Waste management in cities


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Waste management in cities

  1. 1. waste management in Cities
  2. 2. Households and businesses generate wasteThe waste is usually sent to landfills.origin of waste
  3. 3. waste sent to landfillMumbai : 5,500 tons per day (approx.)Bangalore : 3,000 tons per day (approx.)Delhi : 6,000 tons per day (approx.)Pune : 1,500 tons per day (approx.)
  4. 4. Landfills are HazardousThey pollute land and water
  5. 5. No communitywould like alandfill aroundit.
  6. 6. howWASTEFUL we are !!Landfills are NOT necessary.Of the total waste that end up in landfills, a whopping95%can still be reused or recycled (45%) or turnedinto compost (50%).
  7. 7. new thinking in waste management
  8. 8. Waste can be managed responsibly at multiple levels home / office community / neighborhood city producers
  9. 9. It is possible topublicly manageour waste tocreate anenvironmentallysafe and aCLEAN city
  10. 10. For more information see:segregation, the FIRST stepwaste management for communitiesresponsible waste management for citieswaste management law and policy in Indiainnovation in waste managementeconomics of waste management