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Online assignment by_athira_r_1_-1

Online assignment

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Online assignment by_athira_r_1_-1

  1. 1. ONLINE ONLINE ASSIGNMENT TOPIC: SMSG(School Mathematics Study Group) & SMP (Scottish Mathematics Project) SUBMITTED BY ATHIRA.R SUBMITTED TO JAYASREE TEACHER Curriculum Study Groups are a powerful way to transform teaching and learning through online collaboration among teachers of the same subject and grade, under the guidance of master teachers. Our Goals  Magnifying the impact of our best teachers, while providing them with potentially the most powerful professional development of their careers  Reducing needless reinvention of the wheel, by enabling participants to build on the experience and resources of master teachers  Providing tangible support for lesson planning, instruction, and assessment that goes beyond what is offered in published curriculum  Making high-quality, curriculum-based professional development available to any teacher, anywhere  Assisting all teachers in addressing the new challenge of helping students meet the Common Core State Standards and other rigorous learning standards in specific content areas. Program Components
  2. 2.  Live video curriculum session(s) totaling 1 hour per week, outlining plans for the week  Access to Master Teacher’s entire range of curricular resources, including unit and lesson plans, handouts, assessments, rubrics, organizational tips, materials lists, activity instructions, and more  Tips for making modifications to published curriculum materials to meet students’ needs  Online collaboration forum for sharing ideas with other participants  Note: If your CSG focuses on a particular published curriculum, you must purchase your own copy of that curriculum. Master Teachers will distribute only materials they have created themselves, not copyrighted materials from publishers. SMSG(School Management Study Group) School Mathematics Study Group (SMSG) is a massive Endeavour started in USA , in 1958 with a view to improve the existing system of mathematics curriculum. In addition to its improvement and compilation of study materials, SMSG prepared textbooks separately for both teachers and students. Yale University USA has published a set of 16 books prepared by SMSG. Eight of these books are textbooks for the use in secondary school and eight companion volumes are teacher guides. Four books deal with arithmetic, two with algebra and two geometry. The preface explains: “One of the pre-requisites for improvement of the teaching of mathematics in science and technology and in other areas of knowledge; and at the same time which reflects recent advances in mathematics itself. One of the first projects undertaken by SMSG was to enlist a group of
  3. 3. outstanding mathematicians and mathematics teachers to prepare a series of textbooks which would illustrate such an improved curriculum.” Key ideas underlying these books are structure of arithmetic from algebraic viewpoint , real number system as a progressive development; metric and non metric relations in geometry , experience with and appreciation of abstract6 concepts, the role of definition, development of precise vocabulary and thought, experimentation and proof. In contrast to traditional beginning of textbooks in arithmetic the opening chapter of SMSG volume of arithmetic is –“Mathematics as a Method of Reasoning”. Algebra is introduced through ‘sets’. Similarly the stress in geometry is on explanation of concepts. SMSG provided training programs to teachers for handling novel methods and techniques of teaching mathematics. The curriculum and textbooks prepared by SMSG have got worldwide recognition. Working on this modern concept of mathematics curriculum as practiced in the USA the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has prepared some model textbooks in mathematics for the use in secondary schools in India. The textbooks in Algebra prepared by the NCERT deals with the following topics- elementary number theory, fractions, rational numbers, linear equations, radicals, complex numbers, integral exponents, polynomials, partial fractions, sequences and series, permutations and combinations, binomial theorem and logarithms. The schools in Delhi State were among the first to adopt this modern mathematics in their school curriculum. By 1970 Kerala also revised the mathematics curriculum in tune with modern Mathematics sponsored by the SMSG. A more balanced curriculum is now being adopted in the national (10+2) pattern