It‟s important for tourist attractions to promote their business at the Christmas periodbecause, people look forward to sp...
Cadbury world use their website, leaflets, posters and local radio to promote their specialevents at Christmas time to att...
Comparing the two campaigns:Do the campaigns relate well to the intended target market? Are the productsand services suita...
How was the campaign monitored and evaluated?                Similarities                                  Differences    ...
Promotional materials- which used the most effective promotional materials? I think thatBlack Country Living Museum uses b...
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Unit 2d leisure & tourism


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Unit 2d leisure & tourism

  1. 1. It‟s important for tourist attractions to promote their business at the Christmas periodbecause, people look forward to special offers, it will attract more customers, if theattraction have event‟s going on then more customers will come and the business will havean opportunity to make more money, adults and children have holidays from work andschool and so if the customers do not have anything to do then your business may holdsomething that other attractions don‟t offer so customers will come to tour company.Families want to do „family things‟ at Christmas time so they look for family offers, events,places, etc.The two Christmas campaigns that I‟m going to compare between are: o Cadbury world o Black country living museumCadbury world:There are several events and special offers that Cadbury world hold at Christmas. AsCadbury world is indoors and Christmas occurs during winter, people look for somewherecosy, and comfortable than being outside in the cold. Cadbury world offers discountedrates and gift prices are reduced at Christmas time. „„Magical Christmas Cruise‟‟ this includesa normal tour of Cadbury world, then you go on your coach to a canal near to Cadburyworld and you‟re lead in to a canal boat which is decorated with festive, Christmassydecorations, once you get to the end Santa clause is waiting for children to give gifts tothem, the presents are like chocolates, toys etc. at the end everyone is taken to the cafewhere everyone is given a free mince pie along with a hot drink, Cadbury world offers thisbecause they hope that the free food will lead to customers buying other refreshmentsfrom their cafe which is secondary sales for Cadbury world. Cadbury world only offers this„cruise‟ to a group holding a capacity of about 25-47 people.The target market for Cadbury world‟s Christmas campaign are, mainly families becausethey want to give them a memorable and enjoyable time which may lead families comingback which is called repeat business or they can pass the message of what Cadbury worldoffers for families which is called word of mouth. They also target children, friends, groupsof people must be between 25-47 people per group.The objective of Cadbury world‟s Christmas campaign are listed below: o To increase the number of ticket sales to groups over the Christmas period o To give families a memorable and more enjoyable Christmas time o To promote Cadbury values of good will and charityThe promotional techniques used to promote their campaign are:Sales promotions- joint ticket meaning the tour of Cadbury world and then a trip to thecanal. £16.00 for adults and £14.00 for children (the prices have increased because Santagives the children free presents and everyone gets free mice pie and hot drink‟s.)Press and media coverage- local TV, radio and newspapers are invited to Cadbury worldto promote what‟s happening at Cadbury world and the special offers.Leaflets and posters- basic, black and white, includes information on all the 4p‟s, thewebsite, phone number etc. The posters are placed in the reception and toilet areas.
  2. 2. Cadbury world use their website, leaflets, posters and local radio to promote their specialevents at Christmas time to attract more customers and their target market.Cadbury world monitor and evaluate their promotional campaign by tracking thenumber of ticket sales made two months before Christmas. They send their evaluation togroup leaders. They also evaluate via having staff meetings to see what needsimprovement and what needs to „go‟Black Country living museum:Black Country living museum do many things to attract customers at Christmas time. AsBlack Country living museum has had years of experience they know how to deal with allages of people at Christmas time. They have a variety of campaigns offering differentproducts and services at Christmas. They offer something called “magical Christmasevenings”- which is a blend of new Christmas ideas with an old historic „touch‟. They haveold traditional entertainment, like carol singers, bell singers, street organists, brass bandsand lastly Santa clause. The cottages are lit up with lights and decorated with Christmassydecorations, fairy lights etc.The target market for Black Country living museum‟s Christmas campaign are: families,OAP‟s (old aged pensioners) and children.The objectives of their Christmas campaigns are: o To promote traditional Christmas practices o To educate people about the history of Christmas o To boost profit over the festive period by increasing sales and opening timesBlack Country living museum use different techniques to promote their Christmascampaign. These include sales and promotions: half price on visitor tickets, inclusive priceentrance which includes refreshments, food etc. Press and media coverage: advertising-send mail to previous customers or regular customers to notify them what‟s happening andwhen. They also pay local newspaper to put article in newspapers to promote theirbusiness.Black Country living museum use many promotional materials to promote the Christmascampaign. They design leaflets especially for Christmas- the leaflets contain how Christmasis celebrated at B.C.L.M and about the Christmas events, you can also access the leafletonline. On the website they have a Christmas calendar showing what‟s on at B.C.L.M eachday; they also have a special webpage for Christmas. B.C.L.M has billboards locatedaround Birmingham, these billboards are colourful and are exactly the same as the websitepage and leaflet.Black Country Living Museum monitors and evaluates their campaign by monitoring pre-booked ticket sales from June leading to Christmas, from these results they check if theirticket rates are high or low if their ticket rates are low then they know to advertise more ifthey‟re high then they‟ll advertise less which can save money. They also monitor thenumber of people that visit Black Country Living Museum‟s website, so they know whovisit‟s the website so they can focus on improving it or not.
  3. 3. Comparing the two campaigns:Do the campaigns relate well to the intended target market? Are the productsand services suitable for the target market? Similarities Differences Both campaigns are aimed at a Black Country Living Museum has a certain target market larger variety of products, services Both companies aim at families and events. (because Santa clause is for families Cadbury world has a specific target with children.) market for the Xmas event, which is Both aimed at locals because both a group event not for individuals. attractions have famous history about themHow does it relate to the campaign? Similarities Differences They both have an objective- which Black Country Living Museum offer is to increase customer sales and the objective of history, but they profitably don‟t mention it when you‟re Both businesses have an increase in actually there the amount of customers each year Cadbury world has an objective of Cadbury world and Black Country families having a memorable and Living Museum have another enjoyable experience at the objective which is to promote Christmas season Christmas and the traditions and history behind itAre the promotional techniques appropriate? Similarities Differences The companies both use press and Black Country Living Museum pays media coverage in local area, which for their media and coverage (it is aiming to attract and notify locals makes sense for them to pay They both use sale promotions- because they get a larger customer bundle tickets- which is when you capacity than Cadbury world, and pay in advance for the whole day B.C.L.M want newspapers to write a inc. Events, food, drink, offers etc. full article.) Cadbury world don‟t pay for their press and media as they are invited Black Country Living Museum have Christmas billboardsAre the promotional materials appropriate? Similarities Differences Both use leaflets, to attract target Black Country Living Museum has markets colourful, glossy leaflets with images They both have colourful, attractive and fancy writing websites to promote themselves Cadbury world have a plain, black They both have links from the and white leaflet with no pictures website to take them straight to the and not as interesting and appealing special events section to customers (the reason because leaflets aren‟t that important is Cadbury world have other promotional techniques they use.)
  4. 4. How was the campaign monitored and evaluated? Similarities Differences They both monitor ticket sales Cadbury world evaluate by staff leading up to Christmas interviews as what needs improving? They check the bookings and „hits on What went well? Etc their websites‟ by computer daily Black Country Living Museum weekly, monthly(only B.C.L.M check monitor the number of „hits‟ on their hits) website According to the results they check if Cadbury world do not monitor „hits‟ they need to update or improve on on their website things If Cadbury world‟s sales are low then In Spring they evaluate the they boost their advertisement i.e. campaign after Xmas and do More radio adverts, leaflets etc questionnaires to check positive or Black Country Living Museum do negative feedback from customers not boost their advertisements because they have a limit number of tickets each day and can only hold a certain number of customers Black Country Living Museum evaluate using sales revenue to check if they‟re doing wellConclusionsHaving looked at both campaigns closely I am now going to come at some conclusionbetween which business did well in the following:Target market – which was the best campaign at meeting the needs of the target market-my opinion, concludes that Cadbury world met the target market as they aim for a specifictarget market which is for groups and families, unlike Black Country Living Museum whorun the event as a normal day and not really aiming for a specific target market.Campaign objectives- which was the best campaign at meeting the campaign objectives-in my opinion Cadbury world are closer to meeting their campaign objectives as theirobjective is to give customers a more memorable and enjoyable experience, so they comeback each Christmas. Black Country Living Museum has an objective of giving the historyand traditions about Christmas but when you‟re there they don‟t meet it.Promotional techniques- which used the most effective promotional techniques? - BlackCountry Living Museum used a better range of promotional techniques than Cadburyworld. They used sales and promotions- were B.C.L.M offer an all inclusive ticket whichmay be slightly expensive than an average ticket but with this ticket your refreshments,events, food, drinks are all included as well as the entrance fee. They also pay localnewspapers to come and issue an article of what‟s happening and the events taking place.B.C.L.M pays a full time media relations officer who produces materials to promote B.C.L.M
  5. 5. Promotional materials- which used the most effective promotional materials? I think thatBlack Country Living Museum uses better promotional techniques than Cadbury world butas Black Country Living Museum is a bigger company so they have to use a variety ofpromotional techniques, Black Country Living Museum has produced glossy, colourful andattractive leaflets, posters, billboards, and website, etc.Campaign monitoring- which used the most rigorous campaign monitoring- in myunderstanding B.C.L.M used the most rigorous campaign monitoring, as they use moretypes of monitoring, for example they take into account the number of people who havebeen visiting their website, they also monitor how many tickets have been booked or soldtwo months leading up to Christmas, This results in the amount of people who areinterested in B.C.L.M and if their advertising was useful.Campaign evaluation- which used the best evaluation tools to see the success of thecampaign? This is implied by B.C.L.M using sales revenue to evaluate their sales. WhereasCadbury world only have staff meetings to see what needs improvements. B.C.L.M willboost their advertisements if less people visit, they‟ll monitor the number of „hits‟ they haveon their website.Overall the best campaign that was produced was by Black Country Living Museum asthey offered a wider variety of, promotional materials, techniques, had a better system ofevaluation and monitoring, and aim the events appropriately at their specified targetmarkets.