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  1. 1. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 1
  2. 2. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar abcdblogging ABCD Blogging- Any Body Can Do Blogging (A Complete Blogging and Make Money Guide) English Language By: Abid Omar Editor Abhijith N Arjunan First Edition October 2013 All Right Reserved Cover, Layout, Typesetting Abid Omar Publishers Email : No part of this publication may be reproduced, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without prior written permission of the publisher. $4.99 Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 2
  3. 3. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 3
  4. 4. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 4
  5. 5. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Disclaimer This eBook named ‘ABCD Blogging’ has been written to provide helpful information about Blogging and making money from a blog. The content of this E-book is mainly focused for Beginners, Not for a power blogger .We think all the information of this E-book is accurate. There may be some mistakes in typography or content. This e-book is also discussing on the topic ‘Make Money Online’ only up to the publishing date. So, The purpose of this eBook is to promote blogging and make bloggers to entrepreneurs. The author and the publisher do not warrant that the information contained in this e-book is fully complete and shall not be responsible for any errors and/or omissions. If you like this E-book or If it needs some corrections,Don’t hesitate to mail me at, or you can call me at +91-9895431317 or +91-9744791402 Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 5
  6. 6. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar About This E-book ABCD Blogging is an E-book provides basic knowledge of Blogging and How to earn money through It . It is only a beginner’s guide. Not a Complete guide about Blogging. In this E-book I have written about Blogger and Wordpress, famous platforms for seamless blogging. I discuss about all the basic knowledge to start a blog on Blogger and Wordpress. So many blogger’s are seeing Blogging as a fun or entertainment. But, Blogging is a career or a way to make money for so many people. But, they didn’t know how to start and where to start. This eBook will helpful for them as a start up guide. After reading this E-book you will get the answer for the common question of each newbie blogger ‘Which platform they want to use for create blog, Blogger or Wordpress’.This E-book also provides the basic knowledge of SEO, Wordpress themes and Make Money Online. After reading this E-book I’m sure that you will get lot of ideas and inspiration to become an entrepreneur. My motive behind writing this book was not to sell it on Amazon/ eBay/ Clickbank, but to help newbie bloggers to start a successful and profitable blogging career. Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 6
  7. 7. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar About the Author I’m Abid Omar ,a 16 years old +2Computer science student currently living in Kerala, India. I’m a blogger mainly concentrating in writing technology articles in English and Malayalam. I started my blogging journey using Blogger and changed the blogging platform to Wordpress like every professional blogger. I have so many reasons to use Wordpress as my main platform. I started blogging since 2011 and that time my niche is Science, Astronomy…. etc. But, In 2012, my niche became Technology. So, I started technology blogging since April 2012 with the blog . My blog became popular with 1 year and I wanted to become more professional and famous in Blogging field. So, I started a new blog in Wordpress for Gadget Reviews and Technology News named Gadget Yuga ( ). It became more popular than my blogger blog within 1 month. I gained Alexa rank in India of 28000 with 1 month. So, I fixed my main blogging platform as Wordpress and continuing my journey in the internet world. I'm also interested in Affiliate marketing , Domain reselling , Wordpress blog setup…etc. Email : , Socal Media : FaceBook | Twitter | Google + | Youtube Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 7
  8. 8. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Contributors Abhijith N Arjunan (Editor) Abhijith N Arjunan is a 17 year old passionate writer and blogger from Kerala, who finds ultimate joy when writing about trending technology, geek stuff and web development. Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 8
  9. 9. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Special Thanks to Abhijith N Arjunan – Editor Pat Fynn – Kulwant Nagi ( Jane Sheeba ( All Techism FaceBook Group Members Malayalam Bloggers FaceBook Group Vineesh Palayad (ITRPL.COM) All my FaceBook friends and Twitter Followers Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 9
  10. 10. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Inside this eBook Chapter 1 : What is Blogging.....................................................................................11 Chapter 2 : How to Start a Blog.................................................................................12 Chapter 3 : Setting up your Blog...............................................................................14 Chapter 4 : Blog Promotion.......................................................................................25 Chapter 5 : Make Money ............................................................................................30 Chapter 6 : Search Engine Optimization..................................................................37 Chapter 7 : Must have Wordpress Plug-ins ............................................................42 Chapter 8 : Building a Mailing List............................................................................44 Chapter 9 : Host a Giveaway on your Blog..............................................................47 Recommendations .....................................................................................................49 Best Resources for Bloggers....................................................................................50 Final Words from Abid...............................................................................................51 Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 10
  11. 11. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Chapter 1 : What is Blogging Blogging is a way to sharing information and knowledge with the world. We can create a blog using , , Tumblr , Weebly….etc. But, The most popular blogging platforms are Blogger and Wordpress. Blogger is the blogging platform of Google. 1.1 What is a Blog? The word ‘Blog’ is originated from ‘Web Log’. In the vision, Blog and Website is same. But, the method of presenting the content is different. Blog is used for publishing your thoughts, feelings, sharing your knowledge etc. You can start a blog about any field. Like, Personal Blog, Technology , Health, Entertainment, Politics, News , Sports…etc. 1.2 What is the difference between Blog and Website ? Blog : Blog is not a static page but is updating day by day or sometimes hour by hour or minute by minute. In blogs, We are writing content as Blog Posts. You can see the latest posts when open a blog. Posts are arranged in the order of Date, when you created and published the post. Website : On the other hand, Website is a web space containing static data, like organization website, Government website, Website of a shop etc., through which users can get information about your organization or venture. Nowadays, most of organizations are integrating a blog with their website. Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 11
  12. 12. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Chapter 2 : How to Start a Blog Starting a blog is not difficult. However, the difficulty is that maintaining that blog daily for a better blogging experience. There are so many Blogging platforms in the world like Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Weebly etc. Nevertheless, the best platforms are Blogger and Wordpress. You can start a blog using Google’s Blogger or the open source platform Wordpress. So many bloggers are confused to choose the right platform for their niche. The confusion is that which platform they want to use for blogging: Blogger or Wordpress. 2.1 Blogger or Wordpress ??? Which is the better blogging platform? Blogger or Wordpress. Blogger is a free platform, for which we need no kind of hosting . We only want to pay for the custom domain. However, Wordpress requires web hosting, except the case if you are using for setting up your free blog, accompanied by subdomain. We need to give no money to install Wordpress, as it is an open-source project. We want to buy host space like HostGator , BlueHost etc. I'm also including some hosting providers that provide Cheap hosting. Wordpress has so many features than blogger. Wordpress is more SEO-friendly and we can use lot of Plug-ins to increase your blog’s SEO . It is easy to customize. Blogger does not have these like features. I personally recommend Wordpress because, I’m well experienced in these two platforms. Blogger is easy to start and study blogging. However, Wordpress is more apt for a professional blogger. Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 12
  13. 13. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar 2.2 Choose a Niche/Topic to Blogging Now, you have chosen the correct platform for blogging. The second important thing is to Choose the apt Niche/Topic to start blogging. You want to choose your interest as the topic. It will help you to build a better blogging career. Some commonly used Blogging Topics are Personal Blog, Technology , Health, Entertainment, Politics, News Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 13
  14. 14. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Chapter 3 : Setting up your Blog 3.1 What is Wordpress ? Wordpress is the most popular and the most loved open source blogging platform. Almost 15% of the world’s websites run on the Wordpress. Wordpress have more features than Google’s free blogging platform ‘Blogger’. Wordpress is a very highly SEO-friendly (Search Engine Optimized) platform .It is the biggest reason for most of the professional bloggers are running their blog on Wordpress . Wordpress have many more options than Blogger. 3.2 Buy a Domain Name for your Blog The Name of your Blog is the most important thing for better blogging. Domain names are the address of your blog. Finding an awesome name for your blog is very difficult. People will need to know your domain if they ever want to visit it again. Domain names play a major role in every blogger’s career. If you host your blog on free hosting options like Blogger or Wordpress, you can create a custom easily like instead of It give a premium look for your blog and people tend to know that you blogging very seriously. Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 14
  15. 15. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Important things to remember when pick a Domain name 1. The name must be related to your blog topic or content. You may use short keywords in your domain names. 2. Don’t use very large or very short domain names. 3. Domain name must be easy to remember for visitors and a word that anyone could easily spell. 4. Don’t steal domain name 5. .com , .org , .net are the most popular TLDs. So, use this only. 6. Do not use hyphens (-) in your domain name if possible. can be easily searched and memorable than 7. Use your blog name as the domain name. eg: ABCD Blogging is my blog name and its URL is How to Buy a Domain Name You can search for available domain names and register them with Godaddy or BigRock. You could get a domain name for as low as 99Rs- 1000Rs. It is not a big amount. There are so many ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accepted domain registrars in web world. Some of them are listed below! 1. BigRock 2. Godaddy 3. Fast Domain 4. Namecheap Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 15
  16. 16. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar 3.3 Hosting your Blog on a Server If you want to host your blog on free services like Blogger or Wordpress .You can do this. However, you do not get the full control over your blog. Blogger is a free service that gives so many features but the free blog builder of Wordpress does not have the full control on your blog. So, you want to download the latest version of Wordpress and install it in your host space. Hence, if you want to be a professional blogger, then you should go for self-hosting. Main Reasons to go with Self-hosting 1) It gives you full control over your blog. 2) You can do anything you want 3) You can make your blog with your own design 4) You can install Content Management Systems such as Wordpress for blogging 5) There are no limits to it literally. After choosing your domain name, the next step to make blog is choosing your hosting company. You want to choose a good hosting server that gives you a good loading time. A bad hosting server will take a long time for loading your webpage and it will affect your blog readership. Most of the best companies like HostGator and BlueHost will charge higher amount for a small hosting space. But Don’t forget that, these extra money can make all the difference to your blog and to your traffic !! Best Hosting Providers 1. BlueHost 2. HostGator 3. iPage Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 16
  17. 17. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar 4. Dream Host 3.4 Install Wordpress in your Host space Now, You have a domain name and a host space. Then, You want to install a content management system in your host space. I recommend Wordpress as your content management system. Because Wordpress is an elegant blogging software or a platform. Don’t get confused with, where you can start a free blog hosted at Wordpress’s server. I’m talking about the blogging software that available for download on You can download Wordpress for free from After downloading Wordpress you want to install it on your host space. It is easy to install. How to install Wordpress using Fantastico Step 1 : Log in into your cPanel with username and password, provided by your Hosting Provider. After logging in, you will see a window like shown below. Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 17
  18. 18. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Step 2 : Scroll down the web page and find the “Software/Services” section and click on “Fantastico De Luxe”. Step 3 : From the screen, Select ‘Wordpress’ from the list of many option in the left panel. Step 4 : Click on “New installation” from the Wordpress Installation window. Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 18
  19. 19. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Step 5 : You want to will the required data to complete installation process. Install in domain – It is the domain you want to start your Wordpress blog. Install in directory – Leave blank, if you want to install Wordpress on your domain. eg: leave blank if you want to start blog with the url like this : If you want to install Wordpress on a subdomain like then add ‘blog’ on the section. Admin access data – enter username and password. Admin access data – Your Name Admin e-mail – Your Email Description – A short description about your Blog. Step 6 : After, filling the required information, click on ”Install Wordpress’ Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 19
  20. 20. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar 3.5 Choose a perfect Theme for your blog An awesome theme can make your blog popular. If your blog have a unique design and it looking good, Your visitors will increase. But, Theme selection is a difficult task for newbies. There are so many themes for Wordpress in the internet, Free and Paid. If you didn’t have money to buy a premium theme, you can select a perfect theme from the thousands of free theme collection of Wordpress. If you want a premium looking free theme, Go to Mythemeshop. There are so many good looking and responsive themes. You have to select a theme which good for your topic and is also easy to navigate. If you are interested to buy a premium theme, You can visit the following websites. 1. WooThemes 2. MythemeShop 3. ThemeForest 4. DIYThemes (Thesis) 5. Studio Press (Genesis) 6. Magazine 3 7. Theme Junkie 8. Theme Fuse 9. Rocket Theme How to Choose a perfect theme for your Blog Finding and purchasing a theme is most difficult one. So, ask the following question yourself for picking a right theme, 1) How many columns you want to have on your blog? 2) How many static pages you want ? 3) What should be the width of your blog? Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 20
  21. 21. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar 4) Did you want to make your blog Responsive? 5) How many and which Ad Spaces do you want? 6) Would you prefer having 125by125 ad boxes on your sidebar? 7) Do you want to have header ads? 8) Do you want to have footer on your blog? Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 21
  22. 22. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Chapter 4 : Blog Promotion If you create a blog , the next important thing is get more traffic to your blog’. If you start a new blog, getting traffic is very difficult on the first days of Blogging. So, You want to promote your Blog. You can share your blog on socialmedia like FaceBook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Stumpleupon , online forums and communities etc. you want to do this blog to make your blog successful. Here are some methods to promote your blog. 4.1 Social Media Creating an online presence is the most important thing for a professional blogger. You want to make a relationship between your visitors in social medias like FaceBook, Google+ Twitter etc. Sharing on social media is the best way to grab more page views to your blog and get popular very soon. You can share your Blog posts on FaceBook Groups and Google+ Communities. There are lot of groups and communities related to Blogging and Technology. Join this groups and grab more traffic. Facebook Facebook is the popular social network in the world. So many bloggers have account in Facebook and they keep sharing on Facebook. Creating an account or page on Facebook for your blog or in your name is the important thing for a professional blogger. Try to become online full time and it will help you to connect with your customers or visitors. It will increase your blog’s popularity and trust. Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 22
  23. 23. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Twitter Twitter is the most popular micro blogging platform. It is the best way to share your post links. Twitter only accept 180 words for post. So, You can post your link easily on it. The links on Twitter also increase your no. of back links and Page Rank. You can also connect your blog with other popular social networks like Google+ LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious….etc. Tips to promote your Blog on Social Media Facebook 1) Create a FaceBbook fan page for your Blog 2) The page must be in the name of your blog or in your name. 3) Join on so many groups in your niche. 4) Share your latest blog post in that groups 5) Update your Fan page with your blog posts. 6) Get more likes on your fan page. More likes will help you to increase your blog traffic. You can advertise your page on FaceBook or you can promote your post to get more likes. 7) Upload photos related to your niche and tag your friends. It will also help to get Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 23
  24. 24. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar more likes. 8) Use the automatic feed delivers like, Networked Blogs, RSS Graffiti…etc for share your blog post on your wall and pages. 9) Use multiple wall posters to post your links on all groups. It is not a right way. Don't use this more than one time in a day. If you used, FaceBook will block or suspend your account. 10) Add a Share button on your Blog post and Host Giveaways on your blog to get more likes and shares. Twitter 11) Create an account on Twitter and Get more followers. 12) Follow so many bloggers and blogs. 13) Share your Blog post on Twitter 14) Add Hash Tags related to your blog niche when posting on Twitter. 15) Add a Tweet Button on your blog or Host Giveaways to get more followers. 4.2 Commenting on Other blogs in your niche Commenting on other blogs in your niche is the another best way to promote your blog. Add your blog link on that comment. You can get so many visitors and backlinks if you commented on a high PR blog. Commenting on the blogs that have activated comment luv commenting platform is another way to get more traffic to your blog and increase your Page Rank. You can also install comment luv on your blog. It is a best commenting platform. 4.3 Guest posting Guest posting is the another side of Blogging. Posting on other blogs is the best way Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 24
  25. 25. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar to get your blog noticed. It is also the best way to get people’s attention to your blog. Find out the best blogs in your niche. It will give you high backlinks and lot of traffic to your Blog. The backlinks getting from high PR Blogs will help you to increase your Google Pagerank and Alexa Rank. Your Guest Post want a well format and words up to 600. The Guest post is must be related to the blog's niche. Eg: For a Blogging tips blog, You want to write a guest post related to Blogging. Note: Don't copy the article and don't post it any where. You want a fresh article to submit Guest Post. How to select a blog for guest posting You want to select a perfect blog for guest posting to get more publicity for your blog. Following are the main things for choosing a Blog. 1) Readership of the blog. (It is fine if that blog gets at least 1000 Pageviews per day) 2) Number of subscribers of that blog. 3) Google Page rank (Atleast 1) 4) Alexa Rank ( Must be below 1 Lakh) Read : PR1-PR8 Guest Post accepted Blogs Don’t forget to attach your name and your link. The link must be to your Blog or your Product, Your best blog post , Your Free E-book …etc. Don’t use your affiliate link. Because, The blog owner will reject your guest post. There are many plug-ins to know the webpage details like PR, Alexa…etc for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Use them to know the site details before apply to Guest Post. Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 25
  26. 26. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Chapter 5 : Make Money Did you know that your blog can make millions??? Yeah..!!! You can generate your blog to a money making machine. The main part of Blogging is Monetization. You can make blogging as a career, if you have writing skills and confidence and will to do hardwork. Making money from a website is very hard for a beginner. But, In the case of Blogs, It is easy to be a rich entrepreneur. Anybody can start a free blog easily. But, Paid hosting like Wordpress is best to make money online. After reading this eBook, you are able to start your own Wordpress blog. You can write anything on your blog. If Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 26
  27. 27. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar your blog is good, Your popularity will increase and so many people will come to your blog daily.So, your blog earnings also increase dramatically. Below is some inspiring blogs that makes millions per month..!!! 1. 6. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10. These blogs are built as a company and it have lot of workers in their office. There are so many professional bloggers that makes billions a month. I hope you will surprised when saw the income of these bloggers. Did you ever think, a blog can make lot of money..??? You can also make money easily by doing some recipes shown in this part. 5.1 Advertising Advertising is the most popular and favorite method to earn money from a Blog / Website. Yes!!! It is the very good method to earn lot of money. You can make money if your blog gets a good traffic from Advertising. You can choose an advertising networks or Direct Advertising. You want to create a ‘Advertise here’ page for attract advertisers. Best way to make money is using pay per click advertising networks like Google Adsense, Infolinks , Chitika , Yahoo- Bing ads…etc. The income will based on the traffic and number of clicks getting on the ads. We can discuss about the all best ways Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 27
  28. 28. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar for online advertising to earn money from your blog. Google Adsense Google Adsense is the most popular advertising company in the world. Adsense is the most using monetizing method. It plays a major role in my earnings. Every blogger can turn to a entrepreneur by using Google Adsense. But, They have a policy for selecting the blogs for Adsense publishers. Read their policy details here. Approving for Adsense is very easy. But, Getting the approval to Adsense is a very difficult job. You want a awesome and perfect to get Adsense approval. Minimum requirements for your blog for getting Adsense approval is shown below : 1) 50 + Unique blog posts (Minimum 400 Words) and 300+ Daily visitors 2) Your blog should be at least 6 months old 3) Your Blog language must be in English. 4) Don’t use pornographic content or content related to Hacking. 5) Create a About, Contact and a Privacy Policy page. Infolinks Infolinks is the other way to get money easily. Infolinks ads are very different from Adsense ads. Adsense provides images / rich text ads and Infolinks provides in-text ads. Infolinks show special ad links in your blog post. Infolinks also have some special Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 28
  29. 29. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar ad types like ….etc. I have used Infolinks on one of my blog and it plays a major role in it's income. Other Advertising networks I used in my blogs are Chitika and (Yahoo-Bing Ads). Both are good for money making. Buy Sell Ads – Direct Advertising Buy sell Ads is the most popular direct advertising platforms. BuysellAds help you to sell ad spaces on your Blog. You can earn a better money if you got more traffic. BuysellAds is difficult to approve your Blog than Adsense. Minimum requirements for your blog for getting Adsense approval is shown below : 1)Your Blog must have at least 50000 Pageviews per month 2) Alexa Rank below 1,00,000 3)Perfect blog design that have ad spaces. 5.2 Affilate Marketing This is another best way to make money from your blog. I think, as a beginner you are hearing this name first time. Isn't it?. What is affiliate marketing? This is a system which give you money if you can sell the product of a particular company. So you will get money for referring the product to your friend or your reader. You can earn more money by placing their advertisement on your blog or place your affiliate links on blog posts, E-books..etc. Look at my eBook. The all links on this eBook is my affiliate links, which pay me when you clicked on the link and buy that Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 29
  30. 30. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar product. There are so many companies provides high commission for their affilates. This eBook also have affiliate campaigns. We give you 50% commission when someone buy this eBook using your affiliate link. 5.2 Content Writing Content writing is best way for you if you didn't have any blog if you have excellent writing skills. You can also try for content writing if you have a blog. You can provide your service to different companies or blogs and can write for them. There are so many freelance content writers make lot of money by hiring their writing skill to other blogs. You can earn 70-200 Rs/Article. It is based on the length of your article. 5.3 Consultation Consultation is another best way to earn more bucks. If you got some peoples who trust you as a blogger very much, They hope your consultation for their blog. All you need to do for start consulting is Make a ‘Services, Consultation or Hire Me’ page on your blog and specify the services you can do for them on that page. Some services you can do on your blog :- 1) Blog Consultation 2) Content/Article Consultation 3) Money Making Consultation 4) Blog Designing , Hosting 5) Technical Consultation 5.4 Sponsored Reviews or Blog Reviews Blog reviews (Sponsored Reviews) are one of the most profitable ways to make more Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 30
  31. 31. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar income for your blog. Blog reviews are basically paid blog posts that advertisers ask bloggers to write to promote their products or service .You can write paid review of a product or a service on your blog and you will get paid from the product manufacture. These type of reviews are called ‘Sponsored Reviews’. There are so many marketplaces for blog reviews, where you get review offers by advertisers. You have to register on that sites. If, they approved your blog. You will get opportunities to write review about various products and services and you can make money from them. 5.5 Create an eBook Creating an eBook is a best way to make lot of money with low effort. You just want to create an awesome eBook related to any subject. You can sell this eBook on Amazon, ebay or clickbank and earn money. I suggest you to use E-junkie , the best shopping cart for eBooks.I used E-junkie to sell my eBooks. You can sell your eBook at just 5$/month. You can also put your affilate links on your eBook and get more commission. Read : Pat Fynn's eBook - Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 31
  32. 32. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Chapter 6 : Search Engine Optimization 6.1 What is SEO ? Search Engine Optimization is the process to optimize your Website / Blog for search engines. Most of the traffic to a blog is from Search Engines like Google, Bing , Yahoo etc. So, You want to optimize your blog for search engines. If your blog is highly SE Optimized, your blog traffic and page rank will increase like a sky rocket. Search engine optimization is a difficult thing, but it is not impossible for you. SEO are in two types, In-site SEO and Off-Site SEO. In-site SEO includes Keywords, Title tag and other things include in your site and Off-Site SEO include external links. If your external links (Backlinks) to your blog higher , your SEO and Page rank will also higher. 6.2 Important parts of SEO There are so many SEO Tactics to get a best rank in Search Results. These are shown below: 1. Keywords Keywords are the words we used to search on search engines like Google, Bing…etc. Every search queries is based on some Keywords. Eg: For a matrimonial website, The main keyword of that site is Matrimonial. You want to optimize your blog with Keywords. If you are using Wordpress, There is an option to insert your Keywords manually. Your blog name must include your main keyword. eg: For a Blogging website, the blog name is start or end with ‘Blogging’ like Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 32
  33. 33. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar 2. Page Title Page Title is the main name of your Blog. This name will show on search engines. Don’t use a large title or a short title. The Title must between 10-70 characters. Use blog domain as your Page name. Add the below tag to add a page title. <title> Top Websites of India </title> 3. Meta Tag You can inform the Keywords and Description of your blog to Search Engines by using Meta Tags. Your Visitors can’t see this meta tags. You want to insert important keywords on the meta description too. It will help to increase your search engine rank. Meta Description must contain 70 – 160 Characters. Eg: <META NAME = ‘description’ content = Top Websites of India> 4. Headings You want to insert heading tags (<h1> to <h6>) to your blog post. It will help you to get more traffic. Eg : <h2> Review of Samsung Galaxy S4 </h2> 5. Content ‘Content is the King’. The most important thing for SEO is the Content of your blog. If your content is awesome, your blog get high traffic. Your content must includes H1,H2 tags and keywords. The ratio between Text and HTML must be 15%. 6. Site Map You want to upload a Site map to Search engines for index all your posts and Pages in search engines. You can generate a sitemap using ‘Site map generators’. Go to Google Webmaster tools and Bing Webmaster tools and upload your sitemap. Here are a few plug-ins which can help improve your SEO for Wordpress. Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 33
  34. 34. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar 6.3 SEO Plug-ins for Wordpress There are so many SEO plug-ins for Wordpress to optimize your blog for search engine easily. Here is a list of some FREE and must have SEO plug-ins which can make your SEO efforts easier : Free Plug-ins 1. All in One SEO by Wordpress – Install Now 2. Wordpress SEO by Yoast – Install Now These two plug-ins are good and it is difficult to choose one from these. I Personally recommend Wordpress SEO by Yoast. Because, I’m currently using this and it have more options than All in One SEO. It is very powerful tool for your blog. 3. SEO Friendly Images - This Plugin will automatically change the name of the images in your post as the name of your post name. Install Now 4. XML-Site Map - This is a Plugin by Google to know about the submission of your Blog page. Google, Bing and yahoo will notice when you will post a new article or a page in your blog. You can’t imagine a successful blogging story without Google XML. So this is the most important and must have plugin for your blog. Install Now Premium Plugins 1. SEOPressor – It is an awesome SEO plugin that includes Backlinks Syndication System, Rank Mover, Ultimate RSS Joiner, Press Release Cash Cow…etc. Price : Single Site - $47 Unlimited - $97 2. EasyWPSEO - This is one of the best plug-ins for ON-page SEO boost. Price : One Time - $37 Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 34
  35. 35. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Chapter 7 : Must have Wordpress Plugins 1) Comment luv Comment luv is the best commenting system. This plugin encourage more comments and readers to your blog. The main specialty of Commentluv is that it inserts a link to commentator’s latest blog post when they comment on your blog and leave their website URL. 2) Facebook Light Box FaceBook Light box is the most popular plugin. It help to increase your FaceBook fans. It is popup window with your FaceBook like box. Click Here to install on your blog. 3)Popup Domination Popupdomination is a great elegant widget that is used by over 15,000 bloggers. It is a pop-up widget containing letter sign-ups information which are displayed shortly after the visitor come on your Blog or website. It didn't affected by the browser blockers and it cover a big part of your blog.It help you to increase your subscribers like a sky rocket and build a mailing list. Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 35
  36. 36. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Chapter 8 : Building a Mailing List Getting your reader's email address will help you to make an awesome and active mailing list. You must want a system to capture your reader's email address. Most blogs do not have an email list because, the don't have knowledge about it. They think it is very expensive. Yeah!! It is bit expensive, but it gives you a living with your blog. All professional bloggers have their own mailing list and they have a system to get reader's email address. 8.1 How to Start a massive mailing list? The best time to start a mailing list is the day that you start your blog. If you are late. Don't worry start it now. Follow the below steps to build a massive email list and increase your blog readership. Choose an Email Provider Choosing your email provider is very important thing. You can't move to another provider, when you already started a mailing list on another provider. I'm using 'GetResponse', which allows 1000 subscribers for $15/month. I really loved 'GetResponse' because of their user interface , price and email templates. It is very easy to customize an email and send it to your subscribers. Some other most loved Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 36
  37. 37. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar options are AWeber, Mail Chimp, Active Campaign. AWeber is the best option because they have so many features like Aweber popup light box, Subscription box..etc. You can start a mailing list on AWeber at $19/Month. I'm recommending AWeber and you can try aweber for just $1. Madmimi also a nice option for newbies. Read : Why Aweber is the best Auto Responder for Every Bloggers 8.2 How to get more subscribers? Making an email list is very difficult for a new blog. Follow the below tips to create a massive mailing list for your blog. Offer something free to your Subcribers The easiest way to get more subscribers is offer some free goodies to them. If you do this, you will get readers to subscribe to your mailing list. You want to offer some thing have high value like eBook, free membership, free service or other in exchange for their email address. I offer my eBook , 'Blogging Guide for Newbie' for get subscribers. My mailing list increased like a sky rocket. Add a Newsletter sign up box Newsletter sign up box is the most loved way to build a massive list. So many bloggers are using this widget. Place this box at highly visible location on your blog. Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 37
  38. 38. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Add Popup subscription box Popup subscription boxes are easy to implement and it help to increase your subscribers very much. There are so many popup boxes. These boxes containing letter signup information which are displayed shortly after the visitor come on your Blog or website. Popup Domination, Ninja Popup, Aweber Light Box Hover are some favourite options. Aweber Light box hover is a main feature of Aweber email provider. It is the main reason for why so many bloggers are using Aweber to host their mailing list. Read : Why Aweber is the best Auto Responder for Every Bloggers Ultimate Footer Ad The Ultimate footer Ad is a script that shows a newsletter sign-up box in the bottom of your blog. Send a mail to new blog commentators This is a best and most used way to encourage the commentators of your blog to subscribe to your mailing list. You want to send a email to new commentator of your Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 38
  39. 39. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar blog includes your offer and subscription link. Chapter 9 : Host a Giveaway on your Blog Did you heard about Giveaways? If you are a beginner to Blogging, I think you didn't heard about it. Giveaways are unknown for 50% of bloggers. It is the best way to increase your blog traffic and social engagement. So many bloggers are hosting giveaways on their blog. Didn't know what is Giveaway? It is the process we giving away some goodies to selected winners for exchange of Tweet, Like, Follow, Comment on our blog. Any body can host giveaway on their blog. It is the best and not a popular way to increase your blog traffic, Facebook fan page likes, Twitter followers, Comments..etc. You can give away any of your product or ask sponsors to give their product or money for your giveaway. Most loved giveaways are paypal cash give away. Starting a giveaway for a new blog is the best way to promote your blog easily. I hosted so many giveaways on my blog and I got so many traffic, FaceBook likes, Twitter followers , tweets by hosting a giveaway :-) . 9.1 How to start a Giveaway? You can start a giveaway on your blog directly or using some websites like RaffleCopter or Punchtab. You can start a giveaway using these website easily and can add this widget to your blog/website. It is easy than ABC. :-) . RaffleCopter or Punchtab? Which is the Best? It is difficult to say which is the best at first vision. Rafflecopter and Punchtab are most used giveaway websites. They have their own Advantages and Disadvantages. Rafflecopter have options to get entries via Like, Tweet, Follow, Comment, Answer a Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 39
  40. 40. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Question, Like a Link on free version. There are so many advanced features on Rafflecopter Premium account. Punchtab includes Like, +1, Tweet, Follow, Comment, Answer a Question, Refer a friend. We can log into the raffle copter and punchtab giveaway via FaceBook and email. But, We didn't get the email address of participants logged in via FaceBook on punchtab. But, In Rafflecopter , we can see their emails and twitter handle. We can add this emails to our mailing list. ;). We can also edit points for particular entries on Rafflecopter. In Punchtab, They give only 1 point for every entries. Conclusion – RaffleCopter Wins As I consider all the features of Rafflecopter and punchtab, I can say that the winner is Rafflecopter. I used Punchtab and Rafflecopter on my giveaways. Using Rafflecopter on your giveaway is an best deal. Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 40
  41. 41. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Recommendations The following Products are highly recommended if you are going to start a blog on Wordpress. Domain Registration Register your Domain name on BigRock or Godaddy Hosting Host your blog on HostGator or BlueHost or iPage or Dream Host Wordpress Theme Use Genesis framework or Thesis framework. Email Marketing Host your mailing list on AWeber or GetResponse Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 41
  42. 42. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Best Resources for Bloggers Best Blogs for Blogging resources 1) Wpmudev 2) Bloggingcage 3) Shoutmeloud 4) 5) 6) CopyBlogger 7) WPBeginner Best E-books for Bloggers 1. 31 Days to Build a Better Blog by Darren Rowse 2. ProBlogger’s Guide to You First Week Of Blogging 3. Blog Profits Blueprint by Yaro Starak 4. ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income 5. The Nearly Ultimate Guide to Better Writing 6. SEO Starter Guide by Google 7. Ultimate Blog Profit Model 8. SEOmoz-The Beginners Guide To SEO Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 42
  43. 43. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar 9. Successful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps by Annabel Candy 10. Wordpress SEO Strategies Final Words from Abid... So, that's it. You have completed all the 9 chapters and completed the guide 'ABCD Blogging – Any Body Can Do Blogging'. I hope this eBook will help you a lot. Don't forget that, A blog child can't make lot of money. Take more time and work hard on your blog. You want at least 1 year old blog for generate some bucks from it. Your earnings is depends on the hard work and time you involved on your blog. If you post on your blog daily for 6 months. I'm sure that, you can be millionaire blogger. Always keep in mind the words of 'Vince Lombard' , “Winners never quit and quitters never win” Don't hope more. If you are more ambitious, You will lose interest in blogging very fast. Do you know, 80% of the blogs die within 6 months. Best of Luck for your profitable blogging career and I wish you all the best. Keep Blogging and Don't Quit :-) For your Success, Abid Omar Email : Blog : Facebook : Twitter : @iamabidomar Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 43
  44. 44. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar thank you Contact Me Abid Omar Clint Studio Busstand, Kottakkal Malappuram(Dist) – 676503 Kerala – India Ph. No : +91-98 95 43 13 17 Email : Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 44
  45. 45. How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online | Ebook by Abid Omar Copyright 2013 Abid Omar | | Page 45