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  1. 1. “ECOPRENEUR 2012”Green entrepreneurship international program ULAANBAATAR MONGOLIA
  2. 2. We look forward to attending ECOPRENEUR-2012 ●Mongolian national competition 2012/03/31 ●International competition (final) 2012/05/01–06ECO Preneur-2012 International competition 2
  3. 3. A global network of Entrepreneurs Global TIC member countries USA, Mongolia, United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam, Israel, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Honduras, Panama, Peru, China, Columbia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chile, Brazil, Trinidad Tobago, Cambodia, India, El Salvador, IranECO Preneur-2012 International competition 3
  4. 4. Mission Promote young entrepreneurs initiatives and creative ideas forgreen economy development, increase number of social andenvironmentally responsible companies, create environment savingawareness for next generations, mobilize investment for eco friendlybusiness projects and establish “Green business project fund” forpotential start-up companies. “ECOPRENEUR – INTERNATIONAL GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP PRORGAM”ECO Preneur-2012 International competition 4
  5. 5. History of ECOPRENEUR TIC Mongolia program launched 1st ECOPRENEUR awards 2007 20112006 2010● “Global TIC “ youth network TIC Mongolia 2007-2010: established with 34 countries ● 44 start up companies● Global TIC program created ● 160 entrepreneurs● Mongolian Entrepreneur Association joined in TIC FamilyECO Preneur-2012 International competition 5
  6. 6. “ECOPRENEUR” Promoting“ECO – BUSINESS” WHY ???
  7. 7. ● Environment ● Destroyed nature Depended life ● Health All of the actions caused by human activities. Especially business activities. We can change. We are ecopreneur!ECO Preneur-2012 International competition 7
  8. 8. TIC FAMILYGLOBAL NETWORK FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP TIC-Mongolia Green entrepreneurship award 2012 Social Global TIC responsibility Tal entpreneurship award Technology innovation Environment TIC-America friendly business Techno preneur award Business ethic Other TIC programs TIC Entrepreneur 12 mil over Entrepreneurs in the world 34 National TICs 34 countries ECO Preneur-2012 International competition 8
  9. 9. ECO PRENEUR 2011 global awards Global Countries North Mongolia America 3 Asia Pacific 7 17 South Countries America from 3 6 mainland Entrepreneurs General Sponsors Entrepreneurs joined 250 ECOPRENEUR 2011ECO Preneur-2012 International competition 9
  10. 10. ECOPRENEUR 2011 The winners of six nominations Participants Winner … product India, Mongolia, ● Mongolia, Asia ● Tourism Social Philippine, Argentina, ● 4 Seasons team Ecopreneur (11 teams) Mongolia, Korea, ● Mongolia, Asia ● Yak cashmere Clean technology Columbia, Panama ● Yakatech team (7 teams) Mongolia, Argentina, ● Burkina Faso, ● Produce and Creative business Columbia, Philippines, Africa trade Energy Burkina Faso (6 teams) ● A.T.E.L team saving lamp ● Indonesia, Mongolia ● Waste ● Indonesia, Asia Recyclable management and business ● (4 teams) ● Temiz team recycling heavy waste Philippine, Burkina ● Taiwan, Asia ● Natural Health and friendly souvenir and business Faso, Mongolia, Taiwan, ● MGHD team (5 teams) health productsECO Preneur-2012 International competition 10
  11. 11. Winners of ECOPRENUER 2011ECO Preneur-2012 International competition 11
  12. 12. Conception of ECOPRENEUR 2012 All participants Of ECOPRENEUR 2012 Best • Foreign government, NGO Practices and international projects Nominations Prize Corporate • Clean technology $ 2000 Competition • Green management certification • Clean technology Students • Green management • Sustainable business $ 3000 certification • Health friendly business • Social ecopreneurECO Preneur-2012 International competition 12
  13. 13. Nominations and fields Nominations Clean Green Sustainable Health Social business technology Management friendly Ecopreneur Fields Agriculture Energy Mining Road & Construction Heavy industry Light industry Health Information technologyECO Preneur-2012 International competition 13
  14. 14. Suggesting topics Students … Corporate … Best practices … •Farmer solution •Bio products -Bio industry Agriculture •Eco food •Organic food -Green culture -Green innovation Energy •Energy saving products •Building power system Energy saving projects •Recycling system •Building heating system Mining •Labor safety product •Technology innovation Waste water management development Re landing Road & •Material designing •Eco friendly construction •Green infrastructure construction •Eco design material •Land shaft solution •Green office solution Heavy industry •Sub contracts •Heating system • Surface water Light industry •Eco friendly Electric management system • Vegetarian and vegan • Health friendly household • Public health program Health food product development •Nutrition •Health training and •Food management education IT •Green software and • Green application Green directory hardware •Health friendly hardwareECO Preneur-2012 International competition 14
  15. 15. ECOPRENEUR 2012 main program Program Tasks Indicator • Define main concept and rule Project plan, budget, presentation, • Introduction project profile, web, video clip, Project preparation • Survey offers for sponsors … etc. • Media works (song) Cooperation • President For the policy support, cooperation • Local organizations and sponsor • Foreign organizations Preparation works Project announcement • Press conference MNB-Mongolian National Broadcast • Introduction video by MNB Registration 1 • Local team suggest and registration Announce sponsors and teams • Local organization suggest & registration every week on social media tools. TV programs (serial) • International best practice video by MNB GNE-Global Network of • Advertisement of GNE and project Entrepreneurs 1st stage competition • Competition 2 part /Student and Corporate/ • Concert and other events TV serial program • Preparation of corporate and student teams Twice in a week per 20 minutes • Advertisement of sponsors Registration 2 • Local team registration Invitation, visa, ticket, hotel book, • Foreign team registration other orders. • Judges registration Advertisement • Project, organizers, sponsors, teams … • All kind of advertisementECO Preneur-2012 International competition 15
  16. 16. ECOPRENEUR 2012 main program Program Tasks Indicator • All teams Last registration Registration 3 • Foreign teams who attend Technical guideline • Project program All participants • Competition rule • Exhibition guide • Get support and safety Advertisement • Press conference All kind of advertisement • Project opening ceremony advertisement Opening ceremony • Live TV broadcast MNB Final works • Presentations & Conference Government palace • International experience Foreign deputies • Concert Final competition • International student competition In NUKHT resort. • Corporate competition • Exhibition day Hall of the Mongolian Chamber “Green ribbon” • Tree planting National Garden Park ceremony • Opportunity tour in eco companies Experience sharing • Eco excursion and free time for participants Fire work and national food court Closing ceremony • International food banquet Award receiving and certification Reporting • Project report Book, video, website feedback and investment “Green carpet” yearly • 1st award Feedback and sustainability Mongolian National Chamber and ceremony • Exposure eco companies Industry co-operation ECO-50 organizationsECO Preneur-2012 International competition 16
  17. 17. We are looking for results from ECOPRENEUR-2012 Environment Business ● ISO14001 implementation ● Green start ups ● Resources for next ● Employment generations ● Eco design ● Eco technology Ethics Entrepreneurship ● Corporate responsibility • Seed fund for green start ups ● Awareness for ecosystem • Inspiration and enthusiasm ● Best practices • Skill and knowledge ● Ecopreneural climate and culture ECOPRENEUR 2011 ECOPRENEUR 2012ECO Preneur-2012 International competition 17
  18. 18. ECOPRENEUR 2012 inviting more than 30countries and appealing to join everyone whohave green business idea Mongolia Malaysia Turkey Canada United states Taiwan Russia Emirate Indonesia Columbia China Israel Philippine Peru Japan South Africa India Mexico Vietnam United Kingdom Brazil Argentina Kazakhstan France Chile Burkina Faso New Zealand Australia Italy Open for other Panama countries … South Korea Thailand GermanyECO Preneur-2012 International competition 18
  19. 19. For more information● Mongolian Entrepreneur Association /MEO/ 3F Grand Plaza Office center, Peace Ave 54, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia● Program manager: Garmaasuren Boris – Tel/fax: 976-7018-6353, 976-9999-0941 Unurbold Batbaatar - Tel: 976-9910-2656 Khurderbat Enkhtaivan Tel: 976- 9596-3662● Contact person in partner organization: 1. Global Talentrepreneur Innovation Collaboration Association, TAIWAN / TICa/ Daniel Yang – Tel: 886-933-943-967 2. Young Americas Business Trust, USA / YABT/ Roy Thomasson – Tel: 202- 458-3641 ECO Preneur-2012 International competition 19