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Corporate Intranet Version 1.0


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Corporate Intranet Version 1.0

  1. 1. CORPORATE INTRANET Version 1.0
  2. 2. Aims and Objectives: It is designed for Employee manager and employee service representatives to manage the employee information and service process of an organization.• Its salient features are:• Create new employee records.• View employee information.• Manage all records of employee• Solved Leave automation system.• Creates Blogs like personal and official Blogs.
  3. 3. AdvantagesThe main advantages of this software are as follows:• It reduces the paper work.• Less consumption of time.• User friendly.• Correct and reliable.• Easy to use• Information can be access with in INTRANET.• Manager can easily control whole organization.
  4. 4. Hardware & Software RequirementsSoftware :• Java/J2EE• Tomcat Server 6.0• Oracle ServerPlatform Worked on:• Windows XP or higher version.Hardware Specification:• Processor: Pentium IV Processors or above• RAM : 256 MB of RAM• Hard disk : 1GB Hard disk
  6. 6. • Prototyping is a technique that provides a reduced functionality or limited performance version of the eventual software to be delivered to the user in the early stages of the software development process. If used judiciously, this approach helps to solidify user requirements earlier, thereby making the waterfall approach more effective.• What is done is that before proceeding with design and coding, a throw away prototype is built to give user a feel of the system.• What is done is that before proceeding with design and coding, a throw away prototype is built to give user a feel of the system.
  7. 7. Homepage
  8. 8. Employee Manager
  9. 9. Create New Employee
  10. 10. Employee Transfer Form
  11. 11. Employee’s Work Plan
  12. 12. Employee Daily Report
  13. 13. About Us
  14. 14. Blog
  15. 15. Future Modification
  16. 16. Conclusion• The software proves to be very useful for the organizationto maintain records of the employee and customer of anorganization.• The software can maintain correct records of an individualemployees and customer in a database.• The information can also be updated and removed fromthe database when not required in the organization only bythe authenticated person