happy to invite nominationsfor the world’s most coveted Enterprise & IT Architecture Awards Copyright 2013 iCMG
  2. 2. AgendaWhat we have planned for the next 60 mts Sample – Evaluation Award Categories 5 Form2 Zachman Award 6 8 dos and don’ts Blogs, Social Networking3 Evaluation Process 74 Nomination Form 8 FAQ Copyright 2013 iCMG
  3. 3. Award Categories – 4 major categoriesiCMG Awards competition rewards excellence in a variety of formats andcategories. 1 2 3 4 Business categories Business domains Technology Enterprise Copyright 2013 iCMG
  4. 4. Award CategoriesAwards are organized into 4 major categories 4 6 6 6 Copyright 2013 iCMG
  5. 5. John Zachman Award"Zachman award for Enterprise Architecture" will be awarded every year alongwith other architecture awards. Evaluation criteria. This would be slightly different from what we to use for other award Jury members- Zachman Inc This award is evaluated by Zachman International under the aegis of John Zachman John Zachman is interested in seeing primitive models for different cells in the framework. Copyright 2013 iCMG
  6. 6. Winners of Zachman AwardWinners of the prestigious John Zachman Award 2010 No winners chosen this year as the nominatios didn’t meet the expectation 2011 Winners Amar Kumar Pandey, IPS, IG Police, India 2012 Aricent Group, USA Copyright 2013 iCMG
  7. 7. Evaluation process Round1: In the first round of competition, submission will be reviewed by core committee Round 2:In this round submissions will bereviewed by jury membersindependently Final Round : Jury member’s combined scores will determine the Winners in each category Copyright 2013 iCMG
  8. 8. Nomination FormHow to download the nomination form?  Create an account in "  After login, navigate through your home page  Awards 2013 ->Download Nomination form Copyright 2013 iCMG
  9. 9. Evaluation process sample – enterprise categoriesCopyright 2013 iCMG
  10. 10. Evaluation process sample – business domain categoriesCopyright 2013 iCMG
  11. 11. Sample Evaluation formsCloud Technologies SOA vision for Enterprise Copyright 2013 iCMG 18.04.2013
  12. 12. Dos and don’ts8 things to remember while submitting your nomination Dont submit the nominations for multiple Dont forget to provide the neecessary categories without adding the relevenat 5 attachments details. Dont embed the documents inside the Dont submit your software product nomination form. Dont over exceed word2 brochure as architecture doc 6 count limits on the nomination template. Avoid poor formatting Dont use an attachment as a replacement for Dont forget to highlight the "problem"3 nomination template. 7 being addressed. Dont forget to delve into deep detail to bring Dont forget to cover the key 11-points while4 submitting your nomination 8 out the things which are "new" and " original". Copyright 2013 iCMG
  13. 13. Award Social Media – WorldmapOur Awards social media efforts including channels like LinkedIN, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Word press, Slide share, iCMG Architecture World with 23000 plus members - Enterprise / IT architecture professionals including CIO, CTO, Chief Architects, VP / Director IT, CEOs Copyright 2013 iCMG
  14. 14. Need further info ?Three options 3. Post your query 2. Check the ArchitectPavilion 1. Check the FAQ section Forum Copyright 2013 iCMG
  15. 15. Architecture awards 2013 Copyright 2013 iCMG
  16. 16. Enterprise & IT ArchitectureCopyright 2013 iCMG