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Shri sky garden

  1. 1. Sky GardenShri Sky Garden is a premium property with most luxury activities and features present inside theproject. All the features inside the campus of the project suit the taste of a modern individual.There are present a number of large bay windows on the walls of every unit which givesstrikingly lovely views of the greens spread outside. The complete project is contrived in a spaceof 50 acres which is quite wide to accommodate features such as reserved car parking and kids’playground.The new plan
  2. 2. The 7-km Noida-Noida Extension path will price Rs. 1,400 crore. Till Noida Extensionthere will be two programs. The 30-km (approx) Noida-Greater Noida path will price Rs.8,000 crore. This will be designed on PPP design.Shri Radha Sky Garden Noida
  3. 3. The old planThe authority panel a season ago accepted a range from Noida to Greater Noida viaNoida Extension. It never made the decision duration, programs and budget. Evenbefore that the authority accepted a range from Noida to Greater Noida along theExpressway and placed the price at Rs. 5,000 crore. The 23-km path was to have 22programs.Current challengesConstruction of Greater Noida and Noida Extension collections would experiencedifficulties because of agitations by farm owners, non-clearance of Greater Noida’sexpert strategy by the NCR preparing panel and money meltdown.Sky Garden Noida
  4. 4. Builders rode the Metro waveEven before the last govt declared programs to take Metro from Noida to NoidaExtension and Greater Noida, contractors rode a non-existent Metro trend. They briefedand attracted sales homeowners into booking stating “upcoming Metro links” in Shri SkyGarden Noida Extension. Several group sites stayed abuzz, “letting citizens know”“better connectivity” in Noida Extension in “the times to come.” “The Noida ExtensionMetro path, described regularly in Shri Radha Sky Garden, was a item of individualscreativity,” said a mature formal. Actually, there is no place known as Noida Extensionin formal information. The place being known by contractors as Noida Extension for self-evident factors is actually aspect of Greater Noida.
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