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Country project draft for Spanish Language and culture.

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Country Project Travel Itinerary

  1. 1. Visions of Mexico Instructor: Lisa Noble Alison M Ralwins February 22, 2009 (CUL-221294-05-09SP1) Introductory Spanish: Language and Culture Special points of < interest: -roo/cancun/cancun-picture-of-mexico-100.jpg> Cancun Cancun  Crystal clear beaches and spectacular diving are main In spite of a reputation for crowded adventure opportunities (Ibson 61.) Another attractions streets and nightlife mayhem, Cancun attractive attribute of Cancun and other  Yucatecan cuisine proves to be a diversely stimulating and Mexican destinations is the high value and rejuvenating vacation destination. On low cost of accommodations. Ibson states attracts celebrities “You get more for your money in Mexico and her third voyage to the luxurious and world class a more luxurious experience.” destination, travel agent, Diane Ibson awards to area recounts specific activity destinations hospitality. THE ROYAL in Cancun has achieved a including invigorating hikes, dives, and world class hospitality award from the dining experiences (Ibson 60.) Ancient American Academy of Hospitality Sciences; Mayan ruins at Tulum are exciting to the first in the city to receive this prestigious explore, and are complimented by award (Real Resorts.) “‟The International refreshing beach venues nearby to cool Star Diamond Award is the most prestigious off in after a stimulating hike. Pools of emblem of achievement, an award many playing dolphins, nearby Inside this issue: strive for, but few obtain,‟ said Joseph D. accommodations, and crystal clear Cinque (2009), President/CEO of the beaches extend numerous diving AAHS.” (Real Resorts) With so much to 1 Cancun explore and world class accommodations at Riviera Maya Riviera Maya attainable costs, it is no wonder the tourist 1 economy of the area has grown so much in Riviera Maya recent years. The hottest destination to cool down in Mexico, the Riviera Maya, has 2 Things to Do experienced a dramatic growth in hospitality availability and quality in the serenades at 4:00PM daily, and old- 3 Where to Eat past five years. Joe Pike reports in fashioned dinner theater performances (Pike TravelAgent, 22 Dec. 2008 that the 19.) current tourist trade of 37,000 rooms 4 Work Cited THE ROYAL Playa del Carmen in Riviera has increased by 17,000 since 2003. Maya, Mexico has achieved a world class World class luxury accommodations hospitality award from the American offer enchanting vistas and experiences Academy of Hospitality Sciences (Real to entice all the senses. Modern and trendy destinations are numerous due Resorts.) The welcoming haciendas of the to the massive expansion in the regional Yucatan Peninsula, pristine beaches, and hospitality industry, but the legacy of world class hospitality and cuisine of the well established destinations offer “old area provides an attractive and affordable school” charm and traditional luxury with get away. itineraries like soothing saxophone
  2. 2. Page 2 Itinerary: Friday – Arrive in Cancun. Saturday – Shopping Playa del Carmen. Sunday – Catamaran snorkeling, an underwater tour of coral formations and aquatic life in the Caribbean, departing from Cozumel. Monday - Tour Copan ruins, the most thoroughly studied archeological site in the Maya world. Tuesday – Tour Chichen-Itza, capital of the ancient Mayan imperial. Wednesday – Shop and eat authentic Yuatecan cuisine in Merida. < Thursday - Dolphin encounter in Cancun. -mexico-cancun.gif> Friday – Depart from Cancun. Diving and exploring ruins Advice cited in John Condon‟s “Good Neighbors”, suggests that North Americans visiting Mexico must study Mexican history to fully understand the experience (2.) The Mexican vision of a cosmic race, la raza, since 1910 has unified a people with diverse cultural backgrounds that is not precisely mestizo, but a mystical idealization of Latin culture (Congdon 11.) visiting the various ruins of the Mayan people delves into the ancient history of a mysterious mystic civilization, which vanished under mysterious circumstances prior to European discovery. The city of Chichen-Itza boasts a 75 foot high pyramid, Kukulkan. According to, the tourist information hub for Tulum, Mexico, the City of Chichen-Itza was the capital of the Mayan imperial culture. The temple of the Warriors, the Ball Court, the Observatory and Sacred Well are reportedly the site of countless human sacrifices. trips/Mexico/Riviera_Maya.jpg
  3. 3. Alison M Ralwins Page 3 Ruins cont. Other ruins on the Yuatecan are the Copan Ruins and Ek Balam. The most thouroughly studied archeological site in the Maya world is the Copan Ruins, known as the Athens of the New World. A site more recently dis- covered, Ek Balam, with its architectonic unique style evident in the beauty of its walled buildings and well preserved sculptures is home to one of the biggest pyramids in the Yucatan Peninsula < http://>. A tropical paradise peninsula with compelling historical ruins and monuments supplies visitors with majestic natural encounters like snorkeling and dolphin encounters. listed many tours for exploring the amazing tropical seas and reefs abundant in the region. Departing from Cozumel island daily, an eight hour tour brings connects divers with 200+ feet of superbly clear visibility, abundant with sea life, corals, and deep ocean walls. Also in Cancun the opportunity for dolphin-human interaction is ubiquitous – many learning pro- grams are available and it is highly recommended as a family activity! Yucatecan cuisine Also, on this paradise on earth, there are several welcoming haciendas where guests can dine and/ or lodge. After all, we are going to be hungry and tired after touring the ruins and exploring the sea. Harry Shattuck shares his opinion on the best places to eat in “MEXICO: The food is worth the trip.” San lldefonso Teya on the eastern outskirts of Merida, c. 1683, is known for authentic Yucatecan cuisine served on stone plates (7.) Casa Principal is a Spanish colonial-style estate with stone staircase and bell tower. Seating for 300 guests can, and have accommodated up to 2,000 people. The sensuous foods that can be enjoyed include “papadzules (tortillas with egg and pumpkin sauce), coriander cream soup, cochinita pibil (pork in banana leaves), three-meat stew and breaded shark(Shattuck.)” This might not be exactly what you imagine when you think of “Mexican food.” John Condon‟s Introduction to “Good Neighbors” reminds us that “what is believed to have come from one side of the border was in fact created on the other side. „Nachos,‟ for example, is a U.S. concoction.” It‟s true that about as many Mexicans really know who invented which entre as Americans do, but authentic cuisine is best enjoyed in its original context.
  4. 4. <> Work Cited Condon, John C. “Good Neighbors: Communicating with the Mexicans.” second edition. Intercultural P.: /Maine. 1997. Ibson, Diane “Dreams Cancun true.”Travel Trade gazette UK & Ireland. 16 Jan. 2009. 60. Pike, Joe. quot;The Riviera Maya: Travel Agent helps you choose the right hotel for your client in this popular destination.” TravelAgent. 22 Dec. 2008. 16-19. “Real resorts; The American Academy of hospitality Sciences Recognizes Two Real Resorts with its Prestigious International Star Diamond Award.” Atlanta. 17 Feb. 2009. 3987. Shattuck, Harry. “MEXICO; the food is worth the trip; Yucatecan cuisine is a delicious experience.” The Huston Chronicle. Houston. 18 Jan. 2009. 7. Tulum, Mexico activity listings. Tulum Mexico.14 Feb. 2009. <>